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On Ovid: The Exiled Poet in Woe

People tend to think that the books of antiquarian authors are far-fetched from the reality of our digital era, whereas our calendar years on the evolutionary scale amounts to microseconds on the twenty-four-hour biological clock. 495 more words


National self-flagellation

THERE’S BEEN a move afoot in the United States by leftist citizens for decades now to paint the nation as a bad boy.

This is silly. 316 more words

The Odd Pot

Paul of Aegina's Innovative Tonsillectomy (7th century AD)

Tonsils present organs of the lymphoid apparatus that are strategically placed at the entrance of digestive and respiratory systems. Tonsillectomy as well as direct laryngoscopy were known procedures in ancient Greece since the Hippocratic era. 796 more words

Historical Research

Luxury and Corruption in the Eastern Roman ('Byzantine') State under the Angeloi Emperors

Modern historians generally hold Isaac II Angelos (1185–95) and his brother Alexios III (1195–1203) in very low esteem on account of the image Niketas Choniates paints of them in his… 3,206 more words

Historical Research

Ernest Renan details in his time the Development of the Concept of Nation and the Nation tied to Race in 1882

“Since the fall of the Roman Empire or, rather, since the disintegration of Charlemagne’s empire, western Europe has seemed to us to be divided into nations, some of which, in certain epochs, have sought to wield a hegemony over the others, without ever enjoying any lasting success.

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