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I Cry When I Jam

I desperately want to be a Jammer. Well, more than anything I want to be able to Jam. As a relatively inexperienced Min-passed skater, I keep falling victim to beasty blockers who love to knock me down. 180 more words

Roller Derby

Guinness Winterman Roller Derbies - Week 1

Original Title:Guinness Winterman Weekly — Month of March 2009”

Hello, everyone. My name is Guinness Winterman, columnist for the Greenwich Sun, and I’m here to talk to you semi-pleasant folks about sports. 1,024 more words

Roller Derby


This is how I imagine my first ever roller derby contact session will be:

I’m Loki, of course.


Titles Are Hard.

Once again it seems I’ve let my schedule get the better of me and I’ve neglected the blog. Apologies. Please enjoy this picture of Fuz thinking she’s a pile of LEGO bricks to make up for my lack of initiative: 1,376 more words

Roller Derby Advice

So last week someone asked me for what advice I would give someone starting out in roller derby.  My response:

  1. Learn to stop.
  2. Learn to go again.  
  3. 23 more words

in bloom.

On a surfing trip with a lifelong friend during a transitional time between the total thrill of starting my life over on the West Coast and dealing with the heartbreak of leaving home and everything and everyone that is familiar, I found this little wallet card for 25 cents in a random thrift shop somewhere near Westport, Washington. 577 more words


This Girl Can. Most of the time.

Once again I’ve been a bit up and down with my skating the last few weeks. One week I raged so bad (partially because I wasn’t used to my new 92a wheels and skating felt HARD again) I actually had a good anxiety fuelled cry when I got home. 248 more words

Roller Skating