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Riding the Sands: 7th Sea and the Crescent Empire

While the meat of the action of 7th Sea has traditionally taken place in mainland Théah and the open seas, the second edition offered the promise of fleshing out the rest of Terra (Earth), beginning with the Crescent Empire. 2,261 more words


DMing for one player

A couple of weeks back @DungeonMasterSc tweeted a question about the minimum number of players dungeon masters need not to cancel a Dungeons & Dragons session. 139 more words


DM Tip #6: Encounters

What is an Encounter?

In the simplest terms, an encounter is a fight or some other conflict meant to test or demonstrate the players’ capabilities. DMs use encounters to reward experience, insert dramatic plot hooks into the narrative, and/or force the players’ characters to react spontaneously in high-intensity situations. 1,123 more words


Valley of Eternity: The Hunt

Valley of Eternity is a tabletop roleplaying game about existentiaslist penguins. I had my first attempt at running it tonight at Games Lab. Players make penguin characters who have set themselves apart by standing up the the many predators that prey on penguins – skuas, seals, orca. 162 more words