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How to Write Kes Dameron in Japanese

Want to write “Kes Dameron” in Japanese? Shara Bey is Poe Dameron’s father, learn how to write his name in Japanese katakana here!

Feel free to copy the katakana and use it for any graphics, art, websites, blogs, and more. 155 more words

Star Wars

Band-Maid - Domination Translation



Peek through the window, spin the roulette,

at time my sign to start open your eyes,

dance inside my palms! 623 more words

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Band-Maid - Daydreaming Translation



Daydreaming, don’t wake up!

Nothing I can do with my hoarse voice,

be close to me just for tonight.

Hold on feel my soul. 269 more words

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WHITE JAM - Help Me English / Romaji / Kanji

Help me. Help me.
That smile is
making me invincible.
Even today, which seemed so bad.
I got to be strong
for the troubles
Help me. 918 more words


WHITE JAM - Unmei no Recipe (運命のレシピ) English/Romaji/Kanji

This is what faith is,
is something that no one can answer.
But now, I feel that
I can parodoxically explain it.
Everyone has reasons to be together… 656 more words


Walkure wa Uragiranai - Walkure

Mikumo  •  Freyja  •  Kaname  •  Reina  •  Makina

Itsuka kono koe ga hateru sono hi made [Mi/Ka] utau yo

Kasaneta shisen mo kawashiteta kotoba mo… 253 more words


和楽器バンド(Wagakki Band) - 雪影ぼうし (Yukikage Boushi) Romaji and Translation



Title: Snowy Silhouette*

Scatter more, before the time of blooming,

push through, silently, in the pause in which snow is melting,

it unties forever, the string entangling us, 277 more words

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