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Encounters for the Back Pocket: The Warehouse

Hi all,

Keeping with the theme of running a table-top gaming site that tries to be entertaining, informative and helpful whilst also giving me things to write about from week to week, here is another ball for me to start juggling. 556 more words


Tiny Frontiers is out!

In case you missed my throwing it all over the internet, Tiny Frontiers, the game my company Kickstarted back in April is out digitally in PDF on DriveThruRPG! 24 more words


Atlas Inspirare: Mara's Wake


Welcome to this, the first of a (yet another) new series of posts. The purpose of this series to provide inspiration for cities with which to populate your fantastical worlds, as well as supply some suggested plot hooks. 723 more words


Roleplaying 108 - The Inner Actor

Here is the update at last! My apologies but life got in the way as it does from time to time. Regardless, feast your eyes upon the fruits of my labours! 502 more words


Navy Patrols in the Crazy Diamond 

This is a quick run down of the patrols the Navies of the major powers send into the Diamond sector to protect their interests, discourage piracy and fly the flag in unclaimed space. 634 more words

Prodigal Empires


This, by far, has been the most challenging blog post for me to write. I’m not usually one for reviewing things in any solid format; more putting my thoughts down for the blogsphere to read. 771 more words


RPG Review: Gods of the Fall by Monte Cook Games

It’s time for an RPG review! Trying to get back into the swing of things, while fulfilling two Kickstarters, planning three more, and handling regular life. 766 more words