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Five Challenges I Faced in The Botanist.

I think every story you write comes with its own inherent challenges. Here are a few I dealt with in my upcoming short story, The Botanist: 98 more words




Coming 10/10/17

“… trails his fingers down the back of my neck, grabbing the ties of my halter and yanking them loose. He releases my hand and begins to peel away the wet fabric from my body, sliding his mouth across my cheek and biting my ear as he shoves my dress down, down. 170 more words


Reviewing: Lakeshore Secrets

Lakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My kindle screenshot

(Spoilers included!!)

I received Lakeshore Secrets as an ARC in exchange of an honest review by the author on the occassion of two years’ anniversary of the series. 202 more words


Fear & Art

This is so true. (And so spot on for me lately.) Especially when it comes to art.

People will either love your art or hate it. 226 more words

Seattle Photographer

Always a failure, never a lesson... WAIT??

I’ve dedicated my summer to do anything and everything connected to my writing. To everything that I should have done but didn’t have the time to until the summer. 268 more words


Dear Porn, You're Not Romance

Porn: Man sees woman, undresses her (with hands, not eyes), and they instantly engage in sexual acts. No names, no story behind their meeting or relationship. 1,350 more words

Time to be a professional.

We’ve already established that my work in progress hasn’t been kind. Turns out, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve never been a fan of forcing a story. Ever. 385 more words

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