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Jeremiah 2:4-13

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We can make reminders for ourselves of how easily we can exchange the glory of the immortal God for images. (Rom 1:23)

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Year C

Biblically Evaluating Huff Post Religion: "6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying To People Who Doubt"

Over at the liberal Huffington Post there’s an article titled “6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying To People Who Doubt” written yesterday by one of their associate editor name Carol Kuruvilla.   989 more words


Romans 1:27-28 When we forget God

We conclude a review of Romans 1 today. Recall that verses 26 and 27, Paul spoke out strongly against homosexuality. He says that God “gave them up” to their vile affections, which according to the original Greek means that God allowed them to be controlled by their depraved and evil sin. 769 more words


Romans 1:21-27 When God Gives Up on You

Part 3 of Romans 1 is a continuation of what I wrote yesterday. As a recap, Paul expounded on how man knows by God’s creation that He is God, and He is eternal. 908 more words


Romans 1:18-21 - God's action in response to sin

In the latter part of Romans chapter 2, Paul goes on the attack of the sins which were in Rome at the time. More than just a high-level view, Paul mentions sin by name and by action, and what God’s response is to these sins. 776 more words