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Leather Bound

“Leather Bound Babes?”
He reads the title and laughs like a mad man, utterly unable to ignore the contorted figure on the cover. She just chuckles and pulls another book from the book store’s battered gunmetal grey shelves. 1,012 more words


I'll Be True (Chapter 26)

Read Chapter 25 before you continue…

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and the happiness shining on the faces of the bride and groom proved that they were a match made in heaven. 2,911 more words


What's New This Year (hint: it's a lot!)

It’s a brand new year and so it’s time for the annual blog post. I’m going to make the wrap-up portion fast because honestly, my 2016 wasn’t much better than most people’s, but my 2017 is going to rock. 660 more words


Bringing in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions are peculiar kinds of self-imposed torture devices.

Diet, (but I looove chocolate), Exercise, (but it’s too cold outside to put in my miles… 637 more words

I'll Be True (Chapter 25)

Read Chapter 24 before you continue…

Matthew tugged her into a dark room, locking the door behind them. The moment he had reached for her on the stage, hell broke loose. 2,894 more words


The End Is Nigh - The End of 2016, That Is!

So, it’s the end of the year and what a year it’s been. We’ve had a the death of a beloved grandparent, who almost made it to 100, just shy by a few weeks. 912 more words


I'll Be True (Chapter 24)

Read Chapter 23 before you continue…

Elaina’s mind tumbled through the tide of enlightenment that washed over her. She had never tried to work through the range of emotions surrounding the event before, though five years was plenty time for private musings. 4,016 more words