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What happens when you light a fire in an alchemist's shop?

Well, our Twitter D&D adventure is well underway now, with the adventurers searching for some alchemically altered cats that have gone missing. It’s not what I’ve expected, but we’ve ended up in a situatrion where Burnsy the pyromancer has just lit the door of an alchemist’s storeroom on fire… Which I guess creates a great opportunity to open up to everyone for suggestions about what happens: 40 more words


Druid's Here to Help! pt. 2

Cleric doesn’t believe in Druid’s magical abilities. It’s nothing personal… well, it is. Long story. Some other time.





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The Black Die Dice Bag

With this dice bag, I wanted to put together something for roleplayers, who walk up to the table to throw dice in long gaming sessions every weekend(or, considering busy adult lives, whenever time allows).   75 more words

One week of Dungeons & Dragons over Twitter

A week ago I started trying out running Dungeons & Dragons over Twitter. I’ve been wanting to try out running D&D without much planning, using ideas detailed in… 400 more words