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Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game Campaign Log #5 – Connecting the Dots

After finishing up their deal with Marnal at the point of a frag grenade, Tekk and Krussk made their way toward their delivery destination located in a very seedy and unpleasant part of the Kuat Drive Yards and entered Luxury Landspeeders owned and operated by Mephistopholes, a very jovial and large of stature bearded man with a very unusual accent. 1,149 more words

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Guessing Games pt.2

Still not getting it. Killing it with fire on the other hand…





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Brawlers - I've Been Grappling With This One...

The boxer carefully parried the first punch out of the way and sized up his opponent. Just when another jab came toward his face, he deftly stepped out of the way and followed up with a huge haymaker. 671 more words