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Being the gospel church

Today we reach the end of Romans – after 2 years!

When we read the last chapter, we realise this is actually just the beginning. As the Apostle Paul writes his final greetings to the church in Rome – we meet a church shaped by the gospel. 119 more words

"For She Has Been a Great Benefactor to Me..."

“…For She Has Been a Benefactor to Me…”

How many people would you count as being a “Benefactor” to you?  Who are the people you can turn your back on and you will be confident that they will not hurt, harm or endanger you?  920 more words

Bible 2016: 3 August Daily Bible Reading

Context and Comment:
In eastern lands it is common to kiss in salutation, on the cheek, the forehead, the beard, the hands, or the feet. This is likely the kiss referred to as a “holy kiss”. 2,035 more words

Current Thoughts

Defeat and Defend

Several years ago before television, internet and in some areas – electricity, folks would entertain themselves in the evenings by listening to 15 – 30 minute radio programs on the old battery radio. 378 more words

Christian Articles

Eternal Vigilance

It’s been said,  “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” and that statement is certainly true in the Christian life.  The picture in this blog post is my dog ensuring the squirrels stay away from the bird feeder so the birds are free to eat.   323 more words


Daily Devotional - Romans 16:1-16

As a side note here, we’re nearly done with Romans. If there’s a NEW TESTAMENT book of the Bible you’d like to see done next, let me know in the comments. 429 more words

Basic Christian Theology

A Raving Fan of the Fairer Sex

I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people….
Romans 16:2a

This morning, I am pleasantly struck by the number of women Paul mentions in his final greetings to the followers of Jesus in Rome, as well as the honor he bestows on them: 123 more words