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She Shows A Lot More Class Than He Does

It all comes out in the wash.

What is left after doing laundry is clean clothes – and what goes down the drain wasn’t worth keeping. 411 more words


King Solomon, As a Lily Among Thorns

“Solomon, I have traveled far to learn about your Goddess of Wisdom. May I ask how you propose to teach me her wisdom?” 1,169 more words

King Solomon

WIP: There are heroes out there, ready and willing to beat that ass when you need it.

I’ve been…lifeing, and I have been writing, but my blogging has been, well you know. But I’m back on track. In this unedited scene from my next book our heroine Charlie meets her very own hero for the first time… 490 more words

Erotic Romance

#895 The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Paul has told his  daughter some strange stories involving Dracula and a book. One day, Paul goes out, again, in search of something. 581 more words


She Does Not Break Down And Cry

Not  this time.  This time it’s different.

She’s said her piece. Made her opinion well known to him. And for once, for the first time ever since she fell in love with him, she does not break down and cry. 451 more words


#tuesdayuseitinasentence : Feast or famine

When David shared his attentions, it was either feast or famine.

Sharon could go weeks without seeing him, her texts ignored, her calls cut off without an answer. 84 more words

If Writing is not Political, What's the Point?

A recent blog post from Allison Maruska highlighted the dilemma that some writers face when exposing themselves via their blogs and social media. If potential readers get wind of my political beliefs will they decline to purchase my books? 460 more words