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April TTRPG Challenge Day 26: Blogs, Streams, Podcasts?

In RPG terms, very little, which I’d love to change.  Dissecting Worlds remains my favorite show for exploring narrative architecture and social science stuff(And we will get that Ian McShane… 105 more words

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Book of Erotic Fantasy - System Mastery 120


It’s the Supplement Spectacular again!  Or, it was going to be before a child was born into this world who ate all of Jef’s time.  39 more words


[New Spell] The Woods Are More Than They Might Seem

The Woods Are More Than They Might Seem

‘It is an ARMY,’ the elf ranger stressed.

‘Of goblins,’ retorted Fellhorn the druid as he eyed the gnome. 317 more words

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April TTRPG Challenge Day 25: Being A TTRPG Designer Means...

Fun. For Everyone.

That’s the most basic way I can describe it; your job is to be a transmission vector for fun. You have to take everything you know players will try and do, including the stupid game breaking bullshit, and work out how to tell a story that threads through all that to ensure everyone has a good time. 99 more words

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ATP - Torment: Tides of Numenera (is NOT Baldur's Gate 3)

Take a trip back in time with a throwback to classic RPGs in Torment: Tides of Numenera. While it is a very interesting system, it is also in need of a GPS. 33 more words


April TTRPG Challenge Day 24: Most Notable Achievement?

One of the very first pro jobs I did was a Doctor Who adventure called Arrowdown. I got to use it as an example of how to build adventures in a presentation at WorldCon in 2017, which was pretty cool. 177 more words

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Legends of Albadyn Goes VS-Let's Talk PVP

Today we are going to talk about the new Player VS Player modes coming in Update 6.0, The Guild Update.


Capture is a mode where two teams fight for control of an objective. 443 more words