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How NIV Translators Confuse(d) You Regarding the Sinful Nature

The concept of a continuing sinful nature in Christ existed long before the advent of The New International Version.

However, the NIV has contributed to this misled concept. 1,442 more words

Deliverance Through Jesus

“Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death?”  This cry of anguish comes from the heart of each of us who, trying ever so hard to do good, find that evil is present with us. 267 more words

Romans 7

Failure of the Best Intentions

Paul continues his teaching on the Law, and on sin. The Law, he had said, good, holy, and right as it is, was used by sin for its own evil and twisted purposes. 286 more words

Romans 7

When the Law Comes

Since we are now free from both the power of the Law and the power of sin, Paul reasons, does that mean that the Law of God is sinful? 297 more words

Romans 7

By the Spirit, not the Letter

In the days before our death to sin with Christ on the cross, Paul says, our lives were controlled by our fallen nature. The desires of sin were at work within us, aroused, in fact, by the Law, and producing a harvest of sinful deeds. 264 more words

Romans 7

A New Start

As Paul continues his detailed defense of the Gospel of Grace, he appeals to his listeners’ knowledge of the Law to illustrate the new realities of life after the cross and resurrection. 290 more words

Romans 7