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Chapter Two: Pest Control

Recently, we got to play through the rest of the second chapter from the Lost Mine of Phandelver. We were joined by another player with no experience, which made the encounters easier. 826 more words


Alan Plugs (and sorta of reviews)

So I’m breaking my normal “No Review” rules, because the creator of this game specifically came to me and asked me to review this game. (Note: I was given a free PDF of the game). 531 more words


Powder Mage RPG Announced

The above link might be of interest to those who follow my work! I’ll let Brian’s announcement handle all the heavy lifting.


Chapter One: The Road to Phandalin

This weekend past, I sat down with my partner and a friend to run through the opening act of the D&D Starter Set, Lost Mine of Phandelver. 1,621 more words


Role-playing 201: Honouring the Dead

Character death. It’s a sad fact that player characters can (and depending on the system, will) die. My D&D group recently had to come to terms with the death of one of its characters, the first to die since we started 9 levels ago. 587 more words


RPG Retrospective: Halloween 2015

Some context. Every year, I build a massive Halloween game, where I go all out on minis, terrain, costumes, food, and just an overall gaming environment. 73 more words


Encounters for the Back Pocket: The Toll-bridge

Encounter type: Social

Suggested number of enemies: Varies

Encounter location: Toll-bridge

Ahead, you can see the toll-bridge. Two spires flank imposing gates situated at either end of the long stone structure. 428 more words