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Who's gonna take that damn belt away from Lesnar?

Whoever wins the Fatal Five Way is almost guaranteed to be the next Universal Champion. Even Vince McMahon -probanly- isn’t stupid enough to let Lesnar retain and take the belt home so he can sit on ass for another three months. 501 more words


WWE Payback 2017: Review

The first PPV after Wrestlemania was a strange one, but I felt it delivered. Some booking decisions were perfect, others were completely confusing, and the in-ring quality of matches was great. 1,887 more words


WWE Payback: Predictions

The first PPV after Wrestlemania from the Monday Night Raw brand should be a good one, with matches suited for the casual fans, the hardcore fans, and even returning fans of the sport. 1,094 more words


Monday Night Raw: Review

The Highlight Reel/ Miz TV/ The Ambrose Asylum

The opening segment of this weeks episode of RAW, was a bit of a mess, and only served to set up the main event for the show. 2,196 more words


Brunner 1.0’s WWE Network Match of the Week

This week’s selection is all about family, and how important it is in the wrestling business. 340 more words


I Know You

Henry Rollins is not a major part of my artistic life. But he provided me with one of the most powerful, pivotal moments of my existence, artistic or otherwise. 456 more words


Accredited college hires prof that denies the historicity of Jesus, suspends Christian student

Accredited private Rollins College in Florida suspended a Christian student for disagreeing with his Muslim professor over the historicity of Jesus.

Rollins College is accredited by the regional accreditation agency SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), which is itself approved by the US government’s Council for Higher Education Administration. 101 more words