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Blankets, Popcorn, and Movies!

I am someone that really enjoys watching TV. I love movies, and TV shows/series. I thought that I would take this opportunity and share with y’all some of my favorites, and the reasons that I love them so much. 1,256 more words


So it’s a new year: Bah! Humbug!

(Also there will be changes to the site in 2017)

Picking up from the title, did I reference that exclamation to the wrong holiday? I don’t think so. 1,339 more words


A New Year in The Middle Ages

I resolve, within the hours remaining before the big hand and the little hand are both on the twelve, to (1) be soberly considering a theme for the New Year (2) be engrossed in some sort of activity that appears to be of the utmost importance,  370 more words


Single and just watched romance movies

I have a problem. What does one do after a movie ends? Do you continue on with your life or do you have a debate with yourself on how one character makes you view your life as plain? 217 more words

Romance Movies

Review: "La La Land"

5 out of 5 stars.

La La Land” opens with a long tracking shot, the camera moving along bumper-to-bumper traffic on a Los Angeles freeway, a cacophony of sounds and different music emanating from each vehicle—a fairly typical scene, until, one by one, people leap out of their cars, jumping on top of them and dancing exuberantly right there on the highway.  1,094 more words


Last Holiday

The Last Holiday is one of those movies that really has the potential to inspire people and I love those sorts of movie. At the very least, it’s a feel-good Christmas movie with a fun plot and great characters. 141 more words

Passengers Review

Homestead is a company in the most lucrative industry ever, colonising new planets. They’ll give you a fresh start on a new world, a chance to build and grow a new society. 897 more words