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The sound of your voice wandered into my heart

and I inhaled you,

your very breath breathing through every inch of me,

reverberating against the hollows in my head to the depths of my toes. 40 more words


Shall I drape your weary shoulders with love?

Shall I embrace you with my thoughts?

The point of this pen was not dipped in a well of ink. 17 more words



all copyrights by Ronaye Hudyma

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Why fear my faithlessness

when I fear my faithfulness?

The fidelity of my heart sings of fullness– 74 more words


The day has descended.  

Unforgiving winds sting and bite,

blowing not so gently now

in an ominous announcement that Winter is here.

The air, austere is drained of blue. 89 more words



If I were to love you, it would be…

as the sky that  has the arms of sun

and grass the kiss of dew; 74 more words


Nụ Ca Dao. Thơ Hư Vô

(Vườn Xưa. Tranh sơn dầu của Đinh Cường)

Em hiền như nụ ca dao
Nở ra từ đóa hoa cau dậy thì
Đường xa mấy bận em đi? 149 more words


The imagining of what he didn't say

His voice was
Soft and deep and masculine
And he became something else,
Something she loved. It wasn’t what he said,
It was the imagining of what he… 12 more words