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My Brain is a Troll

Long ago (circa 2013ish) I got bored at work, and created a Miniature Wargame.

No, really. I completed it in about 7 hours over the course of the day, in between doing my data entry. 243 more words


Map-A-Week: Outpost of the Kuo-Toa Queen

I want to start a segment on our blog where I post a free dungeon map for you to use in your gaming.  I will also try to give a little bit of background on the map, its location, the main bad guy and how it might fit into your established campaign. 339 more words

Roleplay Review

Roles for design and requirements

Now that my interpretation of roles is in place it is time to describe a few practical examples of how they can be used and what outcomes one might get from introducing them into your service project. 788 more words

User Experience

Cross-Platform Game Design, Part 4

The Story So Far

Luther and I were recently approached to design a boardgame to enhance an existing RPG product line.  This project got me started thinking about cross-platform game design. 951 more words

Game Design

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Man, I really missed my Xbox…  Sometimes bad PC ports can put a real damper on a gaming experience.

I stayed well away from spoilers in this one, but kept the format in case you are REALLY sensitive to them. 2,164 more words


Roughly a Year of My Life with Dragon Age: Inquisition

An extended Memorial Day weekend with my wife turned out to be an excellent time to catch up on some gaming and reading. I finally finished my long, happy romp through… 1,387 more words

Video Games

Early evaluation of StarCrawlers

Hello gentle readers, the name is Clay, and I am here to say, I am gonna write some words in a major way!

Yes, I am also completely insane, but that’s just how I am. 2,317 more words