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[ D&D ] Happy Bard-day!

In our homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign, my bard was awarded a Doss Lute as a birthday present to me.  It’s crazy, the things it does. 281 more words

Dungeons & Dragons


Just wanted to get a post out there to let you know about another partially finished game that is up for perusal.  This one is about Space Pirates. 23 more words


Roleplaying Games in the Classroom

As a teacher you’re constantly seeking new methods to grab your students’ attention. And in the fast moving world of smartphones, streaming and high-speed internet that is a constant struggle. 1,639 more words


World of Roleplay: 5 Addons You Need Right Now

Following the aftermath of update 7.3, Legion has considerably stepped up the brooding, atmospheric roleplaying taking place in World of Warcraft right now. Not only are they expanding the plot a la mode, the Burning Crusade, but for the first time the citizens of Azeroth get to step foot on infamous Planet Argus. 485 more words


[New Magic Spell] Curse: Everyone Except You

Curse: Everyone Except You

Valance returned to the basement that the adventurers shared and tossed his malformed hat at a peg on the wall. If fell to the ground. 282 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Tales from the Loop RPG night

Well we finally decided on an RPG and went with the award winning Tales from the Loop! The game has been sold out everywhere, but my local gaming store just so happened to have in a few copies when I went in (and lucky I bought it, cause the very next day all other copies were sold!). 550 more words

RPG Shenanigans!

Well it’s been a while since I posted. I just started school back up and haven’t had any extra time for gaming. Since I don’t really have much to add for gaming, I decided I would do a bit of a rewind. 1,096 more words