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The Chasm

The PCs find a huge chasm, either outside or within an underground cave system. The chasm is too deep to see the bottom and wide enough to be uncrossable. 316 more words


I never knew I needed this in my life till now.

Rex Pyrenees wiped blood from his muzzle and adjusted his grip on his sword. He looked around for his attacker, but all he could see was the forest around him, surrounded by the ominous black bark of the trees. 415 more words




An evolving review, deconstruction, and reconstruction of the game

I started running SW:EOTE several months ago. My 13 year-old son played… 623 more words

Roleplaying Game

Splinterpunks (A Brief History Of The DicePunk System)

Join me chitlins for a  bit of an open-ended game design ramble.

Somewhere around 2004, at the tender age of 18, on my laptop at the house of one John Jemmott, I set out on one of my first fumbling forays into designing my own tabletop roleplaying game. 741 more words

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Maps of the World

If I’m at my computer without a specific task to perform, I’m likely to create strange things. Today, it was these maps. I decided to upload them in case they might spark a story idea in an author or roleplaying gamer. 84 more words


Tavern Tales RPG Takes To Kickstarter

We have shared in the past about an amazing RPG system called Tavern Tales, a storytelling driven RPG that lets players bend the rules of normal RPG’s by allowing what many do not. 304 more words


QC Game Fest Features Gangbusters!

Showdown at Mulligans Alley (Beginner Level; 1-8 players; 2:00-6:00pm) Gangbusters is a game that takes place in the Roaring 20’s and early 1930’s, essentially the Prohibition Era, of America. 60 more words

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