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ICYMI: Author Responsibility Storify

If you weren’t able to catch last Sunday’s chat on Author Responsibility, RWchat co-host C.L. Polk created a Storify highlight reel. During the chat, we addressed how much responsibility romance authors have in areas like HEA/HFN, safe sex, and representation, and shared gifs depicting our hopes for the evolution of the genre.


Coming June 18th... The Non-Romance Plot

It’s not only about the love story. We have to put other stuff in our plots and in our character’s lives besides romance. How do we round out their experiences and our stories? 37 more words

Upcoming RWchat Topics

Coming June 11th... Author Responsibility

We romance writers have a responsibility to readers to get things right. There’s a lot of power in what we write – the power to educate, inspire and change lives. 42 more words


Coming June 4th . . . Romance Stereotypes

Let’s face it, romance, in our culture, has a lot of stereotypes around it. People think they know what our genre is about, but in reality, most of them don’t. 53 more words

Upcoming RWchat Topics

Writing Rituals

*also spoiler alert if you haven’t read The Island yet*

I always wonder what other writers rituals are.

As I was sitting yesterday and outlining my ideas and researching a particular town, I lined up my cup of green tea just so. 298 more words


ICYMI: Marketing Month Storify Links

In case you missed the live chats during Marketing Month, C.L. Polk (Witchmark, Tor 2018) made Storify links.

Our first chat was about newsletters and author websites. 170 more words


Coming May 28th... Launch & Release Day

It’s our last topic for May Marketing Month!

It’s the big day, release day, the day you’ve been working toward for months, even years and . 87 more words