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[Circûmflex] Messing around with spellpoints in an OSR-style system

This last week I have been sick. With lots of time on my hands I have been working on a version of Labyrinth Lord that is more suited for playing on… 1,431 more words


[New Magic Item] Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Fellhorn rushed into the cottage.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ he growled.

The elf pointed towards a quivering shadow in the glow of the fireplace. 239 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Encounters for the Back Pocket: The Toll-bridge

Encounter type: Social

Suggested number of enemies: Varies

Encounter location: Toll-bridge

Ahead, you can see the toll-bridge. Two spires flank imposing gates situated at either end of the long stone structure. 428 more words


[New Spell] Weapon Curser

Weapon Curser

The quartet of adventurers rushed at the ogre magi. With a curl of its lip the creature cast a spell seemingly at random. 100 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[New Monster] Fungal Troll

Troll, Fungal

‘Do we take it in?’ the gnome asked.

Fellhorn growled.

‘I have enough pets with you and the elf.’

The elf and gnome both smirked. 241 more words

Swords & Sorcery

Hot Dog Cube - Afterthought 41


We have a few more thoughts to bring you about Bloop Lanet, then we dive into some particularly great questions from listeners.  Now let’s all sit back and listen, shall we?


Mad Max P&P RPG: Apocalypse World

A couple of weeks ago I played a one-shot Apocalypse World game set in the Mad Max universe. Our GM is a big fan of Fury Road – awesome – and the plot and characters were from that movie. 181 more words