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... Raleigh. Three Times 'S': Skating (Lots of It), Studying and Sampling (the Beer)

Having my supervisor arranged a “fun” activity for Monday morning (instead of the L’s lab meetings), it was clear there would be no skating on Monday morning, so I had to do so some on Sunday. 1,182 more words

North Carolina 2015

... Raleigh. Summary of Week 6

The sixth week gave me long working hours and ruined free-time plans, but also chances to try new things with hopes of some more to come right next week, a promise of some useful data, opportunity to give a presentation (which I have not done for good two semesters) and a sweet cookie moment. 1,358 more words

North Carolina 2015

Holy Rollers

When you hear the term roller rink, what comes to mind?

I have this suspicion that most people think of the 70’s and coke spoons or something. 1,100 more words

Independence Day in New York

I made the decision not to use my long weekend to go away anywhere, but instead to stay in New York.

So I tried to find all the most American/New York activities that I could fill my weekend with. 676 more words

New York

Playing Piano (and other things I can't do)

I never learned to play piano

I never learned to ballroom dance

I cannot paint with watercolors

I cannot sew a pair of pants

But I can drink wine. 82 more words


'Have you caught the bug?'

Day 40: Hast du Blut geleckt?

Y’know when you give something a go, give something new a try, just once, but instantly know you’ll be back for more? 88 more words