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Love Stories: One Body - by A.B.King

   Jennifer and Collins sat down in front of the fire in front of their two teenage daughters. They had been married of 17 years and had just returned from a wonderful missions trip they attended his Christmas. 1,603 more words

Love Stories: They Took The Nativity Scene Out Of City Hall - by A.B.King

   Jones and Dave were two brothers. They were both married with children. One brother was a Christian and the other was not. Both were into politics and both were millionaires just like their Mum and Dad had been. 703 more words

Love Stories: God Answered My Prayer For Christmas - by A.B.King

   Evelyn and Tony had been married for 25 years. Their love burnt stronger than ever thanks to the fact that they had been on mental diets years before they got married and they weren’t ever planning to go off their mental diet. 1,802 more words

Love Stories: Just The Two Of Us This Christmas - by A.B.King

   Frank and Jenna had been married for 25 years. Their love for each other burned strong and hot because they weren’t into Television. Instead they loved to read books, so the general mass mind – programming that makes people believe that marriages get stale through the years didn’t affect them. 582 more words

Love Stories: Dodging Arguments - by A.B.King

   Victor and Lilly were a great Christian couple. They had God. They had each other. They had everything going well for them.

*Jump Over The Tagz… 1,214 more words

Love Stories: Whosoever Did This To My Love Must Pay - by A.B.King

   Duncan was driving back home from work thinking about his wife. He had some flowers and an expensive necklace resting in an expensive box sitting on the passenger sit. 1,293 more words