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I used to say

all that lives always dies;

But now I know

ending love is a lie.

A million years can’t erase… 103 more words


A life without oceans...

Behind his fear, I began to see
A thin overspill of thoughts
Blunted with rage and effort.
A face branded with black sunshine.
And the shameless cries of birds… 45 more words



The hours merge into each other.

I say goodnight like most mean good day

for then it begins–

every part of me an invitation or a plea. 148 more words


Chiều Bên Giáo Đường Fatima. Thơ Hư Vô

(Đồi Xanh. Tranh sơn dầu Đinh Cường)

Có dòng sông chảy vào đáy mắt
Từ buổi chiều hiu hắt tiễn nhau
Tượng đá còn đau thời xanh tóc… 140 more words


White Lie

It was amber on the horizon, where the sun met the edge of the sea.
It was red, the rose that you gave.
It was brown in your eyes, when you say “I miss you”, 7 more words

Poems And Creative Writings

 My senses speak,

my body, eloquent–

a testament of your touch when my lips are silent;

evidence of everywhere you have been

as I breathed you out and breathed you in– 112 more words


Cho Em Biết Ướt Mi. Thơ Hư Vô

Dù gì đi nữa cũng dở dang rồi
Buồn đau se sắt vẫn thế mà thôi
Anh chỉ muốn được ôm em lần cuối
Để nghe trái tim bối rối bồi hồi. 153 more words