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Let's All Jump the Apex!

Some jammers (and blockers) jump the apex all of the time.  However, for me (as for many other skaters), it took me years before I could get myself to jump the apex.  745 more words

Roller Derby

No Derby For Me

Previously I wrote here about my excitement about being a Fresh Meat roller derby girl. Then I wrote here a month ago about how I want to quit. 359 more words

Twirly Whirly Girly

I blame the Gummy Bears

So I have this love affair that I need to confess. It’s with chocolate covered gummy bears.

There’s a shop in the mall that sells them and they are so incredibly good. 309 more words

Made You Look


A mere three weeks after their last international encounter, the mighty Brighton Rockers AllStars are back in action at the Dolphin tomorrow (Saturday 3rd December) against the Harpies of Milan. 523 more words

10 Things to Catch Up Again

Whatever, no excuses, this is just who I am now :)

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Halloween at the Nuthouse with my favorite people. 185 more words

Made You Look

Derby in 2017

derbylife.com interviewed me five years ago… And I still think this is relevant and helpful for Roller Derby Puerto Rico. We need to shine a light in this sport for PR because there are girls there working really hard to represent the island. 263 more words


Roller Derby is not binary

If this blog has a theme it is that the world isn’t binary, however much we may wish it to be, everything is more nuanced and requires healthy balances. 1,204 more words