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Look for the Victories

I am in a season of growth.  I know without a doubt God is working some things out in me and in my life. I may not like the process, but I am excited about the results.   703 more words

Christian Women

Christian, are you enjoying your relationship with Christ?

Let’s be honest, living the Christian faith can be difficult at times. Although we are familiar with the concept of GRACE, too often, a “trying to earn God’s favor by doing the right things seeps into our mindset. 127 more words



The text of Romans 7 was not really hard to translate, but I can honestly say putting it into English, in a form that made sense, was difficult, at least for me.  1,032 more words


The Romans 7 Dillema

The Romans 7 Dilemma (Part 1)

Romans 7 for many, including myself, is a passage that I struggle to understand, because there is something concerning a marriage illustration, certain principles of the Laws in relation to sin and then Paul speaking about his own life and the impact the Law has on his life. 524 more words


Motives from the heart

Life can seem to provide more questions than definitive answers these days, especially answers based upon truth. Answers that stand all by themselves regardless of backtalk, mocking, or “lets-just-wait-and-see” caution from those willing to put their verdict on hold to see if this “truth” is capable of producing “fruit that really lasts.” “Truth” that is not another spectacular comet of fame unable to last more than a few months, maybe a few years. 1,069 more words


The "S" Word

I saw an interview with a former Nazi that admitted to sending children into the gas chambers of Auschwitz. He said that it felt wrong to participate in taking innocent lives, but he had to remind himself that each of these children had Jewish blood running in their veins. 1,347 more words


Jekyll and Hyde

John Stott in The Cross of Christ:

“There is, therefore, a great need for discernment in our self-understanding.  Who am I?  What is my ‘self’?   337 more words