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Bible Daily Devotional - Mind, body, and God’s will: Romans 12

Mind, body, and God’s will: Romans 12

By Dr Bob Dellinger


Today’s reading: Romans 11-13.

“How can I know God’s will?”

You’ve been there. Faced with a difficult decision, afraid to make the wrong choice, wanting deeply to please God, and wishing you knew what he wanted you to do. 765 more words


Romans 12:21

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

One of the implications is that you can’t overcome evil with fear.

As Far As It Depends on You, Just Get Along With People on Social Media

We live in a culture of vehement disagreement. Just take a look at your News Feed.

Every day, I see (and am sometimes involved in) conversations on someone’s Facebook post that revolves around a vehement disagreement on some political or societal issue. 545 more words

The Bible

Biblical Characteristics of the Body of Christ

The living, resurrected Jesus actually lives inside individual Christ-followers. When we surrender to and actively obey His inner promptings, He animates us from the inside out, like a human hand activates a puppet. 258 more words


Spiritual Growth - Part 1

A heartfelt cry among sincere Christians is, “How can I grow spiritually?”  It seems axiomatic that communing with God in prayer, walking by the Holy Spirit, and investing time in the Bible will help one grow spiritually.   413 more words


The Night We Prayed for Paris

     BBC News- Paris Attacks- What We Know

I heard the news from a friend hours earlier. I instantly made a mental note to avoid my Facebook news feed. 1,518 more words



I like “great experience” as much as the next person. It is always wonderful when a great “epiphany” moment occurs in life and you leap forward in your growth and knowledge as a person. 642 more words