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Roah Summit - Take Care - Video

The pain of racism doesn’t begin and end at the news feed. 196 more words


Who Do You Love More?

The day we arrive at a new church I think about what the day that  we leave will be like. This Sunday will be our last at Englewood Baptist Church. 754 more words

Englewood Baptist Church

Blessings of Grace 2

Hey there!

In this morning’s Bible Devotion, I read from Romans 12

The part that stood out for me and that I’d like to highlight was exactly corresponding to yesterday’s post on Grace which is why this post is titled “Part 2.”  522 more words


Don't Play God

You know, it’s just not worth it…

Someone does something evil to you and you do something evil back, and then that someone does something evil back to you for the evil you did back to them for the evil they did to you and then you do something else evil back to them for the evil they did to you for what evil you did back to them for the evil they did to you and then… 213 more words


Romans 12:1-2 & What it Means to Me

As a sufferer of Dermatillomania (Compulsive Skin Picking falling into the family of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders), I try to seek help from God’s Word.  One of the verses that I find particularly helpful is found in Romans 12, which I revisited yesterday morning. 583 more words


Sunday's Sermon Today: In Training (Romans 12:1-21)

I’ll admit it (like many of you don’t already know): I’m a comic book geek. I love the stories of the superheroes in print and in the theater. 1,489 more words


Sunday School Notes 5-03-2015

Scripture: Romans 12:9-18 (HCSB)

Experiencing Unity

Opening Questions

  • What is unity?
    • Does it mean we always agree?
    • Does it mean we do not fight one another?
  • 507 more words
Sunday School Notes