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[New Spell] Shackled


Valance cast the spell and it seemed as if shining webs bound the two strangers together. One man looked frightened while another satisfied with the strength of the binding. 167 more words

Labyrinth Lord

How to run a murder mystery quest, Part 2: The motive

Hello, welcome back to the Apprentice’s Guide. Today, I’ll be continuing my mystery quest series. So this time, I’ll be talking about the motive. Why did the murderer do it in the first place. 555 more words

Dungeons And Dragons


I had to turn down an offer to join in a game this afternoon since this evening is my regularly scheduled Game Night. Since I had two new players joining the table it would be nice to have a full table of gamers once again. 244 more words

Game Night


Good morning All,

Fate Core! Finally, I’ve had the system on the back burner for what seems like eons. Now, I am beginning the campaign finally. 479 more words

Fantasy Vs Tech

10 Horrible Things that can happen in D&D 5e (Besides Death)

Hello, welcome back to the Apprentice’s Guide. Today, I will be talking about 10 horrible things that can happen in D&D 5e. Now some of the things on this list can lead to death, but it’s just a sucky way to die. 987 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Going Into The Weekend

Hello World,

It has been a few days so I figured I would update you before I go into the weekend. Wednesday night was a fun night. 329 more words


The elephant

This is probably quite an expected post, given the title of this blog. This is the part where I talk about what it’s like being black AND a woman AND into tabletop gaming – a combination which is still pretty rare. 1,016 more words