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The Myth of Romantic Love (and what to do about it)

Forgive this rant in the true sense of the word – this could all do with much more of a polish but alas time is short. 2,803 more words


Age Gap Relationships

I’ve never really given much though to AGRs until I discovered the YouTube channel May December Society. Joe and Angela seem like one of the most genuine, happy couples I’ve ever encountered/seen. 324 more words


The Dialogue: TAXI

In a taxi park.

The sun has gone down and people are waiting on a taxi. (Many are discussing, some cursing why the taxis are scarce. 574 more words


Romantic Love in a Violent World

To be completely transparent, romantic love is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about ‘love’. If you mention love to me you can bet with 99% accuracy that I’m either worried about not finding long-lasting romantic partnership or that I’ve already slipped into a daydream about hipster dinner parties and comfortable dates with my wife, husband, or partner. 598 more words

Lgbt Perspectives

Eternity, where we are together...

that sleepless nights

where i am in your eternity

eternity where we are together

& forever
but forever? 👫
Love is pretty terrifying

to have someone hold that much power over you. 193 more words


Kina Kina Tasiyera - Deepak Limbu

(kina kina taasiyera

basau basau laagyo aaja) 2

(aakha chimli kasiyera) 2

basu basu laagyo aaja

kina kina taasiyera

basu basu laagyo aaja
(timi bhanchhau busy chhu ma… 129 more words


So? I am missing her.





Think and toke

Sink and soak

In self pitty

Over the fact that you aren’t with me

Can’t you see

This is killing you and me… 45 more words