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Singular Passion

Shall we walk upon the sand
Telling tales while holding hands
Shall we kiss like lovers do
Making promises sweet and true

Shall we lay in each other’s arms… 24 more words


Summer Hours

Where we used to sit
in the dusk
by the old front door
under leaves of morning sea
those summer hours
we picked from dawn… 39 more words


Yesterday's Last Kiss

Could I lie once more
in the breathing brooks
of twilight dim
and fill my heart
with each haunted place
I saw upon your lips… 29 more words


The adventures of a Poem As peripécias de um Poema

Poems have a life.
They are born,
They go off.
Grow wings, fly
and then walk.

Poemas tem vida própria.
Eles nascem,
se apagam.
Criam asas, voam… 227 more words

Romantic Poem

Cội Nguồn, Thơ Hư Vô

Từ đêm trời đất động tình
Trăng khuya võng nguyệt trở mình mẩy đau
Em về ngủ với chiêm bao
Hóa thân tiền kiếp tượng bào trăm con. 135 more words


Now Here

I thought I was alive and

then you showed me how to live

with a smile and kiss

When you go

I get a bit concerned, 70 more words

The Fire Alarm

I don’t just love you
anyone can love you
you may have been loved but
I love you
with a fire so pure
crystal can’t compare to the clarity… 153 more words