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દેસી માણહના દેસી પ્રેમની સુસવાટા મારતી વાતો!

સાંજના 7:30 આસપાસ એસ.જી.હાઇવે પર પૂરપાટ દોડતી ઑટો રિક્ષામાં હું બેઠેલી. ભયંકર પવન કાન સાથે અથડાતો હતો,મેં ય દેસી સ્ત્રીઓની જેમ જ સ્કાર્ફ બાંધ્યો હતો.સજ્જડ થઈને હું બેઠી હતી,ને મગજ કંઇ જ વિચારી શકવાની સ્થિતિમાં નહોતું. 570 more words


Book Blitz: Romancing the Holidays (Sept 21-27) @Xpresso Book Tours

Book & Author Details:

Romancing the Holidays: A First Coast Romance Writers Holiday Anthology
Publication date: September 22nd 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


A dozen ways to fall in love at the holidays… 146 more words


Miss Trailerhood

About the Book:

Title: Miss Trailerhood
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date:
September 30, 2020
Genre: Rom-com

She disappeared from our lives without a word. I never expected to run into her at a Quik Mart in between jobs. 434 more words

Book Reviews

Oh honey,

The wind chimes sway as I sit on the porch. Sit there with eyes closed and shoulders back, oh the night is beautiful. Watching clouds twirl and float away. 112 more words

Descendants (2015)

Belle (Keegan Connor Tracy) and Beast (Dan Payne) have married and become king and queen. Following the establishment of the United States of Auradon, they have created a prosperous new nation from the surrounding kingdoms, and banished the villains to the Isle of the Lost, an island slum surrounded by a barrier where magic is suspended. 1,003 more words


The Shape of Us: 09 Reunion

When the party arrived, Mr. Primrose put Daisy in charge of the tyke, since she had pre-school experience prior to coming to Dunfeur Castle. The boy, Caleb, slept soundly in the lap of a handsome young man who then held him out to Daisy. 1,519 more words

Episodic Fiction

I miss you

That small dent in your forehead
That softness of your hair
That raised eyebrow
That sensuous glare

That twitched nose when I go away
That sadness in your eyes… 53 more words