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Letters from the North - #3 Settled In

Last Seed 20, 4E 201

Dear Ariena,

For the next day, I paid for my room from the money the Khajiit caravan had given me and stayed in my room until midday.   968 more words


Chapter Two: Pest Control

Recently, we got to play through the rest of the second chapter from the Lost Mine of Phandelver. We were joined by another player with no experience, which made the encounters easier. 826 more words


Princes of the Apocolypse Part 4

Welcome back, readers. This session was a rest and re-quest time. My adventurers returned from the crypt and dark plane of the Shadowfell and reap the spoils and rewards of their mission. 128 more words


D&D Night 9

A group of six boardgamers diving into D&D for the very first time
beginning with the Starter Set, “Lost Mine of Phandelver” (5th Edition).Characters include Rikr (Paladin), Haera (Wizard), Pumpp (Bard), Sparkershire (Warlock), and Drey (Druid). 95 more words


The Stunner

So there was this one time Rand the rogue tried to put make-up on Tree the half-orc…

And it didn’t end well.

Now, unfortunately this pure-genius comic is not mine. 180 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Unconventional Two-Weapon Fighting

It’s cool right? Swinging two warhammers in righteous melee! Of course it is. d20 games make it difficult, and rightfully so, wielding multiple weapons and gaining extra attacks is a… 2,070 more words

Playing Technique

[New Magic Item] Horn of horns

Horn of….horns

‘Is this going to work?’ Chalk asked as he felt the strange curling horns on his head.

‘This guys claims it will get us out of a tight spot,’ Valance replied. 155 more words

Labyrinth Lord