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Antidote to Romans 7

Almost every believer who has thumbed through the pages of Paul’s Letter to the Roman Churches has puzzled over Romans 7. Is the “I” that Paul is so self-conscious about in his or her struggle with sin an unknown or hypothetical “I” that transcends any particular historical person who has grappled with his or her sinful tendencies? 948 more words

Creatures of Habit

The line between a something that’s a habit and something that’s part of your character is a thin one. There are many things I do regularly: is brushing my teeth a habit, or part of my character? 434 more words

Independence from Sin: 3 things about Romans 7

For Christians, the new birth is our spiritual Independence Day. In union with Christ, we “die to sin” and are “set free from sin” Romans 6:4, 18), and we have been “released from the law” (Romans 7:6). 1,735 more words

Overturning Errors

A War Between

Working at summer camp is like being under a microscope inside an incubator.Everything seems like a bigger deal than it really is: all the issues are magnified, and problems between people heat up. 772 more words

God Ponderings

To Whom is Paul Writing Romans 7?

Paul: These verses highlight the audience. Whom do you see?

(1) … I speak to them who know the law

(7) …the  law had said, … 115 more words

Go and Sin No More

A couple of years ago I was really into Mumford and Sons. I found a song Marcus Mumford wrote paralleling Romans 7 – the tension between the realization of his “wretchedness” and the holiness God requires. 624 more words

ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus - Law's Grip on the Follower of Jesus

When we choose to follow Jesus as our Master, we gain the gift of God – eternal life. In Romans 7:1-6, Paul discusses the believer’s relationship to God’s Law. 39 more words