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Gobbets of the week #11

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history that caught our eye this week:

1. Soho stories: six decades of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. 76 more words


Sheltered Spitalfields and Covered City Walk

This walking tour has been devised specifically as a walk that can be done in cold or wet weather because it’s so sheltered. You walk through three interesting, very different markets, two of which are under cover. 130 more words

Londinium loses its monopoly on power

The history books have a very precise date for the end of Roman Britain. In 410AD the superpower refused a request from the British for military aid and Britain ceased to be a Roman province. 734 more words

Changing London

City Hole. Crossrail Archaeology.

Our visit in perfect weather to the Crossrail archaeology site at Liverpool Street yesterday. It’s just north of the old London wall at Moorfields, near where Bedlam #2 was sited, making it London suburbia in ancient and medieval times. 293 more words


roman face cream found!

A sealed Roman container was opened today to reveal a 2,000-year-old cream – complete with fingerprints. The metal artefact, measuring 6cm in diameter and showing little sign of decay was unearthed during archaeological excavations at a Roman temple complex in Southwark.It is a fantastic human element to find the finger marks on the inside of the lid,” said Nansi Rosenberg, senior archaeological consultant at EC Harris, the consultancy which is managing the excavation. 32 more words


Re-discovering Roman London

Roman London in the second century AD would have been an impressive place to visit. Spanning both sides of the Thames, it was by then the largest city in Britain – a cosmopolitan settlement that was full of hustle and bustle. 1,646 more words

Changing London

We came, we saw, we will maybe conquer … one day.

Anna Funke

Billingsgate House and Bathhouse is one of the many archaeological sites hidden beneath the streets of central London. This remnant of Roman Britain can be found in the basement of a rather unassuming office complex on Lower Thames Street, between Monument and Tower Hill. 632 more words