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La Vénus à la fourrure

In 2013, famous director Roman Polanski made a film called La Vénus à la fourrure. The film is a direct adaptation of David Ives’s play, … 261 more words


The Ghost (2010)

A populist ghost writer is employed to rewrite the memoirs of a former Prime Minister but when the politician is accused of war crimes, he becomes increasingly fearful for his safety. 174 more words


Adrien Brody Decides The Time Is Right To Kinda-Sorta Defend Woody Allen, Roman Polanski And Bill Cosby

Woody Allen is getting a lot of heat — and defenders — for allegedly abusing his adopted daughter Dylan and getting away with it, especially while promoting his new film… 300 more words


The Tenant (1976)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 10 out of 10

4-Word Review: He loses his identity.

This intriguingly odd horror film may well be Roman Polanski’s best work and even better than… 360 more words



Repulsión (1965)

Carole es una joven bellísima, pero al mismo tiempo muy retraída y encerrada en sí misma. Los hombres la desean, pero ella rehúye de toda interacción con ellos. 477 more words


Deadline Disruptors: A Look Back At How Francois Truffaut And Jean-Luc Godard Brought The Revolution To Cannes In 1968

Before there was Occupy Wall Street or Nuit Debout, there was Paris, 1968. In a revolutionary year —think the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Tet Offensive in Vietnam — May was a particularly revolutionary month. 881 more words



The scene is from the 1974 movie Chinatown directed by Roman Polanski. In the movie, the director makes a cameo, involving a complex scene, in which he slits the protagonist’s (Jack Nicholson) nose with a specially constructed knife. 

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