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A Visit to the Rasnov Fortress

After our visit to the Bran Castle, we headed to see the neighboring Rasnov Fortress. Both places make an easy day trip from Brasov and are well worth the visit if you are interested in Romanian history and culture. 618 more words


How Dracula Castle was invented by a spy from Slovakia.

Bram Stoker has never visited Transylvanian setting for his best-seller Dracula but he loved the legend about the bloodthirsty Vlad Tepes related to him by Armin Vambery. 589 more words


Nicușor Dan primește o nouă lovitură

Nicușor Dan primește o nouă lovitură Tribunalul București dă aviz negativ USR-ului Nicușor Dan, în ultima vreme, se pare că nu prea îi mai merg lucrurile așa cum și le-a propus. 23 more words


Radu Mihai Iani

It sometimes seems like there are a lot of good photographers out there but not many interesting ones. I often find myself scrolling through pages of very well mad eportfolios thinking “seen that, and that, that’s been done”, and it kind of makes me uncomfortable because I have not stepped up my creative game in a while. 52 more words


Digesting Dracula

Before me, a bevy of beautiful women dressed in second-skin skirts and crisp ironed blouses catch our group’s attention. But my eyes are drawn to those stiletto heels they magically maneuver, and to their perfectly made-up faces…. 653 more words

Wine Destinations