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The comparison of life to this recreational assimilates with many life obstacles.

We go through roller coasters of emotions, ups and downs and turns when life gets hectic, the analogy is even used for when you are so excited it is equivalent to being on top of a roller coaster, waiting for the big drop to happen. 578 more words

What are you afraid of?

I was pretty fearless when I was younger. I went on all of the roller coasters, even the ones that went upside down! I would try almost any food and, according to my mother, liked just about everything. 941 more words

Meredith Schorr

Barfing in the Bushes

There’s a couple in a car tearing down a roller coaster and the woman says to the man, “With you screaming all the time, I can’t hear myself scream.” Women think men are so unnecessarily noisy especially when it comes to discomfort. 29 more words

Season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt is Wonderfully Insightful

FYI, spoilers for season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt follow. Hardcore spoilers. Up to the very end. Read at your own risk.

Tina Fey is often my answer when people ask what I want my career to look like. 940 more words



Over spring break I went to Disneyland with my friend. She brought me for her birthday. We got fast passes because of her brother, so we went on a bunch of rides and it was really fun. 14 more words


All-American Cafe (Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX)

Last year we bought season passes to Six Flags Over Texas. For barely more than it would cost to go once, we could get a year and about three months’ worth of park visits. 368 more words

Wrong Way Food

Easter Weekend in London (1/3): Arrival & Thorpe Park

With the expiry date looming on my Merlin Annual Pass, I still hadn’t done 2 of the London Theme Parks & the new DreamWorks Tours – Shrek’s Adventure wasn’t open on the last visit to Merlin’s London Attractions so a trip near my birthday on Easter Weekend was a great idea. 736 more words

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