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1b. Positioning: Perfectly Unhappy

By Hannah Dockrill

“The unnoted phenomenon associated with the modern sense of technology is the notion of climate change.” (Idhe, 1993)

“Technology and science will cure all diseases…solve climate change…” (J. 767 more words

1a. Horizon Scanning: Future Perfect

By Hannah Dockrill

To predict possible futures, the present must be understood. As “human-technology relations have always been part of our human context” (Idhe, 1993), how technology is developing shapes the future. 849 more words

1c. Primary Research: The 'Look' of Love

By Hannah Dockrill

“It’s like holding up a mirror, and it’s a false mirror…it becomes what the standard is.”

It would surprise most who knew boisterous, chatty Jenny Berich that she’s social media shy. 680 more words

Chemicals Kill Marriage

By Hannah Dockrill

On Tuesday, September 13, the Australian Government sent out a postal plebiscite vote in regards to marriage equality. The heated discussions around this decision reveal questions on whether “the institution of marriage was falling apart” (Coontz, 2005). 541 more words

Cassinovas Lace Racerback and Mesh Babydoll Set

Cassinovas Lace Racerback and Mesh Babydoll Set

Shop Cassinovas for sexy lingerie to add to your romantic collection. Trust Cassinovas for your romantic imaginations. Get this sexy lace racerback and mesh babydoll set for your lingerie collection. 77 more words

Buddhism and Sex: Can Buddhists Succeed at Romantic Love?

Buddhism teaches a lot about unconditional love and loving-kindness. Engaging in a simple loving-kindness or metta meditation allows you to see someone you love, a stranger, a difficult person, and yourself on equal ground. 773 more words


Selfish Vs. Selfless: The Impact of AI on Love

By Hannah Dockrill

“The upheavals can escalate quickly and become scarier and even cataclysmic” Nick Bilton (Marr, 2017)

Fear surrounds discussion of artificial intelligence (AI). From taking over jobs to taking over the world, AI creates uneasiness in how they will – potentially violently – shape the world. 748 more words