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18/50: Ohio — Flying Pig (Half) Marathon

Guys! I’m back from Iceland and Ohio! Both trips were amazing (each in their own way, of course). Will write more about Iceland in another post. 2,139 more words


The Amusement Park

The glittering lights,

the noise in the air,

laughing, excitement,

aroma of delights,

colorful candies,

the fun shrieks of riders,

the yohoos, the bohoos,

the roller coasters galore, 110 more words


Invadr:  A Legacy Begins

It’s hard to believe but April 7th, 2017 has already sprung upon us; ushering in the official opening of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s newest attraction, Invadr. 647 more words

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Knott's Berry Farm: A Trip to a California Theme/Amusement Park

In April, I took a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.  I knew nothing about it–and, truth be told–I initially thought it was going to be as impressive as a pop-up carnival.   345 more words


Tangent A Week 6: Nugget Coaster

“It’s just bone meeting steel!” Welcome to Tangent A Week, the in-betweens of recording podcasts with us discussing topics outside of film and such.

In this week’s tangent, Patrick and Serg discuss roller coasters from Pat getting whiplash and his misfortunes on fast coasters, Serg’s sister going into a fetal position mid-ride and his own incident smacking his arm to a car at 75 mph. 85 more words


If At First You Don't Succeed, Go For The Games

“Is there anything you could do to help me?”

Desperate. Pleading. Three young children, 95 degree weather, and we’d already been walking quite a bit. 526 more words