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Character Interview: Kat Smith--Russian National who loves lipstick, babies, and cyber-security

Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised by anyone anymore I met Kat Smith, a Russian National with big secrets in her life and in her handbag. 1,001 more words

Stories Behind The Stories


Via: Daily Prompt – Massive

To say she had an hourglass or pear-shaped figure would be euphemistic; voluptuous downright misleading. Hourglass was what Lexi’s body looked like when she was fifteen years old, while her bottom had expanded to resemble that of a pear’s before she even turned twenty. 79 more words

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Via: Daily Prompt – Instinct

“Animals tend to demonstrate natural instincts of self-preservation. So why don’t women when it comes to philanderers?”

~ Zaireen Lupa, Still Falling for You, work-in-progress

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Prickly Down

Restraint and the Romance Writer is a strained coupling, at best.

Much like a duck and a porcupine they just don’t naturally “get it on.” 22 more words


My baby no. 1

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time with baby no. 2, I really need to be careful and not make my first-born jealous, so I thought I would ask you to add my romance novel Equinox to your reading list. 64 more words


Why I Buy Poetry.

Previously, a post mentioned how reading poetry can make any writer better at their craft.  Today I’m going to tell you why that is, and why that fact makes me buy poetry. 1,368 more words

The Schedule (01 min read)

Via: Daily Prompt – Rhythmic

05:30 – Wake up, freshen up

06:00 – Go for a run at the park

07:15 – Return home and shower… 125 more words

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