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Mia Kay on Pushing Through the First-Draft Panic

I’m so excited to host author Mia Kay today. Mia has recently published Hard Silence, the second book in her Agents Undercover series published by Carina Press. 1,000 more words


She-Who-Kills-Plants Tries Again

Every spring, I get the fever. The fever to plant and bring forth green and flowered life from the earth. There’s only one problem.

I can’t grow stuff. 311 more words

Romance Writer

I am a list-o-holic and there is no support group for me!

I love lists. I love to make them, find them, re-work them, and add to them. Part of the reason I make so many lists is because I have so many things to remember, if I don’t list them I’ll forget more than half of them. 315 more words

Contemporary Romance

Romance Writers

Calling all romance writers, whether labeled this by themselves or others:

I have a very hard time calling myself a ‘romance’ writer. When asked what I write about, I start to feel literally nauseous at the thought of having to say romance. 173 more words

Becky Lower on Finding the Right Publisher and Fixing the Blank Page

I’m delighted to host multi-published author Becky Lower, who publishes both contemporary romances, like Blame It On the Brontes (a title that definitely intrigues me), and American historical romances. 907 more words


The Lizard Who Came to Dinner

A lizard walked into my house today. It’s one of those things that can only happen in the south. To me.

After a long morning of very productive writing (the mojo was with me), I let the dog out the front door, in the rain, to do her business. 342 more words

Romance Writer

#amwriting (Day 2)

It’s funny how quickly plot bunnies begin to take over. How easily it is to switch from one story to the next. Well, for me, it’s nerve-wracking. 83 more words