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Ruth – “Hey, Ash! Enjoying your little trip ‘round space? That’s great! Me… Oh not much, just kicking back with Brocky here… and a five thousand pound, iron clad demon warrior… Oh and only the frickin’ army!” 79 more words


X is for: Xeito

A great many secret societies inhabit Queenstown, and most claim to know the hidden secrets of Ascension. Members must follow instructions to attain levels of being that allow them to Ascend as gods, and the various different methods or oaths are known as the Xeito. 154 more words


Races - Rafa - Part 1 (The Highborn Giants)

The Rafa Race

The Rafa are a fairly simple people, with high complexity. Everyone seems to believe different things about them. The Humans think they’re demons, or kings among men. 477 more words


Races - Yon - Additional Information

More About Yon

They call themselves One of Many, or Many of One. They do not use the term Yon, which is written in select literary works of Siir lore and Kemuim historic annals. 564 more words


Roleplaying Stigmas

There have been far too many times when I (and my guild) have watched a roleplayer walk by with us judging them. Whether because of their spelling, or their character, or what they have done before. 286 more words


I've found a Roleplay home at last!

As cliche as it sounds, it’s been an ambition of mine for the better part of two years now to find a roleplay group or community that I could call home. 1,519 more words


Clan Member Spotlight: Śƞáķε Ɲáƞśεƞ (vampirebabe426)

Dear Family,

Today we continue with the members’ interviews. I have interviewed our dear clan member and guardian Śƞáķε Ɲáƞśεƞ (vampirebabe426), let us hear what she has to say about our family, her experience as Black Orchid Clan’s guardian, why she started playing Bloodlines and lets get to know her a little better. 281 more words