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Encounter Generator - Wilderness (Fantasy)

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When wandering in the wilderness anything could happen! Start out by deciding on an appropriate level of danger, then roll a d100 on the appropriate table below. 737 more words

GM Tools

DIY Make-up Brush Roll

Make-up Brush Roll– so you should never worry about ruin them when traveling.

I often travel and have often felt a little uneasy to jut squish my brushes down in my toilet bag, so I decided to make protective roll for them.

671 more words
Creative Adventures

roll on leap

for the trappings

and best on the select

and power on the extreme

and reach on the known

and for the pulse

and said on the together… 43 more words


#236 How to rollover Moodle content from one area to another

If you are starting to get ready for the next teaching term, you might be considering how to transfer some of your learning and teaching content from last year’s Moodle area into this year’s. 64 more words