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Building Trust and Open Communication in Your Relationship 

    I want to start off writing this article saying, “I am by no means an enlightened individual.” I think moving forward, I should go about rephrasing that message to this, “I am constantly on a journey of trying to achieve self-actualization or enlightenment. 843 more words

On The Incomprehensibility Of Romantic Love

I tend to go through life in a constant state of low-level anxiety and panic, which occasionally crests and soars into hysterics, and very rarely dips into short periods of serenity. 1,285 more words

Love & Romance


TEEN LOVE – FIRST LOVE! Remember the song?

Young love, first love…

Nothing like it. We all remember the first person who every plucked our heart strings, stole our heart, ravaged our hearts, whatever it was like. 158 more words

Romantic Love

Gifts . . .

One small word, which can have a big meaning / impact.

What are the differences, how do the affect our lives?  Here we find the Full Definition of gift . 1,666 more words

The Right Person

I always adored the idea of love, the feelings it brings to your life, how such a simple word can hold such meaning and can create such great happiness in your life; how one person can mean so much to you, can look so different in your eyes but how do you know whether it’s the right person?  390 more words

How to tell if you are a godly man.

Sunshine Thiry decided to test to see if it is true that when complementarians say “listen to your wife” what they mean is “do what she says”. 1,956 more words