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D&D: Le Tome of Bread

So, the post previous to this one was quite strange, out of the blue, and possibly surreal (your mileage may vary.) Regardless, I felt that providing context would be at the very least amusing, until such a time as God strikes me again with great spiritual motion to write something else significant. 711 more words


The Adventures of a 5e GM and her players, part 4 + 5

Because I’ve been super duper busy this week with work (things are looking somewhat up!) I didn’t have time to write this up. However, I am here now and I am writing this up from memory of what happened, as I largely remember everything last week and definitely remember this week. 1,360 more words

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Episode 48 - Expectations And Allowances


In running events or RP, what is it you can and can’t do to other players or what is expected of you when you are one of them.  30 more words



A land without rain, a kingdom built where the sea drained away, its capitol sitting upon the docks of a bone-dry port, a palace built from a warehouse of the giants who were struck from the Earth by the might of the Destroyer. 174 more words



The word of the day is VORHABEN that we got to know in #roleplay yesterday. Here are the other using examples. I will walk you through some useful examples and a little bit of theory about the separable verb.  168 more words


Was hast du heute vor?

– What do you plan for today –

Today’s role-playing script requires 2 people. Two friends decide to go hiking in this situation, and I will walk you through specific phrases that can be used. 311 more words