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Fan Fiction - the Hot New Superhero Card/Board Game for All Ages - Starring Dakota Love's ALLIES!

That’s right, everyone! I’ve been busy, busy, busy with my buddy Jacob Snow getting this game out there! This is a super easy to play game for people of all ages. 355 more words

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Dungeons & Dragons Players Share Their Favourite Things About The World's Greatest Roleplaying Game

Roll Initiative!

Dungeons & Dragons was created in 1972 by Gary Gygax, back then the game involved a group of players who would play as characters in a fantasy world – while the referee or ‘Dungeon Master’ would suppose various scenarios and challenges for players to face. 908 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

HALF-BLOOD RULES: Character Creation Post

Okay, the Half Elf is a staple in any Fantasy setting. Everybody can think of an Half Elf from a Fantasy Setting they like.

Legends of Albadyn does not have a… 191 more words


Legends of Albadyn Goes VS-Let's Talk PVP

Today we are going to talk about the new Player VS Player modes coming in Update 6.0, The Guild Update.


Capture is a mode where two teams fight for control of an objective. 443 more words


New Monsters Have Arrived

Hello everyone! Part of Update 6.0 (the Guild Update) is cranking out some new Modes, Classes, and, you guessed it, Monsters. In addition to the Guild System, we’re unleashing a bevy of new content for you all to enjoy. 86 more words


Let's Talk Shadow Gold.

When Legends of Albadyn was still in development, there was a debate between myself and one of the test players about the Shadow Gold system. They thought that Shadow Gold was unnecessary and brought too much complication to the game. 312 more words