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timro ek muskan - ankit dhakal

Artist/Singer: Ankit Dhakal (अंकित ढकाल) Album: unknown Musician: Spadix Mac Genre: Pop, Romantic Love, Hip hop



timro ek muskaan kafi chha, malai ghaayal banauna… 392 more words


What’s Your Take on Cassavetes: Love That Imprisons

Misogynist? Genius? John Cassavetes is, by most accounts, a problematic figure; his “mood swings” and dogged love for his work, frequently hurt those closest to him. 1,327 more words

One Step Forward With Hope

Bear with me as I type this with one hand. My non-dominant hand.

This last weekend, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend down in Portland, OR, a rare weekend with just the two of us.  929 more words


In love

You cannot make someone love you.

You just have to let them go.

It is hard and it is painful.

There is only pain and darkness.


The Origin of Romantic Love

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    The idea of romantic love and falling in love before marriage started to become a popular trend and practice in Western industrialized societies only in the late eighteenth century with the rise of modernity in Europe. 455 more words

Romantic Relationship

Distance, Distancing, Distanced, Distant

Christopher Titus: Normal people can live with happiness. Screwed up people try to destroy it. See, all I am looking for is the perfect match. […] Fourteen months later, I realized its not an act, that’s who she is, she is great, she is the perfect girl.

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My First (Unofficial) Kiss

First crush at 12. First love letter at 14. First kiss at 16. Sex at 18…

My wish list of my ‘firsts’ went on. I was way too farsighted for an eight year old. 1,683 more words