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The Wrath of God

Commentary on Romans 1:24-32

While God’s Word and God’s World are overflowing with the evidence of His unrelenting love and radical grace, they are also unabashedly declaring His holiness, justice, and wrath.   637 more words

Jeremiah Knoop

The Greatest Coping Mechanism of All Time?

“Christianity is just a crutch.”
“Christianity is a fairy tale for people who are scared of death.”
“Faith is for weak-minded people who just can’t make it through life without something to hold onto.” 229 more words

No Little Mistake

The fact that Paul singles out homosexual relations as a conspicuous example of the human heart suppressing the truth and turning from God suggests that we must not soft-pedal as no big deal what the Bible underlines as particularly egregious rebellion. 63 more words


Does God Ever Give up?

Is there ever a time when God looks down on the human race and gives up?

We would think not. God is a God of love. 671 more words


Romans 1 KJV read by Domonique Davis


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Perfection as Compassion

In Brennan Manning’s Abba’s Child, he points out the time when Jesus asked us to be perfect, as our heavenly father is perfect. The word translated perfect is actually about being compassionate. 185 more words

Some Thoughts On The Topic of Self-Deception

Following up on yesterdays “quote of the day” I found it intriguing not only from a philosophical perspective (while self-deception is a real phenomenon that all philosophers must deal with) but from a Biblical perspective. 359 more words