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I don’t hear no whistles. I don’t hear no bells.

Baby, we just keep our hearts to ourselves.

No falling, no crawling. 221 more words


Let me make her Immortal 

​Here I string my words together,

To fabricate an exquisite garland for her.

Let it glorify my beautiful maiden,

Her saga be sung by men for ages. 74 more words


The Game We Love

​Love lingers on a tiny cabin

She swirl and tender to sing a love song

I lay my weary head on thorny lap of roses… 95 more words


Beautiful Little Fool

When he craves for a look
he’ll not think twice to ask When he wants a kiss
he won’t hesitate but make a move When he wishes to be pampered… 17 more words

Tình Nhân Ơi, Đã Tới Cuối Đường Cùng .... Thơ Hư Vô

Anh thầm ước kim đồng hồ quay ngược
Cho nụ hôn còn được kéo dài thêm
Sân ga nhỏ, hắt hiu, buồn man dại
Từng chuyến tàu đang chạy tới vô biên. 148 more words


A Date With Myself

Phone switched off


 to connect to the outside world

Sit by the window

With a cup of hot mocha

Or may be a sip of wine…

19 more words


Just in Case

Just in case

“I’ll call you later,”

Turns into tomorrow.

And tomorrow,

Turns into “I’ll see you soon,”

And “I’ll see you soon”

Turns into Christmas cards… 39 more words

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