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Thoughts Rolling Through My Mind

My mind at work while Rollerblading:

  • Helmet or no helmet?  HELMET.
  • I should put my license and health insurance card in my little bag just in case.
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There was a time when the dogs and I were avid roller bladers.  Here Angie, Jones, Ty and I burn up the bike path.I was pretty lean then…

My Life

Day 3

And on the third day Alice cleaned the kitchen 🍴.  And Tom was pleased.

My main event of the day was roller blading.  Yes, I own roller blades, although I’ve hardly ever used them, but they are so fun and now I live near Wandsworth Common there are so many roller blading opportunities.   345 more words


Roller Blade artistry captured

This fellow was just practicing his art by the water side in Manhattan today.

The Arts

rapture at the roller rink.

The slender sickle of bone moon hung above the closed amusement park, a relic of an era that never grew up past the sixties. A few stars peeked out of the light pollution, and two sets of new mama eyes watched the dark roller coaster fade into the humid chill night. 605 more words

Life & Lifestyle

TAI CHI: Day 89, Tuesday November 26 2013

When we arrived at Tai Chi at 9:00am one of our master’s apprentices was sweeping out the platform. When our master showed up we went over the motions of Tai Chi again and again for nearly two hours. 399 more words


Annecy: A Journal Entry

I’ve been a little blog absent. Sorry, dedicated followers (aka mom and dad)! Since the aforementioned (see here) post on The Frenchiest Thing To Ever Happen, more really frenchy things have happened. 1,780 more words