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Trail of Cthulhu: Deception (Play Report)

Masks of the Dreamer: Howling Wind It’s actually been several weeks since I wrote up my Trail game and we’ve got quite a bit further along than last time. 1,368 more words


Motobushido at Endgame!

I’m going to be running Motobushido at Endgame to celebrate the reboot of Road Warrior on the 16th of May and I am very excited!  Here’s my blurb. 354 more words


Botch Plays: Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games

In our latest Botch Plays, Craig, Chuck, and Brandon are joined by Alex and David from the Nerd Perspective to play a game of Fiasco in the Heroes of Pinnacle City module. 39 more words

Free Content Fridays: Shattered and Lost, Part I

This week I’d like to start a new segment for Circumspice focused on pen and paper roleplaying games. I call it Free Content Fridays. For the Game Masters and Dungeon Masters looking to use this content, please note that everything in this post is provided under a Creative Commons license (check the end of the post for details). 778 more words


Telling Stories: Stopping points

If there has been only one theme to the many things that I have written about roleplaying over the years – and there have, in fact, been many themes – I would hope that one of the ones that gets hit on the regular is the idea that no one should make you feel pressured to continue a scene when you aren’t having fun.  1,055 more words

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Dungeons and Dragons: Running in the Rain (Play Report)

Curse of the Black Pearls

Returning to DnD this week I dealt with the aftermath of the previous adventure in the first few moments and then moved the game along to their return to the privateers court. 1,712 more words


Happy 19 years of roleplaying!

After looking at my calendar today, it suddenly occurred to me that this week (or around this time, the precise day has long been forgotten) is around the time that I was first exposed to the wonderful world of roleplaying. 418 more words