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The Whispering Vault - System Mastery 91


If you listen real close you can actually hear the vault whispering.  It’s not worth it though, he’s just reading the Humor in Uniform section out of old Reader’s Digests.  15 more words


W is for: the rest of the World


United by the African Union, the nations of Africa have come together to build several Pan-African projects, including the continent’s own space elevator and a reforestation effort at the edges of the Sahara. 580 more words


Cyberpunk your D&D5e- Neurospasta for UltraModern 5 Overview

With the recent resurgence of Cyberpunk things coming in the form of Movies (Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner 2), Video Games ( 1,242 more words


Scribbler's Rest Debuting Soon!

Project Entertainment Network is proud to announce our next podcast, coming soon! 

The Scribblers’ Rest podcast is hosted by authors Brian Downes, LJ Heydorn, and William Tucker. 42 more words


Mangrove Crater: a wilderness exploration for INTO THE ODD

Half a dozen years back, a prolonged conflict between two settlements ended suddenly with an enormous soundblast that created a mile-wide caldera.  Soon afterwards, the crater was colonised by a network of mangrove trees: their bark is widely regarded as an excellent ingredient in summer broths but typically demands a high price as it is often found in shark-infested swamps. 468 more words


V is for: Vehicular transport

From the solar array atop the beanstalk, cheap electrical energy is available across the Pacific, with interchangeable, rechargeable batteries powering most vehicular transport, from motorbikes and buses to speedboats and ferries. 181 more words


[New Monster] Kravnag


‘Valance, one of these things coughed up another one, how are you doing with the spiders?’ Chalk asked as he threw a spell that magically stopped three of the demon faced monsters in their tracks. 237 more words

Labyrinth Lord