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Slacker does Disney

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. :)

Ok, I hadn’t been to Disneyland since Disneyland Grad Nite my senior year of high school. People, that was last century!! 967 more words


Watch This Little Girl's First Roller Coaster Experience Go From Happy To Terrifying Real Quick

It’s highly probable that this little girl’s first experience on a roller coaster was not inherent solely to her. We’ve all been there — your anticipation mounts as you wind through the coaster’s long wait lines; the butterflies in your stomach become bats as you mount the cart; you rip past the first turn, your food rockets to your throat on the initial dip, and you wonder what the hell you were thinking. 139 more words


ENFP: Reflections

Hey guys,

So I have this 15-page history paper due in two days, and a bunch of other homework to work on… but I’ve decided to blog instead. 812 more words


Just No.

I used to like roller coasters…

Now I’m tempted to just avoid them for the rest of my life.

In fact, why don’t we just avoid life in general?



Invitation: Faith is a Roller Coaster

Who doesn’t love roller coasters?

OK, lots of people don’t, but I sure do. One of my favorites is the Superman ride at Six Flags in Gurnee, Illinois. 508 more words


Roller coaster

Ups and downs,

The slow roll up the hill.

Mechanical clanks, whirs, and buzzes…..

The stop.

The anticipation.


Courtesy of Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio. … 215 more words