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Reset RP Part 1


Sans was suddenly standing back in Snowdin. It was as if his death, and the death of everyone around him had not happened. 1,238 more words


Engagement vs Involvement: The forgotten balance

Every player, and more importantly, every PC, who is participating in an RPG is a member of a team. That team can be constructed to form an idealized “machine” if the players collaborate on their character designs, but more normally, things are looser.

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New Faces, New Threats

Rising slowly from their camp outside the gates, the party are awoken by tradesmen arriving for the final day of the Festival. A party of workmen singing a jaunty tune as they traipsed north out of the gates, laiden with tools, made sure the sleep was definitely at an end. 1,915 more words


Spectral Tentacles

In the early morning with the sun still below the horizon, the impromptu encampment was disturbed by a Bruxx, seemingly appearing from nowhere amidst the party. 1,348 more words


Wagons Ho!

After an hour’s rest in the Temple of All Gods, the weary three had gathered themselves, re-energised to venture out and search the woods for the Cult of Nephthys and Astrid. 2,261 more words


New Directions

Our heroes wake in the security of the temple buildings.

The Monk, Ramas Zolis, sat upright meditating as the others stirred from slumber. Still bewildered and confused by the rapid shift in their lives, they each desired a chance to touch base with the familiar. 1,965 more words