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Titansgrave Chapter 4: Survival Horror

With things getting real in Titansgrave, the players have found some interesting developments with their ancient sphere and managed to get themselves declared terrorists. When we resume this week, it’s time to do that most classic of fantasy tropes: Delve into the sewers of the large city. 2,048 more words


GameMaster – What's in a Name?

Our first roleplaying purchase was GURPS 3e Basic Set, but the first one we played was HackMaster 4e. These days HackMaster 5e is my system of choice for combat-heavy fantasy, and GURPS 4e for is for everything else. 497 more words


When We Face Power Gaming Characters

Sadly, there is a lot of players who use the rules to maximise their character’s effectiveness in combat. Usually to a point utterly ridiculous and unrealistic. 1,256 more words


Statbonus Jerk Rant # 1

In this first ever Statbonus ‘Let’s Play’ episode Joe, Tylor, and Brice discuss the moral implication of fire mages. It gets…ugly.

Random Shit

Iron Soul Monk

So, the NPC Master of Arms in our Skull & Shackles game got eaten by a giant tentacled plant-monster last session. I needed to make a new, interesting NPC to replace him. 477 more words


Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Desperate Allies Review

I picked up Desperate Allies on Free RPG day at our Friendly Local Gaming Store (which was a blast!) as well as the Force and Destiny Beginner Box. 1,231 more words


More Space Viking Nonsense

Well, I’ve bought myself a cheap USB keyboard and I can actually write these posts easily again!, so I’ve started pulling the various strands together, and tried to collate something that could actually play. 975 more words