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Lusting After Serial Killers

Stephanie Laurens likes to use words like ‘ficklessness’ and ‘roundaboutation.’ She likes to include long, lurid sex scenes. Her plots tend to be interesting, and usually feature convincingly strong female characters. 634 more words

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Bookit Review: The Last in Love

Title: The Last in Love  (Book 5 in the Ardent Springs series)

Author: Terri Osburn
Release date: 2017
Medium:  E-book (Kindle Unlimited)

My grade:  B… 300 more words

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Bedding the Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul

I personally found this to be a delightfully magical read. And yes, I perfectly understand the ironic cheesiness of calling a novel featuring two uber hot magician twin brothers “magical”, but you know what? 1,328 more words


Peep This: The Decades Series

Y’ALL! I just happened to be minding my business when I came across this beautiful book cover. I will say it until y’all tell me, “Yeah, we know how you feel about book covers…” (like that’s gon’ stop me anyway :P ) I had to further investigate. 236 more words

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'So, What's Your Next Project?' Um...

I’ve had this question a lot lately. From my hairdresser, from a freelance client, even from my mother.

I think it’s due to a combination of the new year, that I’ve had so many other projects coming to an end which I’ve been vocal about (‘I need to get this finished by Thursday, just don’t speak to me until then because I cannot function’) and that look in my eye when I have something waiting in the wings. 807 more words


Making Waves by Michelle M. Pillow

Lords of the Abyss: Making Waves by Michelle M. Pillow

When Demon, a merman tasked with patrolling the ocean for humans in distress, comes across a woman anchored to the bottom of the sea, he’s sure his dreams have come true. 100 more words

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Under a Scottish Sky by Pamela Q. Fernandes

While searching for stars in the Scottish sky, Michelle manages to find love underneath them.

What’s it About? 

Seeking stars, finding love! Michelle Reyes is a strong, guilt-ridden woman. 845 more words