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A Role Player answers the call!

So I sent out a call to role players, on my blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.  Not long after, the I found the below in the comment section.   565 more words


Prodigal Empires Roleplaying : The crew and ship the MV Scattergun Approach 

Recently started a Skype RPG game set in the Prodigal Empires background I’ve used for war games for a number of years.


Amy-Jayne is playing Artemis Brown and she inherited the ‘scattergun approach’ she is owner of the ship and de facto ship’s master/Captain. 852 more words

Prodigal Empires

The World and its People: The Radford House

I realised that my Atlas Inspirare articles lend themselves more to historical/traditional fantasy themes so I’ve decided to do a series with a more modern/darker twist. 508 more words


The Balancing Act

  • Work
  • University/Collage
  • Family
  • Other Hobbies
  • Friends
  • BEST Friends
  • Partner

How do we balance this stuff with our RP hobby? I am not saying I know the answer, I took TWO YEARS out between 2009-2011 while I finished my 2nd and 3rd years of my psychology degree. 188 more words


Roleplaying 104a -An Alternative Route to the Same Place

I have discussed character creation previously and presented my thoughts on the subject in brief. Today, I wish to expand upon them and describe how, and why, I do certain things. 1,106 more words


Gen Con Schedule!

Hey folks.

So once again, I will be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis. It’s always pretty fun, but I have a pretty full plate this year, so I figured telling everyone where I will be might help you track me down. 196 more words


Lyta: Landlocked

The second prologue piece for my serial.

I have also updated the ‘About’ section to include details of my novel.


Bubbles / Ryan

They’d barely outrun the privateer that had been dogging them ever since they raided the… 1,004 more words