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The late spokesman Steven Covey once said: “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.”

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If Love is God, Love Will Fail

I was never any good at romantic love. I feared falling in love — being vulnerable with my emotions. I knew whoever I married would need to be a worthy man according to Scripture, but also someone I could fall in love with, and that second part scared me. 420 more words

Biblical Thinking

What Makes Women Sexually Attractive to Men? (Part 1)

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    Men fall in love with women for some reasons. It is not accidental. The first meeting may be accidental, but developing strong feelings for the other is based on their socialization or upbringing in the past. 968 more words

Romantic Relationship

No One "Wish List" for the Right Partner

Figure 1: Choosing the right partner is cultural. The ideal partner is defined by one’s local culture. (“Pre Wedding” by  arztsamui )

Choosing the right partner is closely connected with one’s cultural taste and socialization in life. 990 more words

Romantic Relationship

Love's Secret, William Blake

NEVER seek to tell thy love  
Love that never told can be; 
For the gentle wind doth move 
Silently invisibly.

I told my love I told my love 
I told her all my heart  
Trembling cold in ghastly fears.
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Sundarta Ko - Sabin Rai

Sundarta ko timi udaharan hau
Pari ko timi yeuta namuna hau
Sankai chhaina timro rupama
Ishwor ko timi malai upahar hau

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Common Signs of Falling in Love

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A person who falls in love usually thinks that his or her beloved is unique and super special. 702 more words

Romantic Relationship