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The Real Way To Engaged According To My FaceBook Friends

There comes a time in our mid twenties when suddenly all the people you knew and loved and barely said a word to in 9th grade biology class start getting engaged. 544 more words

How do we know when someone loves us?

How do we know when someone loves us?

Is it detectable like trace amounts of stardust in our construction, in our bones, and in our bodies? 276 more words

Short Stories

The Never-Ending Book Quotes (2): Jonquils for Jax by Katy Regnery

The Never-Ending Book Quotes is a Thursday meme that features my fave quotes/notes from the books I’ve read or currently reading.

Feel free to join or share your favorite quotes as well either by creating your own post or share them with me in the comments. 250 more words


Lost wallet.

If you find a wallet please return it.ive returned wallets with wads of cash. Hopefully the person who finds my friends wallet on the SkyTrain in Vancouver returns it..


The Killer in Me by Margot Harrison

Nina Barrows doesn’t like to sleep at night.  A few hours right before school and then a cat nap during the day is fine, but that is about all she is comfortable with.  264 more words

Book Review

Another Chloe Neill Announcement!

If you thought the previous news were exciting, get ready for another set of news that will leave you:

Are you guys mentally ready?

Here goes. 82 more words



Let’s answer their questions Your Highness…!
Even perverted ones.

My Thoughts:
Yui gets threatened by a woman in white hair with braids, Ingrid.

After revealing her questions even her 3 sizes, she goes out casually with her friend, Retsu but all those people and eyes looking at her. 162 more words