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Justine: Throwing My Hat in the Ring?

I don’t do well with obscure, arbitrary deadlines. I’ve always been a “do it at the last minute” sort of girl. I thrive on the pressure, I’m incredibly good at sharp focus when there’s lots at stake, and my desire to do something well means I’ll nearly kill myself to get it done. 298 more words

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The Moon Is In The Water/La lune est dans l'eau

“The moon is in the water”

Or maybe it’s your eyes

Shining from underneath

Shining from the darkened deep

“Tomorrow it will rain”

Or maybe it will thunder… 38 more words

Dancing With the Celebrities

“Do you ever go out?”  Not looking up from the blog post she was editing, she quietly said “no.”  He sat down in the chair in front of her desk curious about what she was working on.  949 more words

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Kiss Me

“Why won’t you kiss me, Lynn?” He said as they swayed to the music. He pulled her into him to let her feel what he was feeling. 320 more words

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Pausing for a moment to just enjoy the view, Lynn took a deep breath allowing her lungs to fill with the mountain air.  Looking over the span of mountains, she could almost hear her Cherokee ancestors whispering in the wind.  928 more words

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Justine: Cut, Hack, and Chop

As I mentioned in my post last week, I spent a week at Margie Lawson’s house in Colorado attending her Immersion Master Class. Aside from learning about my character’s truth, I learned something else. 573 more words

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Romance Authors React to Harlequin Advertisements

The title pretty much says it all!

Funny though that they included Gena Showalter in it, seeing as she’s recently taken a very religious turn and now refuses to write sex scenes!