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D&D Night 11

A group of six boardgamers diving into D&D for the very first time beginning with the Starter Set, “Lost Mine of Phandelver” (5th Edition).

Characters include Rikr (Paladin), Haera (Wizard), Pumpp (Bard), Sparkershire (Warlock), and Drey (Druid). 72 more words


Grell Review: Fantasy AGE

For those who do not know, Fantasy AGE is a role playing system by Green Ronin. The Fantasy Adventure Gaming Engine first made its appearance in the Dragon Age table top role playing game also by Green Ronin. 2,019 more words


Chapter 2: The Metal Doors

I awakened on the second day of my journey in the common room of The Forge, Councilman Baine’s tavern, which the town was offering as a base of operations to any parties interested in searching the caverns. 783 more words

Iron Gods

Alignment Series: Lawful Evil

Lawful Evil individuals take what they want, within the limits of a code of tradition, loyalty, or order.

Power and the advancement of the self is best gained through law and order. 400 more words



“So we wake up in a barn…with Isaac Newton.”
— Heather

That’s the quote that wrapped up last Friday’s Witch Hunter game.  It marked the end of a pretty tense adventure that found our heroes on the losing side of a blossoming Hell Point in northern France and the forces of a Duke Unchained who had been summoned there.   739 more words

Witch Hunter

[New Spell] Misrepresentation of Being

Misrepresentation Of Being

The elf ranger moped back into camp.

‘Why so glum?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Ah, nothing. Just that Gerron the merchant dislikes elves and wouldn’t sell a few items to me,’ the elf replied. 217 more words

Labyrinth Lord


The “hng” is one of the most complicated and enigmatic expressions of today. It is a short, but powerful expression. It can convey anger, disappointment, excitement, and constipation. 593 more words

Personal Issues