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Write what your write for the right reasons

This, I think, is a warning to hobby writers about whom you write with, where you publish, and why you write what you write.

Do be outraged about certain subjects being written in an insensitive and titillating way, but do not act out because you felt censored and judged when you did a worse crime. 78 more words


Monthly One-Off Recap! The One Ring from Cubicle 7!

Every month, I or a guest GM, run a “one-off” for any one who wants to come.

It’s always a pre-determined game, set several months in advance, and we use it to teach, learn or try games, we’d not play normally, either due to interest, trepidation or others. 568 more words


Moderating Negativity, a futile endeavour

I was once at a site where the admin banned any negativity in their out of character sections and chatbox. Admittedly there had been some oversharing but this admin, in response to others voicing some negative things that had happened in their “real life” demanded that all members show nothing but happiness when in ooc areas. 178 more words


RPG Review: Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition from Green Ronin

Wow, two RPG reviews in a week. Aren’t you lucky?

I have a soft spot in my RPG heart for Mutants and Masterminds, as both my favorite superhero RPG, and one of my best campaign memories (an online play-by-post) with some of my best friends at the time. 624 more words


RPG Review: Chronicles of Darkness from Onyx Path Publishing!

Here we are, with another RPG review! This time it’s the new Chronicles of Darkness book for the “new World of Darkness” line, that’s been revamped, re-skinned, and changed into Chronicles of Darkness. 734 more words


The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 480

In which, I, Alan, keep a yearly log of the progress and history of the characters playing through the Great Pendragon Campaign.

During the year 480, we followed the travails and successes of three of the knights of Salisbury, the knights being named as follows: 913 more words


Plot Hooks 2

More plot hooks this week!

Feel free to share around, use, distribute in any way you please. If you do, please give credit where it is due. 337 more words