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Modern model of relations

“Fifty shades of gray” – is not erotic novel, but a description of the actual models of love relationships in the modern couple. To such an unexpected conclusion came sociologist Eva Illuz after careful study of this book and hundreds of surveys worldwide. 296 more words


Evidence of Love

Once felt the power of this feeling, we do not doubt its existence. Love is not subject to the logic, it’s illusive. So how do we know its love? 216 more words


Ghar Ghur Madani - Yojana Puri 

(घार-घुर मदानी धक्ल्याङ धुक्लुङ ढिकी )२

एकै नजर के हेरेथ्यौ सोल्टी ज्यू )२

(लग्यौ मुटु झिकी…)२

घार-घुर मदानी धक्ल्याङ धुक्लुङ ढिकी…

(छमछम रोधीघरमा आँखा तिमीले जुधाउँदा … 16 more words



I’ve come back

To the scene of a crime

To comb the area,

To look for any sign

Of something that happened

A few moons ago. 83 more words

Love Poems

Rom[antic] l{over}[s]

Let us disabuse ourselves scientific-

ally of all not-

ions of madly romantic love:

they involve being

swept along a tidal way of need,

and I do… 133 more words


O BEAUTIFUL EM DASH (to be sung to the tune Olympia and with gusto)

FB often has posts about writers and what strange people we can be, how differently our brains are from more sensible folk. It’s true, I’ve noticed, that writing about paranormal fantasy romance, fairy love stories, wizards and shapeshifting, ( not to mention hot sex) tends to go along with other odd behaviors. 774 more words

Vanayssa Somers Books

"Enchanted" love?

I am reading Eva Illouz’s Why Love Hurts ( Polity Press, 2012), a heavily researched, sociological academic polemic on the (macro-social) dysfunctions of modern love. 550 more words

SOS (resources For #BoldWriters)