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Get your gaming fix

Get your gaming fix

When the kids are battling you for attention, work is pounding down your door with a double-bladed axe and your wife is looking for her white knight, how do you get your gaming fix? 487 more words


Path to the Sea: Fiction in Glorantha RPGs

I was recently privileged to read the short story/excerpt “Morden Defends the Camp” – which I understand to be only a part of an unfinished novel by Greg Stafford. 858 more words


A - Z March: Cyberpunk

A while ago I put together a cyberpunk setting to run in FATE, but I never really explored it beyond a couple of games. But I still have all the ideas in my head. 164 more words


[New Magic Item] Shamisen of the Spider

Shamisen of the Spider

The wily hobgoblin struck up a tune on the three-stringed instrument. Within moments a frighteningly huge spider crept into the firelight. 300 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[New Race] Gnomes for B/X Labyrinth Lord

Gnomes (for D&D B/X or LL)

Gnomes are a short race of demi-humans, similar to dwarves, many often have long noses and full beards. They usually live in burrows or hollowed out trees in valleys, glades, hollows and some fields. 579 more words

Labyrinth Lord

So... This Happened

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing a D&D campaign on Tuesday nights (running through the Drow War campaign) and yesterday… well, the train did not come off the tracks, but it certainly leaned over onto just one set of wheels. 471 more words


My DnD Character

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about dnd, and since it’s something I do pretty regularly now, I suppose that’s kind of strange. So I thought that I’d talk a bit about the DnD that’s gone on since I started university, then from here on out write semi-frequent updates on my campaigns. 424 more words