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Fun Ways To Excersise Outdoors In The Summer!

Hi everyone- I hope you are all well!! Before I start today’s post, I thought I would just mention the fact that it is exam results day today in the Uk! 452 more words


... Raleigh. I have found another home

After a week of no skating it was time to get the wheels rolling again! And it brought some nice but painful moments.

First, when skating along the lake Johnson’s dam I met the guy who talked to me about roller blading a couple of weeks ago. 93 more words

North Carolina 2015

... Raleigh. Me & My Skates, Me & My Camera.

Being a full-time student for the past five years slowly and surely reduced the amount of the free time and made it difficult to devote myself to my two biggest passions. 1,381 more words

North Carolina 2015

... Raleigh. Summary of Week 7

It was a crazy busy week with little sleep pretty much every single night and with most of its 120 hours spent in the lab, studying (i.e. 1,370 more words

Roller Blading

... Raleigh. Three Times 'S': Skating (Lots of It), Studying and Sampling (the Beer)

Having my supervisor arranged a “fun” activity for Monday morning (instead of the L’s lab meetings), it was clear there would be no skating on Monday morning, so I had to do so some on Sunday. 1,182 more words

North Carolina 2015

... Raleigh. Summary of Week 6

The sixth week gave me long working hours and ruined free-time plans, but also chances to try new things with hopes of some more to come right next week, a promise of some useful data, opportunity to give a presentation (which I have not done for good two semesters) and a sweet cookie moment. 1,358 more words

North Carolina 2015