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Poetul Mihai Eminescu a fost comemorat de către români şi bulgari de ziua lui

Sărbătoarea Culturii Naţionale Române din Giurgiu a devenit şi o zi de comunicare între prieteni

Giurgiu devine tot mai mult un centru de comunicare culturală cu bulgarii. 761 more words


Warriors' Gate

So here it is, the most incorrectly apostrophized story on websites of them all (yes, there is more than one warrior!).  It’s also one of the biggest missed opportunities of them all, because it chickens out on an idea that could have been breathtaking, but still does something fascinating albeit half-baked. 1,689 more words

Doctor Who

RO | Cateva clipuri din Montezuma, Costa Rica

De cand am incercat sa invatam sa facem surf:

Si de cand am incercat un video log in turele de la ferma de testoase:

Costa Rica

State of Decay

Welcome back Terrance Dicks.  Watching this in the original broadcast order it seems like an eternity since Doctor Who has done something like this, and it only happened because new script editor Christopher H Bidmead was in a pretty dire situation.  1,528 more words

Doctor Who

Cum cabinetul român a căzut numai la câteva ore după ce a avut loc prezentarea preşedinţiei bulgare a UE în Bucureşti

Premierul Mihai Tudose a demisionat după un scandal cu ministrul de interne Carmen Dan, care este apropriată de liderul Partidului Social Democrat Liviu Dragnea, pe fondul creşterii tensiunii cu minoritatea maghiară. 1,461 more words


The Apocalypse Element

Early in Big Finish’s range of Doctor Who stories, the writers started preparing the way for a spin-off story featuring the Daleks and their conquests. This was, perhaps, inspired by Mission to the Unknown way back in 1965. 935 more words

Story Review

Full Circle

So here begins the E-Space Trilogy, a run of three stories set in a different universe.  If this were done again, it would be described in terms of the TARDIS passing through a “rift”, or a “crack in the universe”, but we are in the Christopher H Bidmead era, so the TARDIS goes through a “charged vacuum emboitment”.  1,412 more words

Doctor Who