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Thoughts on the Pathfinder Monk

With Pathfinder Unchained on the way, I’m looking forward to seeing the new rules options and the improvements to some of the classes that are commonly considered problematic (particularly the rogue, monk and summoner). 682 more words


An Open Letter to Clan Malkavian....

Hey Clan Malkav,

How you doing? It’s been a while. You have kind of taken a backseat role since WOD transitioned from Masquerade to Requiem. You went from being one of the most popular and fleshed out groups in the franchise to becoming a psychological affliction that peppers bloodsuckers with insanity across the board. 369 more words


SSAS: Shared Silver Age Supers

I recently listened to the excellent plot points two-part podcast on the champions and ‘day of the destroyer’ champions scenario this excellent podcast really reenergised my passion for this genre of roleplaying. 440 more words


International Tabletop Day!

I’ve yet to actually sit down and play games on an International Tabletop Day.

Usually I get pretty close, and play the day after, or at least the same week. 853 more words


Fiery (NPC) Death

Session Date: Friday 27 March 2015. Continued from previous session

Having survived their encounter with the leader of the warriors of wrath, the heroes healed up and continued their exploration of the Halls of Wrath. 259 more words


Three month gap

So it’s been almost three months since my last blog post. I’m really terrible at keeping these things going sometimes.
I am resolving to kick this back into gear though. 560 more words


Writing With Mary Sue Characters

How often do you, as a roleplayer, find yourself writing with or playing with a Mary Sue/Gary Stew character? In my years on play by post forums I have come across a fair few and I try and avoid RPing with them where possible. 507 more words