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Hi, Hey, Hello!

This is something that is seemingly a bit random, especially given the fact that the day that this would have been perfect for has been and gone, but I like ranking films and forcing myself to think about what films I like and which ones I don’t and also doing the impossible and actually just narrowing it down to a certain number. 750 more words



I’ve never been much for typical romance. I’ve never seen Dear John, or The Notebook, and I giant teddy bears creep me out. But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m done denying that I’m not a romantic…I’m just not romantic in the ways that perhaps others are. 1,167 more words

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Lana's November Selection of Romantic Films (for Women)

Fall is the ideal time for showing romantic drama movies, which is why most big movie networks and production companies practice releasing their latest romantic movies with premiere shows in the fall or the winter. 343 more words

Lana Lourdes

Review: Blue Jay, 2016, dir. Alex Lehmann

Proof that Sarah Paulson is the best: She coaxes a great performance out of Mark Duplass in Blue Jay, this wonderful, itty bitty widdle indie moobie that you can rent or buy in iTunes. 69 more words


When Romance Novels and Romantic Films Collide

Let’s see. Earlier, I finished a book by Stephanie Perkins. The book is about Anna Oliphant who was exiled to Paris for the whole duration of her senior year in high school. 630 more words

10 Romantic Movie Quotes That Taught Us Love

Romantic movies are not only fun to watch, they can also contain lessons about love that are true to life. Below are 10 of my favourite romantic movie quotes that teach us what it means to love, and to be loved. 416 more words

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Midsummer Snowfall

Why did this never happen to me?

Holding thickly-mittened hands with a young (enough to be my grandson) man in perfectly edible yellow jumper, perfectly accessorised with a scarf in avocado green, only slightly made up, hair only slightly enhanced by styling products…  And they’re at a skating rink and she’s got that sweet fair-isle jumper on and that kooky hat and ah, don’t they look nice together and it’s Christmas and all… 756 more words

The Rattle Bag