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[Karaoke] NioP- rain stops, good-bye

Only 7 more special requests to go! Next song will be Hanabi Sora though.

There’s a Len and Miku version but it wasn’t specified which one was meant in the request. 212 more words


[Karaoke] sele - Elsa-Maria

Actually there’s an off vocal on NND but I can’t find its source, so I’m quite reluctant to upload it. 612 more words


GEM - Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 Lyrics

Lyrics: Litz
Composer: NA.ZU.NA


(Oh oh oh yeah uh… Are you ready?)

Good morning! “Hello” Sunshine
So take it, take it easy!
Hey! Do it, do it, do it… 366 more words


Untitled Songs for Untitled Feelings


Umm…. Ok.

So…. I stayed up last night and I don’t know why. Eventhough I’ve been playing a lullaby song, it doesn’t work. So I started to search what’s happening about IU, my favorite female singer from South Korean. 514 more words


[Vietsub+Engsub+Lyrics] Ashita e no Tegami (Kimi no Iru Machi OVA 2014 ED)

  • Aoi Teshima | Akane(cover ver.) – Ashita e no Tegami (3:19 ver.)
  • Kimi no Iru Machi OVA 2014 ED

♪ định làm kara cơ mà mất thời gian vcc :v chắc hôm nào rảnh rảnh thì làm:3…

31 more words

Hello Sleepwalkers - 夜明け (Yoake) Romaji and Translation



Title: Yoake

Riyuu no nai kanshimi wa butsukeru basho ga nai

Riyuu no nai ashita wa riyuu no nai mama otozuneru

Dokoka ni ikitai demo doko he mo ikezu ni… 830 more words

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