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Let's Cancel - Hollow Knight

I really don’t even have to say it, as there hasn’t been a new episode of my Hollow Knight playthrough for a long long time. Part of it is due to the… 806 more words


Design Review of Numenera: A Wondrous Core with Lackluster Execution

Numenera, published in 2013 by Monte Cook Games, is a game set in the far future: a billion years at that. The setting is referred to as the Ninth World; as eight prior inter-galactic, inter-dimensional civilizations have come and gone before the setting takes place. 3,431 more words

Outside is Overrated Episode Six - Shadowrun and Savage Worlds

Tom and Jer discuss tabletop roleplaying games, with segments on both Shadowrun and Savage Worlds. They also discuss the top five video games based on role playing properties! 55 more words


Legends of Albadyn: Upcoming Content and Release of New Elite Quest: LoA Newsletter 11/30/2017

A new slew of content will be releasing soon: awesome content that will make your games of Legends of Albadyn have some very neat meta content. 432 more words


Investigating Tales From The Loop

To be honest, Tales From The Loop didn’t jump out at me as a “need to play” game. The art looked interesting, and the idea of an alternate reality 1980’s looked appealing, but I’m not a big fan of playing or running games in which the characters are only children. 2,014 more words


How D&D kept me going

One too many times I’ve wanted to just throw in the towel and give up on myself, but, without realising, one thing kept me going a little longer. 414 more words


D&D and I: How I started

I’ve seen women talk about their experiences playing D&D and I felt the need to share my own ups and downs (I’m just really happy that gaming, or any community really, is opening up to the female audience). 672 more words