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RotRL Campaign Journal: Golems are Scary

Pathfinder Campaign Journal. Session Date: Friday 21 February 2015. Continued from previous session.

After surviving their adventures in the Runeforge wing of pride and illusion, the heroes moved onto the halls of wrath – transmutation magic. 412 more words


Threat Assessment - Noghri Death Commandos

I’ve been doing a re-read of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy and have found myself once again falling in love with the Noghri. They become such an iconic part of the Solo family in the later Expanded Universe that it has been a lot of fun to go back and rediscover their introduction into the greater Star Wars universe. 611 more words


The Shimmering Veils of Pride

Next, the heroes decided to explore the wing of pride – illusion magic – in order to find a component to forge into a weapon to use against Runelord Karzoug. 407 more words


Dungeons and Dragons and Baking Valentines

Since next week is Valentines day, I thought I would bake my gaming group some delicious cupcakes. I love baking and the other day I found some really nice strawberries, so voila! 395 more words


RotRL: The Iron Cages of Lust

After resting in the mansion that Ciaran had conjured, the heroes moved on to a new wing of Runeforge – that of enchantment, associated with Runelord Sorshen and the sin of lust in Thassilonian times. 212 more words


The Vault of Greed

After dispatching the mithral mage and his apprentices, the heroes moved on to the next room, which was full of golden statues in various combat poses. 272 more words


Review: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends

It’s not exactly a new product, but it’s one that I have referred to extensively in my Rise of the Runelords campaign, so I thought I would write a quick review. 438 more words