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S is for: Stardom

From the public vidstreams to the avatar blackrooms on the darkmesh, fame and infamy abound.

Becoming the latest vidstream spokesmodel gives a fleeting pass at fame, having any kind of reputation or ability to maintain a public persona is what keeps it. 93 more words


R is for: Representatives, the Secretariat, and the Board of Executive Trustees

Elections to the Committee of Representatives are held every two years. They form the largest part of the legislative branch of the Bureaucracy.

Representatives are elected based on population sizes – one might work on behalf of a small island out on the fringes of the IICP, whilst another might represent a small neighbourhood in New Pacific City. 397 more words


Q is for: Quangos

Most quangos were originally set up to move relationships with various Megacorps a step away from the government itself after protests about corruption. They also helped by taking money of the budget. 129 more words


P is for: Pills, stims and other illicit materials

Whilst many materials once considered illegal drugs are available for sale and regulated y the government, there’s still a thriving black market for narcotics and other unsavoury substances. 219 more words


Emergent Gameplay and Role Play

All this talk about Zelda, Breath of the Wild, has brought out some great discussions of emergent game play.  I thought I would muse a bit about what some are calling “the future of rpgs”. 1,644 more words


O is for: the Office of Public Works

One of the largest Quangos in the Pacific, the Office of Public Works raises funding and provides grants for artistic works and installations throughout the Islands. 163 more words


N is for: Nomads

The Nomads travel the open waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and many make their home in the waters of the IICP.

Sailors, fishers, traders, the Nomads are all of these. 89 more words