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Heartbreak's A Bitch! - Chapter One:

Chapter One

Okay, you’re really gonna need to order more of these bad boys after the day that I’ve had.”
Throwing my bag down at the side of me, I let out a long, deep sigh. 2,074 more words

Heartreak's A Bitch

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris

I really enjoyed My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century! It was lots of fun overall, especially if you like art from Renaissance times. There were some fun surprises in this book related to the Renaissance and things Cat was able to see on her magical trip back in time, and while there was some cheesiness in that “magic,” it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. 234 more words


Chapter Two

What?  What did he say…?

“So, did the firefighters get there in time?”

Did I hear that right?  I sat rigidly, wondering what in the world he was talking about when suddenly it all clicked and I froze up even more. 1,920 more words


Book Review: Wasted Words


Author: Staci Hart
Date Pub: May 19th, 2016
Stars: 2.5 
Genre: Romance, Rom-Com, Young Adult
POV: Dual, First Person

Some universal truths refuse to be ignored. 459 more words


Episode 17 - Sunday early morning

Well, it’s goodnight from the Frog. Outside a porch, late at night, after a nice couple of days. Best time to try a move…

Comic Strip

J-dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

Hello everyone around the world, it’s Greenleaf.

Well, I got carried away with those greetings because of Nanaki. Hilarious character from Lightning Empress Nanaki currently is being translated by… 545 more words



I do apologize. In the past few weeks, I haven’t been publishing as regularly as I would like to. But, of course, I have a very good reason for this: My second child has been born and he still doesn’t know the difference between day and night. 167 more words

Comic Strip