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Conscience, Conviction and Unity - Romans 12 and 14


The link above goes to the audio file of a sermon I delivered on July 31, 2016 on Romans 12 and 14. The unifying theme is living by our biblical convictions, even when those convictions don’t mesh well with the convictions of others. 2,139 more words

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My Journey to Freedom - Part 1

Hi. I’m Megan and I am codependent.

That statement is incredibly personal and also extremely vulnerable. I spoke in an earlier blog about a major change that occurred in my life in April 2015. 1,020 more words


The Intentional Witness of U.N.I.T.Y

Take time and process the following thoughts and questions with your family, small group or mentor/mentee. As a part of each sermon assignment, I will offer questions that apply directly to your family. 856 more words

Praying for Vegas: Vengeance is the Lord's

Many of you have already heard about the horrific shooting that occurred on Sunday night, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
For those of you who have not, on Sunday night, … 1,802 more words

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We Are Spiritual Soldiers (Romans 12:12)

PLAY AUDIO https://growinggodlygenerations.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/october-1-2017-romans-12_12-we-are-spiritual-soldiers-message.wav


There are very, very few who know what it is like to be in the battle of war.

–        Military becomes more than a mass of people, but a brotherhood, a family like no other because of what you have been equipped and what you must endure. 1,979 more words

Does God Control Our Circumstances?

Does God control my circumstances, or are the circumstances in my life just that—circumstances?

Well … uh … yes.

God often uses our circumstances to guide us and show us what to do, but sometimes the circumstances surrounding us have nothing to do with what God wants us to do. 703 more words

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4 Ways to Have Moving Worship

Worshipping God requires movement. I don’t mean swaying and snapping your fingers (acceptable church of Christ dancing). Moving worship is not just about expressiveness it is about God and the formation of our lives into the likeness of Jesus. 712 more words