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Writing With Mary Sue Characters

How often do you, as a roleplayer, find yourself writing with or playing with a Mary Sue/Gary Stew character? In my years on play by post forums I have come across a fair few and I try and avoid RPing with them where possible. 508 more words


The Halls of Wrath

Session Date: 20 March 2015. Continued from previous session

After recovering from their encounter with the golem guarding the Halls of Wrath, and the statue of Karzoug, the heroes set about imbuing their weapons with the power of the Runeforge, creating dominant weapons that might be used against Karzoug. 269 more words


Nations of Ancienia: Kingdom of Ecotch

Continuing  with the Ancienian nations of the Drakesdoom setting, here is Ecotch a nation perched above Duninaden but sharing the same island.


Leadership and Politics… 741 more words


To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

Recently I found in the attic I’d splurged a good few years ago on a load of FASA Star Trek RPG material. The 80s system is perfectly functional and left a strong impression on me as a teenager. 421 more words


Review: GM Screen Inserts

Raging Swan Press has just released a new product, GM Screen Inserts. These are available in a portrait and a landscape version, purchased separately. Both versions have 4 pages, and contain the same information. 333 more words


An update and a plan…

It’s a long time since I’ve roleplayed or run a game and despite the brief joy of DWLive (link) I do hanker to play again. 336 more words

RotRL Campaign Journal: Golems are Scary

Pathfinder Campaign Journal. Session Date: Friday 21 February 2015. Continued from previous session.

After surviving their adventures in the Runeforge wing of pride and illusion, the heroes moved onto the halls of wrath – transmutation magic. 412 more words