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Cheers To You, Autumn

Autumn equinox brings the balance of day and night, light and dark. And here in the mountains of California, the first crisp day of Autumn brought a cool morning that required a thick, fully zipped sweatshirt in order to sit out on the terrace and sip coffee; the morning routine. 327 more words


Disrupted Plans

( Photo credit: Anne Worner via Foter.com / CC BY-SA )

It was a beautiful day here today, finally, more like fall than summer, and it looks like there are more days like that in my near future.   238 more words

Romance Writer

Rock Stars Aren't For Country Girls On Amazon!

Anna Helbern, a country girl through and through, never expects to find anything in common with a rock star—boy is she wrong.

Adam Cooper doesn’t get what it is about this girl, maybe it’s her passion for music, or maybe it’s that damn tattoo she has. 93 more words


Rock Stars Aren't For Country Girls

Alrighty! This isn’t normally what I would post, but I did want to mention it.

I agreed to help a friend out and share their book on here :) 145 more words


The Confidence to Stand On Your Own

Periodically I hear from new writers asking various questions, and trying to get advice. And for new writers in particular, there is an endless stream of “advice.” You should plot. 400 more words


How To Find A New Road

Normally, I don’t think anything of not “making the cut” for a signing event. I’m midlist, I don’t draw tons of readers to an event, and signings are, at the core, financial endeavors. 511 more words


Forgiving You

In a convergence of random things today, I was pondering what all writers ponder occasionally — what makes my work unique — while simultaneously forgetting to go to a meeting with someone I might hire to do some work. 498 more words