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BBC: England's Saintly Relics

From the BBC: “Elbows, skulls and holy hands: Venerating England’s saintly relics”

More than 800 years after he was murdered at Canterbury Cathedral, a small piece of elbow bone thought to belong to St Thomas Becket has been the centrepiece of a week-long pilgrimage in London and Kent.

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First Communion and Corpus Christi in Burkina

For Catholics, first communion is a really big deal. It is a ceremony that means a whole bunch to people. Although not formally a separate sacrament of its own, it opens the door to young people to begin regularly receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist. 1,200 more words

Burkina Faso

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

“Hey, ladies: breed with all these foreign males
that we’re importing!” cries the Heir of Peter.
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Joan Of Arc And The Dangers Of Cross Dressing

Joan of Arc, one of the most celebrated heroines of all time, died because of her practice of cross-dressing.¬† Of course the legend is much more nuanced than this condensed sentence suggests, but, in a nugget, that’s what happened. 686 more words


Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence

This was a claim made by the 18th century Scottish skeptic David Hume regarding the possibility of determining that a miracle had occurred. He maintained that the evidence we have establishing the laws of nature will always outweigh any evidence that they have been monkeyed with, as in the claim that a most sincerely dead man came back to life, so belief in a miracle is never warranted. 710 more words


Morning Prayer 5.26.16, Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605

Our 7 a.m. service lasted 34 minutes today; click here.

Gwen & Alison were our cantors at 9 a.m. To watch and pray, go here… 2,376 more words