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Book Tour: Rough Terrain by Cheryl Dougllas

Wes Davis left Vista Falls when the girl he loved got pregnant and decided they were too young and irresponsible to be parents. He signed the adoption papers, but he never stopped loving the baby he’d never met. 427 more words

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My hair is still recovering from the brutal winter. Highlights can only do so much to pep it up. It needs HELP in the form of PRODUCTS so I can get that sexy, beachy look without actually planting myself in the sand and getting windblown for hours. 272 more words

Kristen Luciani

Advice to Romance Readers by Stephanie Queen

Today, I’m going to take the opportunity to spout off pontificate preach delight  whatever communicate to readers of romance. I love to talk, but since I’m a writer, I’ll write you all a letter. 678 more words


Those first baby steps #SensualSunday (@AuthorMoira)

Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day. This post was set up well ahead of time *fingers crossed* and here’s hoping it went up without a glitch. 2,249 more words

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Rainy Days

The way our spring has been going, with rain more days than sun, I almost feel like we’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest.

( Photo credit: … 359 more words

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Guest blog: Aleigha Siron

What’s in a Kiss?

Evidently, quite a lot, as discussed in numerous articles in Psychology Today, and Science Daily. Our primate cousins, chimps and bonobos in particular, engage in kissing though not as frequently as humans do. 1,983 more words


All about the feels... #SensualSunday (@AuthorMoira)

Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday on Naughty Quills. Heading into this post I had no clue what I wanted to write about this week, and then I thought – why not discuss the actual theme of my day here. 1,077 more words

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