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I Get By With A Little Help

I have a neighbor who loves to get help. Paid help. Cleaning ladies, yard people, nannies, whatever, she loves it. For whatever reason I’ve never been that way. 675 more words


Justine: A Yahoo! Reminder...Backup Your Work, Encrypt, and Create a Good Password

With all the recent hoopla about Yahoo! data breeches, DNC hacks, and password reset emails that give hackers access to your personal life, I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone of a few basic digital safety precautions. 1,537 more words

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Jilly: Snippet

My head is so deep in my WIP right now, I don’t want to think about anything else. I love this feeling. Even when I’m dealing with Real Life – and life’s currently throwing some meaty challenges my way – Alexis is in the background, ready to grab my attention as soon as I have a moment to spare. 745 more words

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Murphy's Damn Law 😑

So last night I began editing one of my books and what happens? My laptop charger fries!!! 😡

Did it have to happen now? When I’m trying to be productive? 22 more words

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Two Old Books...

So I have two books that are nearing completion and these particular two were written long before my current one. Why didn’t I finish these and publish the others first? 43 more words

Romance Writing

The art of love making

My eyes are closed as I take it in,
As I take you in.

Two hearts beat fast, and two body’s hold each other so close there’s no way to tell who’s limb belongs to who… 81 more words

Golden Leaf Spotlight on Historical: Joanna Shupe

“Magnate” by Joanna Shupe (Kensington)

Emmett put the crystal to his beautiful lips and, drink suddenly forgotten, Lizzie’s thoughts returned to kissing. The burn in her stomach spread to ignite other parts as she watched him swallow, the strong cords of his tanned throat working above his white shirt collar. 178 more words