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'You will always be gadjo': Reflections on Identity

“You will always be gadjo*,” the Roma pastor said to us, smiling, meant partly in jest and partly in seriousness.

I felt something rise up in me…a resistance…a protest…and a feeling of rejection. 415 more words

Cultural Reflections

How a pig changed everything

“I was the first Roma Pentecostal believer in this region, ” the old pastor said, his  enthusiasm and energy at odds with his age and the obvious handicaps left by a stroke.  642 more words


Daily Grind

I may love coffee more than the average person, but I never thought I that I could feel this way about a warm cup of brown liquid. 187 more words


When in Roma

After the crappy experience with RyanAir, we arrived at one of my favorite places in the world, Roma! This was my third time here and the love keeps growing with every visit. 524 more words


Invitations Made Easy- and Fantastic

When I first started browsing various invitations, I think my jaw literally dropped when I saw some of the prices. I thought, how in the world can simply inviting people to my wedding eat up so much of my budget?? 329 more words


How crowdfunding could see Nero’s villa re-emerge into Rome’s sunlight

Nero’s grandiose villa in Rome is slowly emerging from centuries of neglect. But the final push to fully open up the Domus Aurea to visitors will require some fiddly financial arrangements, in the form of crowdfunding