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2015 weeks! #14: April is the cruelest month (not really)

Shiny shoes and stripey socks to start the week.

Also lunch out with one of my former EAs. They may leave me, but they still like hanging with me. 219 more words

The Women Getting Their Skates On In Roller Derby

(Photo: Flickr)

Roller derby is one of the few contact sports dominated by women. Amelia Zhou finds out the stories of the women swapping their heels for skates and how it’s empowering them.


Roller Derby

Roller Derby is currently the fastest growing women sport in Wales.

I spoke to Hayley Pugh, founder of Rhondda Renegades Roller Derby to find out more about the sport.


Progress: escaping the derby doldrums of despair

You know what I love about Roller Derby? That progressing is just a sunny stroll through the uplands of life, with the occasional montage of hard work thrown in. 472 more words

Roller Derby

Two Minutes Ago

Roller derby is a strategic, fast-paced, fiercely competitive athletic event. Two teams of five badass women each work together to amass as many points as humanly possible in games called bouts. 444 more words

Roller Derby

Get Your Skates On!

The “Season of Sports” continues…

By Linda Lenzke

“I want anyone who has ever said or felt that women are weak in any way to strap on a pair of skates and play two minutes of roller derby with them.” 885 more words

Guest Writer

Diary Of A Spectrum Skater

My diagnosis of Aspergers was a blessing but also it made me feel quite sad and confused, even now. I think the main confusion comes from having to explain people who are curious and want to know more about the condition. 2,264 more words