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The Next Great Adventure: Taking Games Online

As life has its various twists and turns, it sometimes occurs that the DM of your regular face to face game has to change their circumstances. 725 more words


The Internet Knows Best - Afterthought 16


Afterthought 16 – The Internet Knows Best

We reviewed a game that, while ultimately a little disappointing and overcomplicated, was propped up on the internet as a huge otherkin fetish game.  35 more words


Site Updates: Game Mechanics

Happy October! I know I posted a quick “state of the union” on Friday, but this is my first text based update for October. I’d like to note that this is my favorite time of the year. 221 more words


Me: We need to cum

You have to cum

Hayley: I want to cum

I need you to cum

Make us cum

I start to slow as I feel it build in me. 99 more words


How to Create a Good Backstory, or: Why Nobody Cares About All That Stuff You Wrote About Your Character

First off, I want to say that I think having a backstory for your character is important, and I think the inclusion of backgrounds as a part of character creation in Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons is inspired. 1,439 more words


Ask Robert Vance!

My fellow Exalted writer Robert Vance (aka “Robbles” or “Exigent of Puppies”) has generously volunteered to be the center of attention and answer questions from you, our many fans! 45 more words


Ready Player One or The 80's Were Amazing and I am Old

I know I am a little late to the party, but I just finished the book and I wanted to give The Doom Retrospective a tiny break. 626 more words

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