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Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session #1- Where I Don't Bother Coming Up With A Clever Subtitle

Like I mentioned previously, my gaming group decided to abandon our quest for the Lost Mine of Phandelver and roll up some new characters to tackle the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. 583 more words


The Prequel to: "Yes, I'm a Dungeon Master. Yes, I'm a Woman."

Two weeks ago I began a blog post series entitled “Yes, I’m a Dungeon Master. Yes I’m a Woman”, and so far I’ve covered the very basics of Dungeon Master (DM) craft. 760 more words


Telling Stories: The in-character post

Having a million more ways to interact with people online than we had back in 1997 has meant that people have gotten creative.  Very creative, at times.  1,035 more words

Gaming Culture

Impostor Syndrome

The ironic thing about this post is that I’ve tried to write it a few times and then cancelled out, thinking I’d do it later. I had it sitting in my drafts for ages, unsure how to proceed… then in a fit of self doubt (I don’t know what I’m talking about, what’s even the point of talking about impostor syndrome, etc etc) I deleted the post altogether. 791 more words


Dark Roleplaying: Safely Exploring our darkest fantasies

It’s the forbidden stuff that drives us. It’s the forbidden stuff that has been linked with Eve taking the bite out of that apple. Oh, luscious Eve – you sensual creature you. 380 more words

Play what you like

When it comes to tabletop roleplaying, almost everyone gets excited when they hear “Let’s start a new campaign.”  The reason we all get excited is because now we get to create something completely new.  634 more words

Nuclear Spiders: A Fantastic Horror Monster

Recently there has been a very amusing image going around on facebook, which I also shared I admit, of this sign:

A particularly lovely image evoking the horrors of nuclear irradiated critters, which have in numerous movies in the past had a habit of going on a murderous rampage against humanity. 757 more words