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Episode 7 - The Sibiu Medieval Festival

Holy mackerel, how long has it been since I posted a new episode? It’s been forever! Well as I mentioned earlier this week, the new computer is humming along beautifully and so now I can finally do what I want with all the footage I shot. 84 more words


Episode 6 - The House of Children

Yes! Finally episode 6 is now online for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve read my book (Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania) you know what it says on the back cover. 474 more words


Gandul Article

Last night while I was hanging out with my rowdies, I got a call with the good news – my Gandul article is finally published. Yeehaw! 477 more words

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Paparazzi On You!

Well I really had to laugh as the other night someone slapped a sticker on me with Paparazzi on you! handwritten on it. I had to laugh because, of course, lately it’s been kind of true. 1,143 more words

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Every Places She Have Something Good For You

Well for those of you who like everything in its place, we are now back in cardinal order :) Again, I just had a ton of subtitling to do on this one so I put out Episode 5 before this one just for the sake of timeliness. 617 more words

Romania! The Documentary

Romania! The Documentary - Episode 5

Well, at long last Episode 5 is now available for your viewing pleasure :)

For those of you who aren’t mathematically challenged, you might wonder what happened to Episode 4 and you’d be right :P The truth is that a few technical issues were driving me nuts with clipping so many interviews (plus adding subtitles) that I just wrapped up Episode 5 and will finish Episode 4 here shortly. 505 more words


Episode 3 - Romanians on Romanians

Wow! Talk about a surreal moment. Last night I was out at a bar and I see none other than Paul and Daniel, both of whom appear in episode 3 below. 392 more words

Romania! The Documentary