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if a lily petal could talk...

it’s hard to write. last night visiting friends with partners, babies, and puppies on the north side…ie:the country.  felt so good to sit in their back yards, drink tea and wine, feel the cool air and space around me, cradled by bushes and the vast open sky.   576 more words

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musings on a night i create new neural pathways...

i feel like online dating is not for me.  i am all about meeting in real life, in a certain flow that is not like, grocery shopping for men.   485 more words

'I can't meet any guys!'

When I’m spending time with my friends, I often hear “I can’t meet any guys” or “I’m forever alone. . guys don’t ask me out.” I used to say something similar. 319 more words


Before I slept

As I rested,
My head on my pillow,
Love coursed through my heart.
It must be contained
In my blood,
For as the heart does its job, 92 more words


When love breaks down

When love breaks down the things you do, to stop the truth from hurting you

When love breaks down the lies we tell, they only serve to fool ourselves… 233 more words


You, My Unrequited Love - Poetry!

Couldn’t stop

Couldn’t stop

Dancing with you

My unrequited love

A same rhythm

A same movements

But not at a same time