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Dungeon Maps: The Vault of the Shifting Sands

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been teaching myself the basics of GIMP, an open source alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop, in an effort to upskill myself (but mostly because I enjoy learning new things). 180 more words


Alan Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation, part II

Wow, I’m pretty behind on this thing. I’ve finished Season One, so I’m going to write all those up over the next week. I adore Star Trek, and my snark here is mostly be being 30+ years behind the times. 426 more words


The City of Scour

Following on from ‘The Twelve‘ is a guide to the city of Scour itself. For those who prefer such things, the .pdf can be found here.



Role-playing 110 - Character Development

I’ve covered character improvement already, so now I’m going to talk a little about character development. The distinction, to me, is that the former is tied to the levelling mechanics of the game being played and the latter is tied to the narrative. 819 more words


Atlas Inspirare: Marcher's Vale

Marcher’s Vale is a large, flat grassland. Claimed hundred years ago by the family of a long forgotten Lord, it takes its name from its use as a regular staging post for military forces during the long years of the Emerald War. 664 more words


The Beginning of a Saga

Recently, Wife (whom I’ve been trying to get into wargaming with me) and I decided to give the historical war game Saga a try.

I’m a huge sucker for historical war games, and even more of a sucker for 28mm or 15mm war games. 609 more words


The Tao of Bill Murray - for gamers

For my birthday last year, I got given a copy of the Tao of Bill Murray by Gavin Edwards. It’s a great book filled with a lot of stories and short anecdotes about people meeting Bill Murray, compiled from lots of different sources, and basically spanning most of his career. 1,300 more words