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Bucharest, Romania: Flag of Romania

There are a few series of postcards popular amongst traders at the moment. One of these is a relatively new series featuring national flags produced by… 563 more words


Pensiile aleşilor locali sunt neconstituţionale

Pensiile aleşilor locali sunt neconstituţionale. Actul normativ privind pensiile speciale pentru aleşii locali nu este în acord cu legea fundamentală, a decis Curtea Constituţională. Anterior luării acestei decizii, preşedintele CCR, Augustin Zegrean, afirma că orice bani în plus

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SCURT/2: Reghencampf, bucatar la Hamburg? Handbal, polo

* Nu ma omor dupa titluri de genul asta, ati observat, dar cred ca stiu sa vad o gluma buna, mai ales cand are un sambure de adevar. 436 more words

The development of Fantanele #1

In the upcoming blogs I’d like to share something about our vision on the development work in Fantanele. It’s too much to write it down in one blog, so I decided to dedicate multiple blogs to this subject. 539 more words


Man Accidentally Cuts Off His Friend Woodpecker With A Chainsaw

When two man decided to go out and cut wood while having a few drinks they never imagined that one of them would accidentally end up cutting off the others penis while the victims son and wife watched in disbelief. 181 more words

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