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Like Harry Potter My Characters Keep On Goin'

A big Potter fan here.

Oh yes!  From the very first volume to the last movie made I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!  And my series, CounterClockwise, will surely run to as many books as the Potter series. 344 more words

Behind The Keyboard

Heat, Campy Movies and a Birthday Giveaway

Yes, it is still hotter than even the first level of Hell here.  I know it’s hotter in some other places, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will anyway, just because. 351 more words

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Blah blah blah

This might get a little cheesy so beware.

One year ago I finished my first novel, Equinox. I am immensely proud of it. I feel joy that has overwhelmed me and pushed me up as well as  down. 222 more words


Summertime Blues and Freebies

I won’t complain about how hot is is here (still!), because there’s no end to it in the extended forecast I saw this morning.  Instead, I’ve been thinking about places and times where and when it’s been cooler than it is now.   1,091 more words

Romance Writer

Zoe Mullins Reminds Writers to Get Over Themselves, Already!

I’m happy to host Zoe Mullins today! If you’ve followed the blog regularly, you may remember that Zoe visited back in February to talk about… 1,026 more words


Teasing teaser

She puts her hand on it, unable to resist the touch.

“Wow, it’s so hard.”

She stretches her palm over it.

“And so soft at the same time.” 96 more words


Margaret Locke on the Challenges and Rewards of Being a Multi-Published Author

I’m so delighted to welcome back Margaret Locke, one of the first authors I hosted when I started the blog. She has written a third time-travel romance, and fortunately for us, she has offered to share her insights into the life of a multi-published author. 955 more words