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Slightly! Lightly!

I’m troubled, y’all, troubled.

It all started toward the end of September when I went to visit Sonny Boy in Chicago. I was flying Southwest, which I love, and I had scored “A” group status for boarding. 816 more words

Meet Keeley Nycole From Bama

Tired of Bama sorority girls yet? Hope not because I have to load up with Bama content now so I have it all ready to go for the College Football Playoff in December when guys will be bored with Bama crushing Michigan and they’ll be desperate for Bama content of some sort. 218 more words


Meet Athena Megaloudis From Bama

Bama’s #1 so we’ll just keep going with the Bama ladies around here because at this point there’s no use in even bothering with other schools. 211 more words


Tuscaloosa Dentist (Allegedly) Slaps Football Player After His Son Gets Injured

How would you react if you were working on the chain gang during your son’s football game and he was injured during a tackle you deemed to be a little uncalled for? 240 more words


Meet Mackenzie From Alabama

Well, I guess we might as well keep praising Bama for all the belts they’ve won, will win and will even win in the IG modeling game because Saban has turned his franchise into a factory. 157 more words


The Supposed Death of Single Player Games

Friends and family, we are gathered here today to say our farewells to our friend, our confidante, our constant companion: the single player game. As gaming has evolved and the rise of multiplayer games dominated the market, single player games declined until there was no longer a place for them in the indust… wait, what? 726 more words


How to Make an Alabama Door Hanger to Sell

People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them all the things that I do professionally, but they simply don’t understand that being a solopreneur takes HUSTLE! 770 more words