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How to Keep Your Resume Out of the Circular File

This post originally appeared on my CEO2CEO blog, but I figure it has some usefulness for the future CEOs of the world. That’s you – but you might not have gotten your first job yet. 568 more words

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How to Keep Your Resume Out of the Circular File

I looked at a senior executive’s resume today – something I never do, but he is such a nice guy and his Role-Based Assessment was so good, I figured I’d do it, just for research.  525 more words

Role-Based Assessment

Business is a Team Sport

Hi. I’m Josh Sinkow—a new intern working at The Gabriel Institute. At Clemson University I play club rugby in which we have a ‘top-down’ organization on our team–from our coach to a captain, president, vice-president, secretary, field manager, and social chair. 435 more words

Shark Infested Waters: Apply at Your Own Risk

When dispensing interview advice, I forgot to mention the important step that comes before that, the job search.  While Teamability is a great tool to help you in the job market, it is unable to keep you safe from the sharks in the water.  350 more words

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‘Pick an Eye’ and Other Odd Pearls of Wisdom

While perusing the Internet in an attempt to learn more about social media marketing, I came across the craziest statement; apparently people don’t like it when a product blog is constantly used to push the product. 385 more words

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An Ode to the Pasta Pro

Like the Pasta Pro, My Lil’ Reminder, the Handy Peel, and so many other ‘As Seen on TV’ products, it was decided that what Tools4Careers really needed was an infomercial (or rather, a spoof of an infomercial mocking the often poorly-acted and overly-dramatic scenarios).   67 more words

Five New Thoughts on Interviewing, Plus One for CEOs

This post originally appeared on the Human Capital Institute blog and has been cited elsewhere.  Here it is, updated with the most critical thought for CEOs. 503 more words