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At the zoo: Insights on men's worldview

This afternoon I was working in a nice terrace on the rooftop of a shopping mall in Lisbon. The sun was shining, a mild wind was blowing, life was good… and two guys arrived and sit just next to my table… 373 more words

Gender Roles

Thought for the Day - All You Need is Love

We live in an era where people want everything boiled down to the bottom line, a 60 second sound bite, or a 140 character tweet.  And the further we roll down this road, the more our resilience to endure anything more substantial than that erodes.  950 more words

Thought For The Day / Quotes

Not Worth It

I wish I couldn’t feel or need romantic love. It caused me more pain than anything else in my life. I am not saying that everyone should not be needing romantic love, a lot of people have some sort of happiness from it. 174 more words


Fallen Constellation

written April 13, 2015

I cannot be sure of anything, anymore,
for while the earth still turns on its axis,
the stars seem to be falling. 86 more words


Gender-Based Violence and Romantic Love

Coral Herrera Gómez exposes how romanticism is the most potent cultural mechanism for perpetuating the patriarchy, and points out that the struggle against machista violence should include the strengthening of other relationship models. 2,988 more words

Some Thoughts from Branden's The Psychology of Romantic Love

The structure and nature of romantic love has been a research interest of mine for a while now. While at Penn, I worked with a professor of Philosophy on issues of moral psychology; specifically, we focused on… 1,271 more words


Sunday Sermon (Love as Remembrance)

Hola mi Gente,
It’ s starting once again: that reminder of why I choose to live in this most difficult of cities — the Center of the Known Universe. 1,089 more words