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That's How I Found My Friend!

That moment when I saw her face,
It was sheer pleasure and full of grace.

I was just mesmerised,
When I saw her glittering eyes. 108 more words


Your Voice

The first thing that I want to hear the most in the morning,

And the softest lullaby that brings me to the promise of tomorrow: your voice again.

Poems And Creative Writings

Môi Xuân. Thơ Hư Vô

Ngọt như đêm động hương quỳnh
Dáng em trổ mã dậy hình tượng xuân
Môi non chúm chím ngập ngừng
Bỏ tôi chết đứng nửa chừng chiêm bao. 134 more words


Son Phấn Mùa Xuân, Thơ Hư Vô

Em hãy để mùa xuân trong mắt
Chắc thế nào cũng được thấy anh
Chùm hoa nhỏ đùa quanh ngọn tóc
Đang thì thầm tiếng gọi tình nhân. 175 more words


Summer Breeze

Beautiful warm summer evening

You took me to see “Seals and Crofts”

Singing “Summer Breeze” in the midst

Of real summer breeze against our skin… 285 more words


For all the left unsaid..

Just in case you might wonder….

How much I love you?
I’m sorry for didn’t say “I love you” as often as I could, but I would go to the end of this world for you and count my every single step only for you. 139 more words

Poems And Creative Writings

While You Were Sleeping 

You didn’t think Anyone was taking notice
And so you slept

But I was watching

And while you slumbered,

I wrapped you in threads

Made of love… 45 more words

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