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Movie Review: Safe Haven

Let me just be clear, I am not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks books or films. My mother will tell me (every. single. time.) how these are not realistic romances. 371 more words


Movie Review: Moonstruck

One of the most romantic and successful films of the 1980’s, Moonstruck is a movie I had heard for a very long time before taking the time to DVR it. 441 more words


Movie Review: Ever After

There have been many stories, movies, TV shows and episodes that involve Cinderella. One could argue what is the best version of the classic fairy tale, but it would be hard not to include this version, maybe not at the very top but pretty high up there. 637 more words


Movie Review: Carousel

One of my favorite movie or TV genres are musicals; while I do enjoy the action, drama, comedy and occasional sci-fi flick there is nothing like singing and dancing. 479 more words


Movie Review: The Holiday

If there was such a thing as a perfect romantic comedy this may take the top prize. Once again spoilers will be ahead.

“The Holiday” follows two different women, reporter Iris (Kate Winslet) and workaholic movie trailer producer Amanda (Cameron Diaz), but they are in the same boat; unlucky in love. 335 more words


Movie Review: Letters to Juliet

Haven’t heard of this film; doesn’t surprise me it is not too well known. It is a little sad because I absolutely love this movie. Admittedly it is predictable and sappy (if you look at the trailer it is easy to figure out), but it is still very enjoyable; plus I am a huge Amanda Seyfried fan. 447 more words


4 Lovely Films About Love: A small Collection

This is a small collection of films that focus on love, what it means to love and to be loved in all the various forms that damned emotion can take on. 1,403 more words