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Finish Severing Ties With My Old Derby League

When I decided to quit my previous derby team, I realized I still had a cheque left over for the rental of my first set of kit. 321 more words

The Project

Director's Notes: Xanadu JR.

Theatre and music have always been a big part of my life. From sitting in the audience, to dipping my toes in my opera studies in college, to jumping in head first into musical theatre after I graduated, I have immensely enjoyed the creativity and passion that are invested in a show. 516 more words

60th Season


Being a lover of words, my Monday Mantras are usually made of a quote by a writer I admire and that I hope will inspire me and guide me through the week….But sometimes, inspiration comes in different shapes and forms: the face of a stranger, the sound of music and beauty surrounding us. 265 more words

Monday Mantra

One year of derby!

I’ve just been informed (by my dear derby wife) that it’s been precisely one year since I started roller derby! Wow! How awesome is that?! 377 more words

Roller Derby

Roller Derby: Fresh Meat, week 2

I learned a few things after Sundays practice. I really thought I had been working my core at the gym but obviously not enough. I hurt across my lower stomach and lower back. 1,180 more words

BRATS Review Of 2016: PART FOUR - You VOTED, We COUNTED, They WON... the 2016 AWARDS!

If you’ve missed the previous instalments, we’ve been summarising all the events (eleven A-team, five B-team and three special games) from an action packed 2016 in the world of the Brighton Rockers. 1,443 more words

Year of Fear: The Year in Review

Well, it was about 12 months ago that I decided that 2016 would be the year that I would actively test my fears, looking back, it seems the Universe was working to test my fears as well. 796 more words