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My life is for love’s sake,
therefore yours.
And all that I am is for you or for your cause.

Enjoyment is in your name… 131 more words


Thy thoughts luminously illustrated by

smiling roses, bow before me;

And I receive them with the luxury of loving thee.

The vibrant blooms speak thy presence, 54 more words


Dumped Haikus

Found these dumped in my ‘drafts’ folder. Thought it was time for them to see the light of day!

I got dumped last night. 41 more words


Tyrone and Sam

Sam’s sing
and dance card
filled her heavy purse.
And now that she’d earned it
she’d get reimbursed
up in North County Seat
many miles from from sin city. 201 more words

When will you come?

I have been wrong for so long, guessing each man who crossed my path, I thought it was you.

“Is that him?” I asked myself hoepfully. 50 more words

Poems And Creative Writings

It Wasn't So Long Ago

We didn’t see the stars that night. There were so many clouds in the way, but we waited, facing the sky on a plain, hoping to see a small light appear behind the pillowy darkness. 118 more words


Dear you..

I always wonder, why our path are so quaint?
why we have not met yet?
Where are you?
How to find you?

I have been waiting for you, since I do not know when. 78 more words

Poems And Creative Writings