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#WBW - Utility, Clarity, and Beauty; Making Perfect Maps

This instalment of World Building Wednesday is all about maps! Alongside two of the lovely gents and one lovely lady from over at Tinker Tabletop… 1,662 more words


#RPGaDay 2017: Italian Translation

Another returning friend of #RPGaDay, Niilo Lehner, has stepped forward for a second year to provide translation of the questions into Italian. A familiar face in RPG Brigade conversations, Niilo is a great asset for our community, and the… 368 more words


[New Magic Item] Horn of the Barnyard

Horn of the Barnyard

Valance spit out a mouthful of hay and smirked at Navnen.

‘Is that funny to you?’ the priest of the spider God asked. 227 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Rules Lawyers, Min-Maxing, and Rule Number One

I am a role-player. A ROLE-player. I love to get into stories, characters, world creation–all the non-crunchy, fluffy bits of RPGs. I love that its it’s a living novel. 730 more words

Role-playing Games

#DungeonADay: a 'dungeon drawing' project

It was my birthday recently and amongst other things (boardgames, books – you know the like), I received a few Amazon vouchers. Most of these were spent on assorted nerdery. 124 more words


Selvarius's Journal 07/25/2017

It is distinctly odd, scribbling away now in the tranquility of the early morning, with the sun’s rays just barely cresting over the horizon, to think back to that desperate situation just the other day when all of us were deep underground, fighting for our lives. 1,154 more words

Short Stories

Want to play a monster?

Tell me, which one will it be? One of the Lizardfolk? Or rather a Bugbear?

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