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5 Ways to become a successful writer

According to a recent article I read from Writer’s Digest there are five things everyone who wants to finish a novel draft must do. They are–as I remember them: 104 more words


Cats and Writing

I have three cats. Two of which are situated on me. One is licking it’s back on my left leg while the other is sleeping in my zip-up jacket. 52 more words


Melinda Hammond and me - the ultimate insult of Amazon

Just received this email from Amazon’s automated preference service. Alas, no The Miner’s Wife. 

A bit sad really, if it wasn’t kind of funny…can’t wait to see what happens to my ‘Around Australia in 8 Romances’, except I’ve wised up and they will be published under Mel Hammond. 38 more words

Writing Life

A Simple Way to Tell Your Valentine, “I Love You”

by Mr. E. Lynn Carroll, Creative Writing Institute Tutor

My assignment was to write about unique ways to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day. I looked, I Googled, I read, and I researched and what I found sounded so off the wall that I decided to just tell you what I do. 471 more words

Writing Tips

Keeping Track of Word Count

Four days ago I started keeping track of my daily word count on a calendar so I can see the progress of my novel. I find it helps keep me motivated to churn out more words/work toward the fulfillment of my novel. 7 more words

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1,000 Words

Finally, today, I wrote over 1,000 words. I’m at 17,548 words, which feels pretty good this far into the process of writing a novel. I still have an aching fear in the back of my mind that says I won’t be able to get the novel over 70,000 words (more like over 40,000–the size of my first inspirational historical romance novella, but that isn’t something I want to admit to myself), it isn’t something I need to worry about right now. 22 more words

Fiction Writing

Romance: Begrudgingly Falling in Love


Anonymous asked:

hi there, thank you for everything you do here! I have a romance question; so, A absolutely hates B but, due to B being a vampire and having bought A, A is forced to stay with B.

430 more words