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The Valkyrie (Class)

Developed for use in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the Valkyrie Class is a fully fleshed out and partially tested Homebrew class (complete with choice of 2 sub-classes, or archetypes). 61 more words


BETA TESTERS ALERT: Now Classes Underway

Hello Legends of Albadyn Community! I need some help up in here. While I am going to be conducting personal Beta Testing as well, I have three shiny new Classes that need to be tested, and you lucky people have been nominated to try them in their current, raw, untested form. 610 more words

Legends Of Albadyn

Sorcery! Part 2

When Sorcery! Part 1 ended, we were only just getting started on the adventure, and what a wonderful trip that was. Right away I was excited to see the ginormous city after beating the first game (multiple times) and bought the next installment the day it came out. 1,871 more words



This weekend was TimCon 2018.

I decided to hold a one day convention in honour of GaryCon that was going on over the weekend. What better way to celebrate a convention you couldn’t get to by holding a convention in honour of that convention? 371 more words

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Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Siege Solo Run

I am crazy and love this game, and as I have a Mythic Character, I decided to fit her with three skills and see if she could beat a Siege singlehandedly. 397 more words

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*NEW* Mythic Weapon: The Seventh Sorrow

The history of the seven-chambered Revolver known as The Seventh Sorrow is a perplexing one filled with great power, and the ruination of those who wielded it. 419 more words

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Previous game: Jumping Jackson

Guess you’ll be busy exploring your dreams, Nocte calls and you can feel it, it is to lead you to something… what, however, you are unsure, for it is difficult to interpret where this realm wants you to go. 2,291 more words

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