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In Courtship, Don't Just Rely on that "Angelic Face"!


       It’s not true that one’s character is shown on one’s face. If it’s angelic and beautiful, then he or she is probably Mr. or Ms. Right or one’s long-lost soul mate or destined partner in life! 328 more words

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Letting go of unfruitful relationships

Relationships (platonic or romantic) are a part of life.  These partnerships can bring us joy and can help us navigate hard times. Unfortunately, we’ve all been guilty of holding onto relationships past their expiration date.  802 more words

Me & you.

My day and your night,

My dress and your choice.

My life and your drive,
My sight and your eyes.
My chocolate and your bite, 68 more words

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Trusting Your Way to a Romantic Relationship

This post answers a follow-up question for The Council from a woman named Nina. We posted The Council’s response to her previous question in our post,  1,038 more words

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5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health

Originally Published on WordPress.com on April 29, 2016 By Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

Yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist Ashley Turner says yoga is the key to psychological and emotional healing as well as resolving issues with self-confidence, relationships, and more. 677 more words

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Why People's Commitments Change? (Part II)

There is only one important reason why people’s commitments change. Commitments change because people and situations always transform which are often beyond human control. Married couple’s commitment to love one another, for instance, can change because one or both partners alter their perception or love for the other due to physical change. 252 more words

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