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Independence Day in New York

I made the decision not to use my long weekend to go away anywhere, but instead to stay in New York.

So I tried to find all the most American/New York activities that I could fill my weekend with. 676 more words

New York

Playing Piano (and other things I can't do)

I never learned to play piano

I never learned to ballroom dance

I cannot paint with watercolors

I cannot sew a pair of pants

But I can drink wine. 82 more words


'Have you caught the bug?'

Day 40: Hast du Blut geleckt?

Y’know when you give something a go, give something new a try, just once, but instantly know you’ll be back for more? 88 more words


The American Dream

Material wealth does not always equate to happiness. Many people idolize the famous and wealthy, they wish for and are envious of their wealth and belongings. 290 more words

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