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Cedar Point’s New Record Breaking Roller Coaster

A new record-breaking steel and wood hybrid roller coaster called Steel Vengeance located at Cedar Point will be completed in Spring 2018 and will be open to the public in May of the same year. 266 more words


magic kingdom rides

Magic Kingdom is the ride park at Walt Disney World. There are so many rides that this post is actually broken up into 3 pages! The majority of the rides at Magic Kingdom are suitable for all ages, even babies. 3,117 more words

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Kentucky Kingdom Announces New Things for 2018

Kentucky Kingdom announced on November 2nd, 2017 that they are going to be adding two new rides and two new attractions!

2 new films will be added to the 5D Cinema. 98 more words

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Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point October 2017 Construction Update #2

Cedar Point is closed and this is the last Steel Vengeance Construction Update until February when I attend the Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point! 53 more words

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A Year of Smiles - Day 302


Sweaty palms, racing heart, quick breathing, jittery nerves – nothing can abate the anticipation of reaching the pinnacle of the roller coaster except the thrill of the plunge when you’re flying full speed down the coaster track, gasping for breath, choking on your own heartbeat and shrieking promises to the Almighty that you swear you’ll keep if He’ll only let you live to the end of the ride. 526 more words


Welcome to the Lucky Coaster Blog

Hi guys it’s Lucky! I am so excited to have started a blog and am glad to directly have a source to talk to you guys and share my thoughts. 66 more words

Random 5 for October 29 – Food, guests, computer ads, hairballs, cats

Are they gone? – Hazel stuck her head around the corner and asked that question. For the last few days the cats have been scurrying around to both check on and hide from the house guests. 362 more words