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Optimist In Love

The wind ruffles my hair,

the sun heats my skin,

and I have goosebumps,

because as I inhale the sweet scent of new beginnings

I think of the stale summer days last year, 92 more words



My tongue aches for his lips
My throat aches for his taste
My eyes ache for the sight
of his beautifully lovely face

Oh but my heart aches for him… 17 more words

To think of us is to think of you

To think of us is to think of you.

You were my first,

My only one. 87 more words



Love again?!!

a fairy tale, its magic,

not to maintain!

reaching the sky..

without an airplane

no sense of time

stopping the life train

a desire to give all… 66 more words

Creative Writings

so, i laugh!

You are asking,

what makes me laugh and why..

It’s cause I can’t control

those beats, even when I’d try

to hide it well

or even to lie… 123 more words

Creative Writings

is it dream or reality?

There is something inside of you

there is something inside of me

and I don’t wanna lose it,

no matter what it would be

tell me.. 79 more words

Creative Writings


Eyes sent the information to heart
Heart got the message of that dove
Charm and beauty made it so easy
Easy for a lover to fall in love