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I remember as a kid, going to an amusement park.  I loved all the fast roller coasters. I couldn’t wait till I got all the way to the tippy, tippy top; and then there is that slight pause…….and away we went.  744 more words

Write to the Finish Line

Have you ever had a brain freeze when you start writing your dissertation and just stared at your computer screen? Your brain freezes because you don’t know what to write. 411 more words


Roller coaster of grief

Four years ago this month my husband and I were dealing with the news that our unborn son was going to die. We were the given the diagnosis that our child was deemed incompatible with life. 668 more words

I can't believe where I am compared to where I was. 

I am so completely proud of myself. I have never felt this strong before, I’ve never felt this positive about the future. I still had bad moments but I no longer have bad days. 200 more words


Hold on to Your Hats! It's a Helter Skelter

I love to ride roller coasters. The hair-raising speed, the sudden drops you feel in the pit of your stomach, the hair-pin turns—they all combine to make for one thrilling ride. 376 more words

Regency Life

Roller coasters

This not about a physical roller coaster, this is about the mental roller coaster ride. The ups and downs inside the head.

I have been on this roller coaster for almost a year now. 302 more words

The Journey