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Was My Farce of a Husband a Human Trafficker?

We hear it everyday. We hear about it on the news, documentaries, magazines, and books about one of the world’s most greatest problems, sex trafficking. It is such a lucrative business that it cannot be stopped. 246 more words


Hell Day...My Last Day In Captivity

Enough was enough. As I awoke that morning, I took in my surroundings and I said to myself, “I’ve had enough of this hell.” This was no longer going to be hell day for me. 366 more words


The Bravest Thing I Ever Did Was Continuing My Life When I Wanted to Die

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was walk away, broken, with just the clothing on my back. Look at these photos, this could be you. 324 more words


Greed by No Other Name

These pictures were sent from my fraudulent husband to my mother. A lot of internet dating is fostered by greed. Even as far as marrying a person and that is fraud. 601 more words


Warning Signs of Online Romance Scams

This is becoming more and more common among all ages. A romance scam would be the more proper term to use in the situation I was in. 537 more words


Looking for love? 6 reasons to consider why not....

Online dating brings thousands of people together each day. However, as always, there are scammers lurking who are only too willing to befriend you and take your cash.. 17 more words

Online romance scams bilk Canadians out of nearly $14M in 2014

WATCH ABOVE: A woman claims she was defrauded out of thousands of dollars after meeting a man online. Christina Stevens reports.

TORONTO – In 2014 Canadians were bilked out of almost $14 million through online romance scams, according to the… 437 more words