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Theodosius I The Great

Theodosius I, called the Great, is credited with moving the Roman Empire from a general favoritism toward Christianity to a specific support of orthodox CHRISTIAN faith. 332 more words


The Days of the Week

Where do the names of the days of the week come from? And why are there seven days in a week? The answer involves Hellenistic astrology, Roman gods and goddesses, and a takeover by Norse mythology. 1,326 more words

Too Big For One Man?

The Roman Empire was a mess in the 3rd Century C.E. There was nonstop mismanagement from the different levels of the government up to the emperors themselves. 699 more words

Ancient Rome


Following the critical success of his memoirs of the Great War, Goodbye To All That, Robert Graves decamped to Majorca along with American author Laura Riding in 1929, and began writing the two books which would cement his place in literary immortality, … 819 more words


The Fall of Constantinople


Constantinople was the longtime capital of the Roman and later East Roman Empire. It thrived long after the collapse o the Roman Empire in the west in the 5th century. 315 more words

Byzantine Empire

How did Roman Christianity go from Executions to Adoption?

For first 300 years following the death of Jesus, Christianity grew, but Christians suffered under the Roman Empire. How did it then grow to become a dominant, global religion? 1,297 more words

Forgotten History