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Uncovering the story of Roman London's mysterious Mithraeum

In November 2017 one of London’s most famous Roman sites reopened to the public after spending several years hidden away in storage.  The Mithraeum, a subterranean temple dedicated to the god Mithras, has had an eventful afterlife since its celebrated rediscovery in 1954.  2,576 more words


Mithras enhances Roman London experience

Next week the remains of the Temple of Mithras will be open to public view once again. Unloved and open to the elements for almost fifty years, the development of its original site by the financial information giant Bloomberg presented an excellent opportunity to give this highly significant Roman building the type of home it deserves. 328 more words

Social History

Pax Romana and the Jewish Revolt

Pax Romana was an unprecedented era of peace, unity, and order throughout the Roman empire. It was ushered in by Augustus who became emperor in 31 BC. 186 more words

Historical Contexts

Roman Period

The Roman Period lasted from 63 BC- 135 AD. During this time, Herod the Great ruled from 37- 4 BC. Herod’s legacy is first and foremost one of paranoia and rage. 254 more words

Musée des beaux-arts, Limoges

Visited on 15th June 2017

The Museum of Fine Arts of Limoges is in the former Episcopal Palace in Limoges.

Created in 1912 , the museum houses collections related to the history of Limoges. 312 more words


Buried Roman Aqueducts - Frost Avoidance Techniques ? Or Wrong Conclusion.

The discovery of buried Roman water works (aqueducts) led to the conclusion that these water works were buried to avoid freezing by frost action.

Really?  167 more words

Hare-brained Theories

Egyptian Museum, Munich

Visited on 26th April 2017

The Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (State Museum of Egyptian Art) is an archaeological museum in Munich. It contains the Bavarian state collection of Ancient Egypt art, and displays exhibits from both the predynastic and dynastic periods. 349 more words