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Down With My Demons - Or Getting There

Did you see that woman?

Rolling down your street, full gear on, helmet and everything, Bambi legs, sweating, and possibly looking a little (alright, A LOT) out of place?   652 more words

Maybe Someday

From Track to Bowl: a skater's trek after derby

Lauren “Annie Tomical” Strecker / former Cincinnati Rollergirl

After I decided to retire from derby, I was swallowed by an existential crisis. This sport was so much of my identity; I had no idea who I would be without it. 572 more words

Cincinnati Rollergirls

Overthinking Means Underperforming

I have grown quite a bit as a jammer over the last 5 years.  Just recently, I was thinking about my good bouts vs my bad bouts.  637 more words

Roller Derby


PART 1. 

This post is about depression. Sort of. It is in no way intended to detract from the happiness of my team; they were true predators in the game and I couldn’t be prouder of them all. 1,873 more words

Fake Geek Girl Adventures 1-9: For Cedar and County


Saturday afternoon at the Fish N Stuff was a quiet day. Oliver was savouring his lunch break with his friends.

“Can’t believe you’d decide to eat here, of all places,” Oliver whispered. 4,935 more words

Creative Writing

In Praise of Jammers

I am a blocker. That’s what my thick body and big booty were built for. While all of us can pick out favorite blockers we crush on hard from the most popular WFTDA charter teams, the truth is that most blockers don’t see a lot of the spotlight. 290 more words

Roller Derby

Much adieu bout everything.

Last Saturday saw something spectacular happen. With the combined support of the amazing Southland Roller Derby coach, Jim Reaper, the Sirens Stretch and Emma (who is also outsider girlfriend) and Derby wife Mean Masheena, I took part in my first roller derby bout! 144 more words