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Relationships are complicated

Some may wonder why romantic relationships are so complicated.  But when two people begin a dating relationship they bring feelings and expectations from their past relationships with them.  305 more words

Mental Health Monday

The Friday Sex Blog [Escape from Intimacy]

Hola Everybody,
I think we need more stuff like this:

The Clap-Off Bra from Randy Sarafan on Vimeo.


You know the drill: if it’s Friday, it’s… 1,038 more words

Can Boys And Girls Be Best Friends?

Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us together today.

What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me…) sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Anywho, I’m going to take a quick little detour into what is love, or at least how I define love. 1,433 more words


5 Grandparents Describe What Love Means To Them (And It Will Melt Your Heart)

I like to think that each one of us thinks about love in at least a slightly different way from the next person. Maybe it’s our upbringing, the relationships we’ve been in, or both, but many things in our life can shape what we come to think of when we hear the word “love” – whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial. 532 more words

A Month Into Marriage --- Our Wedding Story

Stephen and I have been married for one month! If I had to describe our wedding in one word, it would be the word joy. Stephen and I waited 36 and 34 years for each other, so there was an explosion of joy in our hearts and in our family and friends when we finally got to vow our faithfulness and love to each other on June 18th, 2016. 521 more words


Odi Et Amo......Excrucior

Catullus 85

A poetic work by the Roman poet Catullus for his mistress Lesbia (Me kids thee not), but draw comfort in that it was a pseudonym (Lesbia, if conveying connotations, don’t know????). 663 more words


Think the slave trade stopped with the Civil War? Petra knows better.

Petra, a beautiful Hispanic girl, just finished a snack with her friend at the Pizza Parlor. 313 more words

Romantic Love