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The Problem with Dungeons

I’m about to write something in stark disagreement with a lot of the gaming community that I follow: I don’t like dungeons. I actually don’t like dragons either. 731 more words


Designer Diary #4: RPG Character Creation

In this post, I continue to discuss rpg concepts and what we decided to do for our roleplaying game, Cosmothea, and why. I don’t know about you, but Character Creation in roleplaying games has nearly always been a blast for me. 1,307 more words


Superheroes in Roleplaying

With the new “Avengers” movie in theaters, I thought it would be cool to talk about how superheroes translate into tabletop RPGs.  Now, there’s actually a pretty long list of pen and paper RPGs that are intended to run superhero themed games: Wild Talents, Godlike, Mutants and Masterminds, Silver Age Sentinels, and a few licensed games such as the aptly titled Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game.   1,376 more words


Date 030-116 Location: Unknown (Cont'd)

Sion Galven wearily studied the console displays on the bridge of the Independent Scout Ship Rynne Fortitude. It has been a good sixteen hours since he last slept, and since then he hadn’t exactly been idly watching visio playbacks and sipping cocktails. 221 more words

Classic Traveller

Date: 030-1116, Location: Unknown

Sion Galven looked at the navigation display on the ship’s console in front of him, then slumped back into his seat.   Seemingly speaking to the space directly in front of him, he spoke. 695 more words

Classic Traveller

New Campaign is LIVE!

The first episode of our new Dungeons and Dragons campaign (Dark inquest), aired Thursday the 16th of April with a bang! Check out the trailer below for a teaser, and be sure to check the schedule to catch the new episodes LIVE!

– The HRR Team 

Dungeons And Dragons

New Pathfinder Adventure Path Packages for Hero Lab

Lone Wolf Development, creator of the award-winning tabletop game accessory Hero Lab, announced today the development of new Pathfinder Adventure Path packages for Hero Lab. 255 more words