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I have great reviews coming up

Here are some of the books I’m currently reviewing :

Until Sage by Aurora Reynolds

All that I Am (Men of Moroe Book 1) (currently reading and love it every word) 101 more words


Why I Dislike Eromanga-sensei (Ep 5 Thoughts)

Let me get this straight: I don’t watch this show. My friend was watching this week’s episode and with the limited knowledge of this show, I decided to see if this show is, in fact dumb, for myself. 816 more words


Tasted Like Winter

Tasted Like Winter

Written By: IJaggys

Kim Mingyu & Han Cheonsa| Ficlet – English – Fluff – Romance | PG|

Her kiss tasted like winter, and I knew the seasons had changed and things would never be the same again. 495 more words


Day 3 of "30 Day Anime Challenge" - THIS GUY IS SO COOL

<< Day 2 | Day 4 >>

Hello and welcome to day 3 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge happening on the Alfredeo blog. If you haven’t been keeping up, basically I’ll be talking about the different topics in the picture above and telling you my favorites in all the anime that I’ve watched so far. 445 more words


Amagami SS - If You Like Romance, Definitely Check this One Out

**I apologize if the title was a little clickbait-y but my thoughts about this anime are pretty genuine so just believe me on that. thanks.** 1,074 more words


Shopping for a CEO's Wife - Shopping for a Billionaire #12 by Julia Kent

Amanda Warrick, best friend of Shannon McCormick and fianceé of Antedec CEO Andrew McCormick, is living the dream…only her dream is quickly becoming a nightmare. 331 more words

Romance - Billionaire

The Skeletons of Scarborough House - The Chapelwick Mysteries #1 by Kitty French

Melody Bittersweet is no ordinary woman.  Of course, she does everything that normal women do, she eats anything high in sugar, she fantasises about hot superhero sex, she has a cool best friend and at least one crazy family member, but where Melody is different is that – she can see ghosts! 285 more words

Romance - Suspense/Mystery