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Roller Coaster Ride

I have NEVER liked roller coasters. Actually, I don’t really enjoy amusement park rides in general. I guess some people love the adrenaline rush or that moment when their stomach drops, but both of those things simply send me into a tailspin of panic. 681 more words

Buckle in…a roller coaster ain’t got nothin’ on oil prices

Oil prices have always provided our industry with a bumpy ride, but 2015 and 2016 have made us buckle in a bit tighter. The low price of oil has been, to say the least, extremely frustrating — and not just for everyone working in the oil patch. 580 more words

In The Field

Roller coaster ride in son's Honda Civic Type R

Have you ever been a front passenger of a sports car strapped in ready for a ride that puts you totally out of your comfort zone? 763 more words

Roller Coaster Ride

Thanks to a Roller Coaster Ride, 2015!

Ang taong 2015 ang isa sa pinaka-makasaysayang taon ng buhay ko. Napakarami mong ganap para sa akin at sa pamilya ko. Masaya, malungkot, challenging, at kung anu-ano pa! 556 more words


Day and night and market cycles

While day and night come at a regular frequency, the same cannot be said about the financial market cycles

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"... what a read/ride it was ..." says Mr. Sudarshan Rao

I just finished Riding the Roller Coaster and boy, what a read/ride it was. Painstakingly handpicked stories from the Tulips to the Ulips. I will keep Riding the Roller Coaster !

  • Sudarshan Rao