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Does The Man In The Mirror Matter?

In one of my previous posts, “How To Avoid Plot Holes,” I discussed the importance of creating a work free from what I termed “plot holes.” Plot holes are the flaws found in a work of fiction where the writer has failed to catch inconsistencies in the plot. 763 more words

Weekend Of A Champion


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Roman Polanski‘s love of the racing world led to a friendship with late 60s superstar Jackie Stewart, upon whom this breezy and enjoyable documentary is focused.   224 more words

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Mel Gibson: Nueva película parece trascender errores pasados

La industria del entretenimiento, especialmente Hollywood, es una representación fiel de Darwin y su teoría evolutiva. La supervivencia del más apto es un concepto muy aplicable a la carrera de muchos actores del séptimo arte. 716 more words


Toronto: Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner Star in Roman Polanski-Olivier Assayas' 'True Story' (EXCLUSIVE)

Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green are set to star in Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller “Based on a True Story (“D’apres une histoire vraie”), which will be sold internationally by Lionsgate. 167 more words


[VIDEO] REWIND: Jerry Lewis on Film Criticism; Pauline Kael

JERRY LEWIS: “Pauline Kael. She’s never said a good thing about me yet. That dirty old broad. But she’s probably the most qualified critic in the world. 356 more words



In a late 1960s a certain novel was published , Rosemary’s Baby , which sent waves through the literary world and left a lasting impression on the subject of horror and films . 959 more words


Cine y Moda: Catherine Deneuve en Repulsion (1965)

Me gusta el estilo desenfadado y a la vez femenino de Carol (Catherine Deneuve) en Repulsion (1965) de Roman Polanski, sus estilismos son  femeninos y se basan mas que todo en vestidos, faldas de tiro alto y trench coats, el maquillaje y peinado siempre va al natural y le dan el toque sin esfuerzos al estilismo de Carol, me gusta esa mezcla entre lo femenino y desenfadado sin caer en lo aburrido muy pulido y refinado.