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I Suck at People-ing IRL

It started with my congratulating this gorgeous, radiant, curvy woman on her pregnancy. You know not to do that, right? Especially if a woman has not told you directly from her mouth that she is having a baby? 765 more words

People Ponderings

Find Your Tribe... and Your Identity

I joined roller derby because I wanted to try it out. I had no real ambition of becoming a super star. I didn’t research the leagues in my area because of their WFTDA rankings. 545 more words

Roller Derby

Train For Your Sport: Roller Derby Agility Workout

Roller derby requires a lot of twisting, turning, and torquing.  We are never just skating in a forward direction the whole time.  Therefore, we should incorporate non-linear workouts into our fitness routines.  306 more words

Roller Derby

Inverse correlation between number of times you go to RollerCon and number of classes you attend

A recent study has shown that there is a direct inverse correlation between the number of times a roller derby skater has attended RollerCon and the number of classes they attend, as well as the amount of exercise they are likely to engage in, during the event. 319 more words

Roller Derby

Mario Derby

A while ago, I posted the rough sketch of a Mario Kart and roller derby mash-up. Here is the coloured version. I had a blast doing this. 6 more words

"Agility ladders" don't make you more agile... and they don't make you faster, either.

Agility Basics

Agility Rule #1: In sports requiring maneuverability your center of mass cannot remain stationary.

We’ve all seen them on Facebook, Instagram or any number of blogs across the interwebs… video clips of athletes doing all sorts of fancy footwork running through a stationary ladder lying on the ground with a caption that reads something like “Getting my agility training in today.” 2,740 more words



Today I was an NSO for the first time (it was also the first time I’d ever been to a bout and watched the team, and since it was a home game, who was I to pass up this awesome opportunity?) 886 more words