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New Danish RPG Podcast is Your Chance to Learn Danish While Listening to Talks about RPGs

A new podcast in Danish about roleplaying-games – of which there are only very few – have seen the light of the day, and that has been the reason for the few posts on this blog recently. 149 more words


Honey as Black as Night

Earlier this week, I managed to talk one of my regular gaming groups into letting me run Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist for them again. Due to a few reasons, we were down a few players and, as we’re currently between campaigns, we thought it would be a great one session game to pass the time. 1,478 more words


April TTRPG Maker! #AprilTTRPGMaker Day 1-4

So here we are! I was told I should do this, so here’s day one, two, three and four! Since I’m behind.

1.) Who are you?  127 more words


Alan’s Unofficial (& Totally Biased) Essential The One Ring RPG Guide

My Pendragon guide was very popular. One of my top three blog posts! So I’m doing more for other RPGs I love.

Thus, I present to you, 937 more words


Book Review: Lullabies for Dungeon Crawlers

So here’s a thing I haven’t done in a long time, a book review!

Lullabies for Dungeon Crawlers by M. Todd Gallowglas is a collection of roleplaying game, fantasy, and dungeon crawling inspired poetry. 224 more words


Pendragon Halloween Game Recipes

Cooking with Alan Time!

Some folks asked for the recipes I used for the Pendragon Halloween Game. Here they are!

You’ll have to bear with me, I’ve never written recipes on this blog before. 826 more words


How to Role-play an Anxiety Disorder

I’ve written previously about my experiences as a role-player with anxiety, so the purpose of this article is to build upon that in a manner that will allow you to portray characters suffering from it in a sympathetic manner. 970 more words