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What one Romanian thinks about Comrade Detective

I think the more vocal reaction among Romanians tends to be, “cool, finally we get what we’ve wanted to see in a long time, a Romanian story told by Hollywood, that will reach the World, and it’s funny and lively, not bleak, focused on orphans, amusement park swan-devouring minorities, hit-you-with-an-ax-in-the-head poverty”; this is an automatic response, like a reflex. 1,725 more words


Ultima noapte de dragoste, intaia noapte de necunoscut

“Am emigrat si acum caut cu disperare calea de a ma intoarce la mine insumi!” Aculin Levitzki

   Astazi se implinesc 10 ani…10 ani de cand, pe un aeroport ingramadit de suflete triste si zbuciumate paseam spre noua lume, paseam spre un drum ales cu buna stiinta, cu nebunia tineretii, cu durerea  omului care si-a jucat toate cartile pe meseria lui draga, pe tara lui sfanta si care a pierdut, a pierdut pariul cu decenta, pariul cu zicala ai carte ai parte, a pierdut pariul cu un sistem bolnav, aflat de foarte multi ani in coma profunda, a pierdut pariul cu visele lui facute praf de catre cei care aveau ambitii prea mari si caractere prea mici, a pierdut pariul cu deontologia unui jurnalism sanatos, pariul cu viata pe care o visa, alaturi de ai lui, a pierdut pariul cu el insusi… 1,085 more words


Delusion Men - Stuck On The Border [FN007]

The founders of Future Nuggets are delivering their debut full LP as Delusion Men, marking the peak of almost a decade long conspiracy. Ion D (Utopus) and Camil Dumitrescu (aka The Holy Fix) have amassed on this album tracks and bits spreading over many years, raw gems and shiny nuggets resulted from intensive electronica fusions. 43 more words


山の影 - The Mountain's Shadow


Haru no kun –
tanigawa arau
yama no kage

The fragrance of spring –
fast streams wash in the valleys
the mountain’s shadow… 23 more words


Un tango, iubire?

“Privesc viata ca pe un dans superb.., uneori ma mai poticnesc, dar dansez încrezatoare mai departe.., parca as tot dansa…” Elena Firea

   Danseaza … Da-ti voie sa dansezi atunci cand sufletul tau doreste sa dansezi! 777 more words


竜安寺 - Ryōan-ji


Fuyu no kaze –
shisou sagashite
ishi no kage

Cold wind of winter –
my lost thoughts are still searching
shadows behind stones… 27 more words


白蓮 - Hakuren - White Lotus - Lotus Alb - Blanka Lotuso

白蓮 映す

Niwa no asa
hakuren utsusu
tooi yama

Dawn in the garden – 
a white lotus reflecting
the distant mountain

Zori în grădină – 19 more words