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The Roller Coaster Ride We Call Life

If 2016 taught me nothing else, it has taught me that life is a definite roller coaster ride.  Sometimes the climb up seems too steep that you really want to get off.   612 more words

"What happened with my September? You!!! It was you!!!!" 😁

Three days to 2017 and we are wrapping up 2016. It’s quite a relaxing working day today, I am *lenggang-lenggang, doing some data analysis, read some papers and prepare some solutions for my coming… 360 more words

Enjoy the roller coaster this Diwali

“Riding The Roller Coaster – Lessons from financial market cycles we repeatedly forget” the book is available in multiple formats now. Take your Pick.

  • The book is available in two languages – English and Gujarati.
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Favourite book ...

I came across this article recently. This profiles a successful CFO of a company, who is now managing her own company. Have a look at a box titled “Favourite picks” towards the end of this article. 12 more words



It was not always like this. I was not always like this. Something has happened that has made me realize that I have changed over the years and I am stunned how could it possibly have happened? 213 more words

Ramblings Of My Mind.

Homeschool Roller Coaster Ride (Year 1)

Yearly update: 2013-2014

Throughout this first year we have had ups, downs, and hurdles. You name it, we have had it. I’m not going to lie, it has been a challenge. 603 more words


Roller Coaster Ride of Life!

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What is holding you back? The Universe is always open to you and your dreams. The Eagles wrote a great song, already gone and the profound lyric goes like this; … 203 more words