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Justine: Five Things I've Learned About Contests

I’ve had a bit of experience with contests lately — running them, entering them, and losing them. Here are five things I’ve learned: 779 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Got a Problem?

It occurred to me last night as I was doing a little story planning that fiction writers should be the world’s greatest problem solvers. A large part of our job as we entertain readers is to keep conflicts and complications coming. 787 more words

From Christina

From the Reader's Guide For Natural Attraction

“How much is your own gender part of your identity?  Would you be just as happy as a different gender?”


Excerpt From: Catherine Haustein. “Natural Attraction.” iBooks. 14 more words

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Spring Fling Event!

During April 3-5 I will be launching a new short story – and I want to thank my new readers – so I hope you can join me for some fun and freebies!! 123 more words


Justine: World Backup Day is Coming!

The other day, while toodling through the internet, I read a blog post by someone who had lost EVERYTHING they had on their computer…the whole shebang…because of a virus. 1,079 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Chart Your Life, Writers. Seriously.

I’m allergic to Excel and to spreadsheet programs generally.

I hate them.  They make me mad.  The cells, the sterility of them, the blank formless nothingness of them: they are the opposite of everything I love.  501 more words


My After Happily Ever After: Vol. I

A friend told me that I haven’t been married long enough to write about being married. He’s probably right. But a few lessons have been valuable for me on this… 446 more words

Romantic Life Lessons