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Rollright Magic

The Rollright Stones is a site of three Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments near the village of Long Compton on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire in the English Midlands. 385 more words


The Stone King

So: there are a lot of people who say Geoffrey of Monmouth made it up as he went along.

With ingenuity he constructed a history of Albion: while it was discredited as a history in the 16th century, Geoffrey’s ability to tell a good yarn remains undisputed. 664 more words

advent journey - weather

The weather report sounded like an incantation against the gods.                    – Melissa Harrison Clay 7 more words

Rollright Stones

The Rollright Stones in England are a special place. They include three sets of stones: The King’s Men, The Whispering Knights and the King’s Stone. Here are some of my pictures of the Rollright Stones from my latest trip to England. 33 more words

Travel Notes

The King Stone and The Whispering Knights

The King Stone and The Whispering Knights are part of the Rollright Stones complex near the village of Long Compton in Oxfordshire. The King Stone may have been a marker for a nearby barrow, while the Whispering Knights are the remains of an entrance to a burial chamber. 49 more words