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Fit Words For Birdie

Nevin worked up his courage for weeks,
Until the fated night came when his yearning hopes of love
Weighed a ton more than his fears of rejection… 130 more words


Chat Room Love

She was beyond caring why she loved him.
Beyond any caring at all these days
Except when she was caring for him.
She had met him in chat that one morning… 147 more words


What Life Has Taught Me About Friendship

When you consider that you can survive for a while without a lover or spouse, but it’s practically impossible to survive without a friend, it becomes easier to see how friendship is a bigger deal than romance. 93 more words

Published Articles

Is Gen. 29 a modern love story?

Note:  This began as a discussion in the comments section of Riding to Lancelot’s rescue, but it seems worthy of making into a quick post. 1,044 more words


Ovid Game tip: Don't visit her on her birthday.

In The Allegory of Love C.S. Lewis explains that because the concept of courtly love has fully transformed our view of sexual passion, we misread prior works as if they had the same theme.  467 more words


The Acceptance Letter

19 de marzo del 2017, domingo

As previously mentioned, I had been taking night classes at the community college while working sometimes up to two jobs. 481 more words


Existentialism & Romantic Love just released in paperback!

My book Existentialism and Romantic Love has finally been released in softcover!  (Which means it’s $35 instead of $95.) 15 more words