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Legends of Albadyn Year Two

Well, This is the start of Legends of Albadyn’s second year. Wow. It seems like yesterday at six in the morning on August 28th of 2016. 221 more words


Game: Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse

My friend and fellow member of the Grey Company, Derek Kamal has just announced the Kickstarter for his new game: Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. Anyone who enjoys roleplaying games, mice, motorcycles, or mice on motorcycles should give his wonderful game a look! 195 more words


Royal Proclamation (Legends of Albadyn Lore Update)

⊕Loyal Subjects of Donyavar⊕

On the night of the 25th of Autumn’s Dawning, in this the 25th year after the Four Day War, a group of adventurers fought against the Jade Drakeling that had been plaguing our countryside, and prevailed with few losses. 149 more words

Legends Of Albadyn

Feng Shui 2: Pulp Hero Adventure!

Feng Shui 2 is a very fun action-packed system that mimics Hong Kong-style action movies of years past, but I decided to take the setting even further back into the past for a good old, Nazi-bashing pulp hero adventure! 262 more words

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Did We Win... or Lose? Legends of Albadyn Elite Quest Status.

The event is over. The challenge was issued to anyone who was willing: kill the Dragon and become a part of Albadyn’s History.

Did anyone answer the call? 228 more words


Fabletop: The Player Manual

The campaign begins. And inevitably, the journey will involve colourful, exotic creatures that may prove to be the greatest challenge of all. Creatures with extremely defined, some would say exaggerated, strengths and weaknesses, cultures and habits. 2,471 more words

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