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You only live once #AtoZChallenge

  • What’s with  the  spinning around the kitchen in your nightdress Bernie?
  • I’m practicing
  • For what?
  • I’ve signed up for a new class with Julie
  • What class needs  leg warmers and sweat bands?All you’re short of is a pair of skates…
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Andrea Calle Rollerblading In Busty Little Top With Fat Little Dog


elliot-wolf – March 12, 2018

If there’s one thing I love more than the beach it’s beach activities. And nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than getting the most use out of a pair of inline skates on the pier. 206 more words


11.15 — Roller-Skating and Memorial

Harbin, northeast China. I’ve spent a healthy chunk of my afternoon meandering some of the city’s older districts, admiring the Russian-style architecture and marveling at how unique this cityscape is when compared to the other Chinese cities I have visited. 286 more words



I love when I come home from work and the kids don’t have anything going on for the evening. We can sit down together and eat dinner, review our days’ activities, and go out for a bike ride or a rollerskating adventure before we settle down for the night. 606 more words



Someday I won’t be able to rollerblade, today is NOT that day!

Trying to think of something new to add to my workout regime I remembered that I love roller blading.  139 more words