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The sound of elven bone breaking had never really given Dummokk much satisfaction...

The sound of elven bone breaking had never really given Dummokk much satisfaction; human bone was a wet snap that you could feel in your gut, dwarf bone was like rock sheering against itself and crumbling as pressure was applied, even the tiny dwarves, that some called g’nomes, had a good crunch to them when you crushed them beneath your boot. 581 more words


Väntar på sms, läser EBW

Ett PM att skriva, en egen karriär att tänka på, en genialitet att släppa lös på världen som en bomb. Jag kan ödelägga alltet. Me and my girls. 197 more words


prompt & reply - Lolita

Now and then I mostly-lurk on an erotic writing forum where people put up prompts design to attract writing partners. One author caught my eye with her well-styled work. 999 more words


This piece is based on the events of the last Dystopia Rising game I went to. Dystopia Rising is a Post Apocalyptic Zombie game put out by the amazing people at Eschaton Media. 505 more words


Space, The Final Frontier...For Fun & Profit!

Today’s article is going to be another introduction to a system of gaming; where we will explore the depths of space, seek out ancient civilisations, encounter strange alien beings and figure out how best to exploit them for the benefit of Mankind, and maybe line our own pockets with some profits. 2,748 more words


Path of the Gorezerker: The End, Pt. 1

Blood trickled between Dummokk’s knuckles as he pulled the last remaining tooth from his gums and threw it to the ground. Spitting a torrent of blood unto the floor, he walked to his massive work bench and stripped back a blanket of hide that was covering his pile of tools. 1,338 more words