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Resisting The Impulse

My life lately seems to just be the poster child for resisting the impulse to act rashly.  I want to act on my rage, I want to act on my panic,  I want to act on my passion, I want to act on temptations, I want to act on my discipline and my desire to make progress in life, I want to act on compassion, I want to act on indifference. 623 more words

The Struggle is Real: Indwelling Sin and the Fight Against It

Why did you become a Christian? I’m not talking about the underlying work of God to regenerate your heart. I mean, what was your motivation to follow Jesus? 1,059 more words


Walk With Christ

(The following is the rough draft of a manuscript sermon to be preached on October 9 in Fountains Hills, Arizona. At the end are some application questions for small groups discussion) 5,757 more words

Biblical Counseling

Do Your Best and God Will Do The Rest?

To the extent the Law of God is made attainable with statements like

– do your best and God will do the rest – we not only cheapen what the law says we lose grace in the process. 713 more words



The previous post Stuck in the Gospels mentioned Paul’s primary message of the indwelling Godhead. Recognizing the difference between the external Christ of the Gospels and the indwelling Godhead from Paul’s letters, helps us know God’s perfect plan for us. 859 more words

Fiction Imitates Life

A light, little romp today… a bleed over from a currently popular Facebook meme:  “Name three fictional characters with whom you identify.”  I pass this along here because someday my posterity may not know or remember me, but they will surely be able to find these three characters in literature to piece together a fairly accurate sketch of me. 183 more words

Marriage And Family