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Raptor at Cedar Point April 2018 Review

Raptor, some people’s favorite inverted coaster or top coasters out of all of the other ones. Personally, like some others, my liking of this coaster has declined a lot. 266 more words

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Coaster of the Week: Loch Ness Monster

Park: Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA)

Height: 130 ft.

Speed: 60 mph.

Length: 3,240 ft.

Inversions: 2

Year opened: 1978

Type: Steel, Custom looping

Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics, S&S Worldwide trains… 32 more words

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Planning for Cedar Point - What You Can Expect & Need to Know for 2018

Planning for an amusement park can be a hard task to do. It also makes it way more complicated when it’s an amusement park resort, like Cedar Point. 1,320 more words

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Many Scariest Roller Coasters

The very best roller coasters make you shriek when you fly off it, plummet in a bone-rattling dive or shoot through narrow tunnels and around tight turns. 851 more words

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Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point has Pacing Issues? - My Thoughts

Cedar Point released a 10-second video in March showing Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster for 2018.

The video contained the lift hill that ascends to 205-feet, the 90-degree drop, the small ejector airtime hill, and half of the overbanked turn. 186 more words

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15/52; With Express Permission To Have A Day Off

It’s that time of year where it’s supposed to start getting warmer and brighter. We’re definitely getting the longer days but the warmer weather is struggling like Donald Trumps hairdresser. 379 more words


Employee Hiring Tips - Try a Roller Coaster

Hiring the right person for a job is one of life’s harder decisions. I’ve had a boss describe it to me as getting married after one date. 609 more words

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