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The Role of Customer Satisfaction in ISO 9001 Certification Processes

Customer satisfaction is vital for a business to continue thriving. Gone are the days when people barely knew other options as monopoly was the name of the game; with multiple competitors vying to get a dip from their wallets, the interest of today’s customers have become volatile as vapor on a hot summer day. 94 more words

Loosen up and be a little weird, leader!

“Don’t be afraid to be awesome.  Sometimes being weird and different is good.  When you think you’re working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff.” 316 more words


Dragon Wars - Elcarus History

There is a truth that Dentarians are among the most resilient people in the Everlands, it’s very true they survived the worst assault by the Dragons and the Dragon Riders, took the worst from the Magi Armies that marched beneath them, every able man went to fight that day, farmer and merchant alike arm in arm as they went to war to protect their home, we went too. 305 more words


Perspective: 80%

Perspective: 80%

It is estimated that 80% of us that consider ourselves part of a local church have no idea what our purpose or role is in our church. 152 more words


Women Prophets!

Hey there :D

So this is the beginning; my very first blog! :D

I’ll start with telling you a bit about myself and what these blogs will be about. 645 more words


Muslim Women in The Field of Medicine - III



Based on the texts of Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation), the hopes that we attach to our sisters who work in the medical field (including doctors, nurses, social workers and officials), include the following: 1,256 more words