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The Most Profitable Scam on the Internet: The Upgraded Romance Scam

They met on Facebook and, instantly, she knew that Charlie was the love of her life. They shared so many things. They were both religious and would often pray together during their online encounters. 1,350 more words

Your Nigerian Prince is a 67 year old from Louisiana

Somewhere in Nigeria, Sunday was a sad day, for on that day, a prince lost his valet.

Well, a “Nigerian Prince” lost what’s better known as his mule, depending on whether charges stick. 918 more words


The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


I wasn’t planning to write about con artists and scams this week but I was unexpectedly confronted with this issue when an old friend told me she was engaged in an online relationship.  834 more words


Call me on the telegraph?

Soooo … if he can’t talk by computer or cell phone, exactly how is this Instagram conversation taking place right now? Of course, it’s just his way to get me off Instagram and talking on another platform–typical scammer behavior.

Did You Learn English From Cat Memes?

My Personal "Upside Down".

Skimming through Rolling Stones magazine this morning, I saw a brief review of Netflix’s Stranger Things 2.  The author captured it so well:

Everybody in this story has seen people die or disappear for no good reason, and no matter how bravely they search for answers, sometimes the answers don’t come. 306 more words

Elder Abuse