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Early (Polish) short films made by Roman Polanski

A second “bonus” disk  of the Criterion edition of “Knife in the Water” includes eight shorts (of a total of fifteen listed in IMDB) Polanski shot from film school in 1957 until he made “Knife in the Water” in 1962. 637 more words


Reanalyzing Woody Allen in the Age of #MeToo

I was 15 years old when I first saw Annie Hall. I was going through a breakup, and in a depressive state, I sat down to watch whatever was on television, and I just so happened to stumble across the movie as it was starting. 2,099 more words

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"The Year One": A Rededication

By: H. B. (“Sonny”) Gardner

We have managed to maintain this WordPress-fueled website for one whole year now. We are delighted at this meager accomplishment by one man. 602 more words

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Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in Quentin Tarantino's Manson Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Quentin Tarantino one more time, starring in his upcoming film about the Manson Family Murders. DiCaprio, whose last big-screen appearance was in… 241 more words


"Knife in the Water": Roman Polanski's spooky feature-film debut

“Nóz w wodzie ” (Knife in the water), Roman Polanski’s first feature-length film, which is also his only Polish feature film, is a fairly minimalist (low-budget) portrayal of three people that takes place mostly on a sailboat. 1,081 more words


Monster Hits and Monster Directors

There’s a big debate going on at the moment about whether we should support the work of artists who turn out to be monsters.  Where do you draw the line?  657 more words

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Rosemary's Baby - Review


I still have very vivid memories of the first time when I watched Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby – it was at a point in my life when my interest in the horror genre was only steadily growing and I stumbled across it as it was playing on television. 757 more words

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