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Jilly: Seeking Playlist Recommendations

Anybody up for a playlist recommendation or two? I’d truly appreciate it. ;-)

It’s only two weeks since I posted my plan for the rest of the year… 487 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Elizabeth: NaNo Countdown – 3 Weeks To Go

I began the countdown to NaNoWriMo 2017 with last week’s post on outlining, which generated some good discussions amongst our commenters from both ends of the outlining continuum. 1,143 more words

Fiction Writing

'Aargh - no-one understands me!' - avoiding this writer's pitfall

Nice friends and colleagues may ask you ‘How’s the book coming on?’ and you may talk about it for a time, probably aware that you don’t want to go on about it too much through fear of being known as a ‘writing bore’. 226 more words


#Passion2Profession: Reaching 100%

My husband often calls me the 90% girl. I work fast, I’m efficient, but when I get things to the 90% mark, I call it good. 634 more words


Jilly: Search and Destroy

Do you repeat yourself, waffle on, or over-use pet words and phrases? Do your favorite authors?

This week I’ve been cleaning up my WIP, which is due to my editor tomorrow (yikes). 726 more words

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Trump and Romance Book Sales

A great article from a few days ago:

Welcome to the Romance Resistance

Sales of romance books are soaring, and the article points out something we knew already: women are the biggest producers and consumers of books. 182 more words


#Passion2Profession: Fear...So Much Fear.

If I were to pick a word for this week, it would be “Fear.” There is fear in the world-at-large with bad men and big weapons everywhere from country music concerts to Asian dictatorships, there is fear in the world of publishing with sales seeming to dip and dip and dip, until we have to ask the question: if we write it and no one reads it is it still a book? 773 more words