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Trust the Process

“It’s the first time I’ve been in a place with so many different cultures and countries,” a Roma man from a small village in Romania said to me. 428 more words


Life is not an Extreme Home Makeover

After living in another—or rather, multiple cultures— for a few years, I can tell when I’m being American. Americans (or rather I should say a subsection of Americans) love the “underdog who struggles to the top” narrative, and the “radically generous giving that changes lives”  narrative.  441 more words


il tempo si è fermato

All’interno di Villa borghese, nel museo Pietro Canonica, nello studio , nella calura estiva, nelle mie sensazioni offuscate.Sarei rimasta lì .



Only three words

It’s funny how three words so quickly moved me from discouragement to hope.

Although B. had only been coming to church for several months, she was eager to be baptized. 260 more words


Chronology of Grace

Sweltering in the piercing sun on Mars Hill in Athens, Greece,

I imagined Paul’s artfully constructed speech to the philosophers gathered to hear this ‘new teaching.’ It was not difficult to imagine the spiritual inquisitiveness and intellectual pride in first century Greece from a city set in the shadow of the glorious Areopagus—or, as Paul noted, a city ‘fully of idols.’ 692 more words


Knowing comes before Remembering...

I vividly remember the first time I began reading about the history of Christianity since the time of Jesus.  I was in my early 20’s and, on a whim, picked up Justo Gonzalez’s  513 more words



Caro pubblico,
Sono latitante da un po’, lo so bene, ma non vi starete di certo strappando i capelli (chi ne ha, sia chiaro).
Affronteremo più in là i motivi di questa assenza scribacchina, che ci sono periodi talmente stressanti da togliere ogni forza mentale a fine giornata e come Lei ben diceva “I poeti scrivono di notte”, noi lo sappiamo. 586 more words