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The Germanic People (part 4)

A question comes naturally: who led the early Germanic communities?
Did they have a king or a ruler similar to the Roman model?
Well, it seems that no central authority was present, at least at the time when Caesar writes: while in peace, a local figure would sometimes interfere with the disputes within the village – or pagu (pl. 610 more words


The Germanic People (part 3)

Based on the description provided by Julius Caesar, we know that the Germanic peoples were mostly pastoralists – relying on milk, cheese and meat -, and agriculture was developed only limited to grain, root crops and vegetables. 443 more words


The Germanic People (part 2)

Tacitus also distinguished the individual tribes and their territories: the Chatti lived in modern Hesse, the Frisii inhabited the coastland between the Rhine and the Ems, while the mouth of the Weser was home of the Chauci and Cherusci (Arminius’ tribe). 425 more words


Meditation on Meditations: 12.24

Continuing the series on Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, we will stay in Book 12, but this time moving to verse 24. It is a longer passage by the standards of… 483 more words

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Series Spotlight Tour: Druid's Portal by Cindy Tomamichel and Meet the Author

This is the kind of series I wish I had the guts to write. PS: I was in Stonehenge a few years back, and the sky was exactly like the cover. 1,127 more words


Citizens of Heaven

Paul’s Claim

Being a Roman citizen was a big deal. It afforded protections, rights and liberties simply not available to other classes. And until the third century, this status was the prize of the chosen few. 872 more words

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