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A Tea For That

A thin, completely breakable China cup of tea was pressed into my hands. A plate of scones was expertly moved across the table towards the chair I had just moments earlier collapsed after making it home. 387 more words


Dubai Parks and Resorts

We were very fortunate to visit Dubai Parks and Resorts in January, thanks to my husbands work. The company has an end of year party for the employees to socialize and relax together outside a work setting. 844 more words


Lots of cool street art in Mission Beach!

Enjoy these photos of street art finds in Mission Beach!

I saw lots of cool artwork while walking along Mission Boulevard from Pacific Beach Drive south to the Giant Dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park. 447 more words

B&M Stand-up / Floorless conversion Roller Coasters concept art and Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Name: Standup Roller Coaster
Design: Steel multiple inversion
Created: 1993
Style: Bolliger & Mabillard

A B&M style standup roller coaster of the early generation. 113 more words

Carousel Of Imagination

Heaven Culture

Did you know in heaven they have roller coasters?

Yes you heard me. Its time to get out of our box, our comfortable little box full of all the comfortable and cosy little things we are used to. 403 more words

Seek Thrills? Go to Cedar Point!

My first time at Cedar Point I was a kid with a lot of reservations when it came to testing fate when it came to getting on rides but adult me is all, “bring it… Amusement parks wouldn’t build these roller coasters and put people on them if they weren’t safe.” 950 more words


Gwen Stefani Reveals Her Deal Breaker With Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani revealed that on a trip to Disneyland she discovered a potential deal breaker with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

She was on The Tonight Show… 94 more words