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Z is for: Zomg it's finished!

I’m cheating a little bit with this last one. I have a couple of ideas for how to do Z but everything I’ve had a go with so far hasn’t worked or made me want to write more than two lines. 176 more words


Y is for: Yaninda

The known world, the realm of mortals, is not the only part of existence.
The spirits live on an adjacent place, a place that some few are able to pierce through to with magikal power. 433 more words


X is for: Xeito

A great many secret societies inhabit Queenstown, and most claim to know the hidden secrets of Ascension. Members must follow instructions to attain levels of being that allow them to Ascend as gods, and the various different methods or oaths are known as the Xeito. 154 more words


Doctor, Doctor, give me the news....

Oh, the things that run through my head! Realm-hopping as we do, we discover a wide variety of music and art, dance and culture if we want it, classy or seedy, take your pick. 1,770 more words

A Second Life In Pictures


I’ve been an on again off again (mostly off) tabletop RPG player since I was in tenth grade. I started with Dungeons and Dragons and eventually played GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System). 1,064 more words

The Witcher 3: Initial Thoughts

Roleplaying games like Skyrim and Fallout that have huge open-worlds tend to bore me a little. I never have the patience or the motivation to travel through a vast world doing random quests and I never seem to have enough interest to bother learning the lore and backstory of the world that they’re set in. 764 more words


W is for: Witchblood

In the Old Crown, those touched by a lineage of magikal power are known as Witchbloods. Whilst hereditary, sometimes the witchblood skips generations only to appear again. 530 more words