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Open Legend RPG Kickstarter

It’s been several years since I last backed a project on Kickstarter. Since my initial spurt of enthusiasm for Fate Core (which I still consider an elegant little piece of RPG machinery, though a little too much toolbox for my currently low levels of creativity), I’ve basically ignored the crowdfunding site, maybe peeking in once in a while when one of my friends pledged to a project that caught my eye. 659 more words

Vs. Gaming

Poor Swordmage...

Arcana checks man, arcana checks. Also, yes, Swordmage does have a problem.





Comic Page

Open Legend RPG System is up on Kickstarter

Ed Greenwood?  Matthew Mercer?  These two creating a Campaign Setting?

The Rules already available online for free here?

No reason NOT to check out this amazing system!



3 Hacks for Any Roleplaying Game

Back in the 1990s Quentin Doucet–a buddy of mine and the best damn roleplayer I’ve ever known–introduced three rules to his games.  In twenty-first century jargon, he had discovered “game hacks.”  Because Quentin’s game hacks sped up play and increased flow, they spread quickly throughout our gaming circle. 522 more words

Game Design

dat room

SPOILER ALERT: I really like the musical Hamilton.

So what’s up guys? I’m going to write down my method for designing a game, and you get to be (figuratively speaking) in the room where it happens. 991 more words