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Adventures on a Table: My First Experience with Tabletop Role Playing Games

A couple of weeks ago I was getting together with some friends with pretty much the sole purpose of socializing to help combat the winter blues.   949 more words

Roleplaying Game

Savage Again

I am looking at the savage worlds core book again. Gonna build my next in-person RPG Campaign in a post-apocalyptic world using these rules.

Requirement: Be able to use both my chaos space marine and daemon army and the minis from the Conan board game kickstarter when those arrive. 269 more words

The Start of a New Team

I write this from the booth of the VIP section of a club I don’t even remember the name of.  I’m blasted on novacoke and alcohol, my jacket smells like a Stuffer Shack in the hood and I have a hot commlink in my pocket, but I’m alive, and I got 1,500 ¥ for two hours of work with a team that I mostly don’t mind, save for the Tusker. 601 more words


Marks of Intrigue: Chapter Seventeen

The wizard told us it’d take the better part of the day to refit the magical sapphire onto his Golden Rod and to prepare the spells necessary to remove the next part of the mark. 1,458 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

New Giantslayer Adventure Path for the Pathfinder RPG, Out Now

Paizo Inc., publisher of the wildly popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, announced today the kick-off of the Giantslayer Adventure Path, the latest 6-part adventure series in the award-winning world of the… 207 more words



Yes. Hello. Nice to meet you. Good Afternoon.

I’ve been distracted by many things lately. I haven’t been blogging nor watching anime and reading manga at that. 1,652 more words


Gamecraft: NPCs

I’m taking a break from my World of Darkness series to punch this out a bit. I’m working to absorb Demon and hopefully have it out soonish. 1,175 more words

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