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vocal:amatsuki, kony, kashitaro ito, un:c, hashiyan

Nayande mayotte sagashite kita
Yume no naka ni bokura wa iru nda
10-nen-go mata waratte hanaseru… 482 more words


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[caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="635"]Circle of Friends - Link Circle of Friends - Link[/caption] Thank you for posting the lyric of 'Link' :D I like this song ehehe... For me, it is a song that make me fond of my friendship; looking back to how I be friends with the friends I have now, and how happy I am that I found them. Readers, @Jmugic posts the romanization (romaji) as well as the kanji of the lyric. If you want to read the kanji, it is posted after the romaji. So, scroll down. Watch the video with english subtitle here: [link]. The english translation was made by Coleena. For you who want to watch the video while singing along, watch this karaoke video: [link], made by Namukye. The video is so cute! The art is cute! Itou kashitaro looks handsome there *eh AAANDDD the picture of their activities, what they do together... it looks fun, I like watching it. And again, Enjoy :D

Life is a Journey - Circle of Friend (Lyrics)

Life is a Journey bouken wa owaranai
Sekai de dareka ga matteiru kara

Hateshinaku tsuzuku michi no ue
Onaji BASU ni noriawaseta oto no tabi… 358 more words


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I like this song so much. The song is uplifting and meaningful. It's fun singing this song, especially this part: 'wa ha ha, warachatte, e hehe,...' it's cute. Besides, I really like Itou Kashitaro's voice! He's soooooo... *blush* The other utaite is also good. un:c's voice is so soft. And he remind me of Aoi Shouta, a seiyuu with a unique voice that sounds like a woman. He's great! I mean, un:c's voice sometimes sounds like that... idk why but it soothes me. And gosh, I've just noticed that this song is also made by halyosy! THAT GUY *glomp at sight* really, I love him so much. There! His song again! How can he be soooo inspirative and creative like that! Really now, halyosy is one of the composer that I like. I'm glad that there's someone who post the lyric in wordpress! Thank you so much @himekikurosawa! But there's line that has wrong romanization. After hashiyan's solo rap near the end of the song, they sing: 'kimi ni deatta... unmei da!' and then you wrote: 'life is a journey bouken ni dekakeyou'. It should have been 'Life is a Journey bouken wa owaranai.' Please edit that if you will @himekikurosawa. About the rap, I don't really hear exactly what it's like. It's so fast, so I guess it's fine. Thanks again, @himekikurosawa! :D *I am not spamming you, right? :p* For the kanji of this song, visit here: [link] For the video of this song, visit here: [link]. The video has the kanji and english translation as well. Spread the love~ <3