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UPDATE 4.0 and some really big news

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, telling you all about Update 4.0, possibly the largest update yet. The Bestiary and Event Coordinator system have been revamped, with rewards worked in for Event Coordinators so they don’t get depressed: just playing Monsters and getting beaten all the time is terrible for morale. 162 more words


The New Improved BESTIARY

The New Event Coordinator System is here! Earn Shadow Gold, purchase Monsters and Items, and be an awesome Event Coordinator!

Here’s how it works.

Vanquish 1 Normal Adventurer: 200 Shadow Gold… 670 more words

Legends Of Albadyn

Barbarians aren’t really known for being quiet.





Comic Page

D&D & Dinosaurs

A little while ago I published a few dinosaur illustrations here and some suggestions about how they could be used in Dungeons & Dragons adventures while we await the release of Tomb of Annihilation, which will feature a lot of dinosaurs. 507 more words


Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Two Character Raid (6/20/2017)

Sorry this one came out late: had a lot of weird junk going on and am only now having time to blog.


Lucy Blackwing: Vahalyr Warrior (7HP, +7A/4D, 2 Damage per Hit) 292 more words


Sigil, the City of Doors, in D&D 5e

On Thursday night last week I ran a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Adventure using the Planescape setting for the second time. During the first adventure, the players didn’t arrive in Sigil, the City of Doors, until right at the end of the adventure, so I didn’t need a lot prepared. 791 more words