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Lord of both the dead and the living

“For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.” (Romans 14:9)

Evangelism- No Time to Talk

“Are you a member of a good church?”

In the Bible Belt, this is a common beginning to a conversation with unexpected strangers knocking at your door. 613 more words


Racism in South Africa: why does it still persist?

Why do some white people around the world think that it is okay to call African people “monkeys”? In South Africa, a woman has made headlines because she called indigenous Africans “monkeys”. 886 more words

From Buddhism to Jesus

A surfer saved: He was attracted to Buddhism and went in search of the light. The light of the world, Jesus, found him.

What not to say - rhetoric and romans

Deep down we all want to know, really know that God is good and kind and patient and loving and understanding.  We want to believe that God is not angry and doesn’t need to punish people and isn’t waiting like a judge to send most of the human race into eternal conscious torment.   1,559 more words


The Romans Road, and other Gems from Romans

A brief summary of Romans, chapters 15 and 16 – and then a discussion about the Romans Road and Favorite Romans verses. Taught at Bridgeway Community Church in Fall, 2015. 10 more words

Gary Coiro