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Romance + Fantasy = Literary Vandalism

As I struggle to get anything done today, the perky publicist is at me again, this time trying to get me to review something that sounds like it might be one of the worst books ever. 261 more words

Fantasy Criticism

Using Scrivener Templates To "De-Pantser" Your Romance Writing

“Pantsing” a novel is fun, frustrating, and time-consuming. I thought pantsing would be liberating and allow me to please my muse, get a high word count, get my writing finished and ready to go to an editor. 410 more words


At Last

‘Can I touch you?’ he whispered, a gentle fire burning in his eyes.

She nodded.

He swallowed. He brought his hands up to her face and slowly traced her features, his touch as soft as water.


Hello, World!

Thank you for finding the blog of romance author Elizabeth Asheford (known in other dimensions as A.E. Ash, writer of sci-fi, speculative fiction and poetry, and nerdy rants/reviews). 85 more words

A.e. Ash

Breathless waiting

Autumn in South Africa is a beautiful season. The days are shorter, filled with light that hurts the eyes.  The swallows have long since embarked on their long journey to warmer climes and their departure left us with the warning to expect an early and cold winter. 206 more words

Rachelle Du Bois

Michaeline: Requiem for Prince Playlist


— Prince (@prince) February 11, 2016

I feel like the heart of the 1980s – the heart of my teenage years – is slowly being ripped out by some mad pixie.

550 more words

Kay: Time to Throw in the Towel

I’ve been working on the second book of a planned three-part trilogy for a while—it seems like years, but it’s been just a few months. Time has been dragging because the book has been progressing poorly. 498 more words

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