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Stream of Consciousness 1.0

If life was a straight line, we’d be in a never-ending traffic jam.
That’s why roller coasters exist.

Don’t close your eyes too long, or you’ll miss the view

Until we meet again!…


Post Storm Roller Coaster

The Roller Coaster…

Not much amusing about it.  As usual the worst part for me is in the days that swirl in the wake & aftermath of changing course to leave more fragments of myself behind with yet another to whom those fragments are attached forever. 643 more words

Belmont Park - San Diego

Belmont Park is an amusement park on the beach, that is fun for all ages.

From an NYC perspective, it was basically the Coney Island/Luna Park of San Diego, with rides and amusements right there alongside the beach and water. 238 more words


13 weeks

I can honestly say this isn’t going to be easy. My morning sickness still hasn’t let up and my insurance company is the worst and won’t allow a refill on one of my anti nausea meds due to a certain allotment of mgs per month and I have reached my limit. 421 more words

Posting Roller Coaster

Every fall, without fail, similar posts pop up on the various Facebook pages where Canadian military spousechat and support each other. They go something like this: 887 more words

Canadian Military Spouse

R2 Physics 11 - Paper Rollercoasters

Section 3.3 Carousels & Roller Coasts in How Things Work, the Physics of Everyday Life.  Students were to watch the following videos before class. 266 more words


Sensasi Naik Roller Coaster Tercuram di Dunia

Bagi sebagian orang, wahana yang menarik adalah permainan dengan pacuan adrenalin. Seperti roller coaster misalnya.

Semakin tinggi dan curam jalur roller coaster, pasti semakin menantang bagi para pecinta adrenalin. 175 more words