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#RPGaday2015 - Day 2: Satisfaction in Crowdfunding

RPGaday, an idea put forward by the Autocratic blog, asks us to start talking to each other on a daily basis on whatever form of social media we prefer, on a list of daily topics about our hobby as RPG players. 722 more words


Starting New Campaign: Shadowrun, Eden's Ark

As I have been moving through my two Shadowrun games, Icarus Protocol and Mostly Flesh and Steel, one of the problems that has come up was my inexperience with the system. 1,517 more words


Games of Europe Two Worlds 2


Today on Games of Europe Thomas Plays a game from Poland called Two Worlds 2. An action RPG by Reality pump Studios and TopWare interactive. 13 more words


#RPGaday2015 - Day 1: Most Anticipated RPG

RPGaday is here again, so I know it is August and I am not at GenCon. I am, however, having a succession of good years in gaming, so I am feeling fine. 353 more words

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