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Did Science Kill God?

“Answering the Skeptic when you don’t understand the question”

SERMON AUDIO: Answering the Skeptic SERMON 04-17-2016
SERMON NOTES: Did Science Kill God_NOTES-04-17-2016

We’ve all been in a situation where someone smarter than us, or at least more prepared, cornered us, and challenged our faith in God.   43 more words


By it I see everything else

Puffy layers of radiating yellow and burnished orange hover over a darkened ocean and cause me to wonder this: how can it be that humans would look upon this same beauty I look upon and not be drawn to, or at least consider the possibility of, the Creator of the sunset? 435 more words


To begin with then I take what the Bible says about God and his relation to the universe as unquestionably true on its own authority. The Bible requires men to believe that he exists apart from and above the world and that he by his plan controls whatever takes place in the world.

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Cornelius Van Til

What Does it Take?

What does it take to be right with God? More good deeds than bad? To have been a good person, whatever that is? To not… 1,144 more words

Literature And Theology

The religion of "sci-tech progress"

This article from reason explains that hope — although it does not explain it in terms of hope — is the (?) basis for satisfaction: 585 more words

Periwinkle Sky

Lazy golden sun

in a periwinkle sky

Silhouette of trees

On a gentle road that winds

Breathing in the sights

Breathing once again

Thankful for the sights… 61 more words


Woe to the God-Makers (Why People Think They Can Get Away with Anything)



We’re currently on week 8 of our 3 week series on the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, and this week we’re concluding our study of the five Woes Against the Chaldeans that we find in chapter 2. 4,741 more words