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Let's get the dice rolling.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new game-themed blog ‘Boardsolo’. As the name implies, this blog will be about the dark art of playing boardgames (and sometimes card- and roleplaying games too) that you don’t have to ask anyone else to join in for. 257 more words


Telling Stories: You are responsible

You all know that I absolutely hate the idea that roleplaying is some silly thing that has no consequences or stresses.  This would be because it’s absolutely not true, and it’s harmful to everyone trying to roleplay with you, but it has even further reach than that: it destroys the idea that you have some responsibilities to your fellow roleplayers.  1,263 more words


Episodes of Adventure: Game of Thrones Episode 1

It’s been two weeks since I played the first episode of Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series, an episodic game based on the world of the TV show. 870 more words


Dresden Files RPG: The Paranet Papers

Longtime readers may remember that I had some input on the Fate Core RPG system. (Yes, that is my name on the cover of Worlds on Fire… 783 more words

Fun Stuff

Star Wars is a time abyss

Andrew Rilstone, who writes more perceptively about Star Wars than just about anyone else alive, is counting down to the release of Episode 7. His… 845 more words


[New Spell] Recall Object

Recall Object

‘A little too rich for my blood!’ Stork said as he set the scroll back down,looked at Vistis and nodded towards the door. ‘Perhaps another time.’ 174 more words

Swords & Sorcery

D&D 5E Campaign Update - Enter the Owl Bear

Our initial hope for a regular biweekly routine was quickly abandoned so this was the first time we had played in about a month, due to various circumstances. 456 more words