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Why People's Commitments Change?


Why people’s commitments change? Despite the fact that people promise to love one another or married couples take the wedding vows seriously, permanent commitment to stay together is not always attainable. 448 more words

Romantic Relationship

To Every Woman

To every woman, do not allow him to consume you, it is the consumption that will kill your soul, that will destroy your self respect, that will take from you when you are not looking. 465 more words


When the romance dies (and why it’s a good thing)

As a couples therapist I find reality TV shows like Married at First Sight or The Bachelor/ Bachelorette utterly fascinating. As the couples try to develop their fledgling relationships in front of millions of viewers it gives us a chance to see the initial stages of a ‘normal’ relationship, all play out in one or two evenings. 810 more words


Does Age Imply Control in a Relationship?

Age does matter in a relationship whether one likes it or not. Although there other personal and social factors that can affect the social interaction of couples in a particular society, age definitely has an effect on the way partners relate with each other. 394 more words

Romantic Relationship

Does Age Matter in a Romantic Relationship?

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” (Mark Twain).


The saying that “Age doesn’t matter” is a popular expression among people for those who fall in love with a wide age gap. 996 more words

Romantic Relationship

Is it Natural to Fall in Love? Check this out!

 Have you experienced falling in love? What was it like? Did it feel natural?

      One biological theory suggests that falling in love is like “being drunk.” The love hormone can make people fall in love, making them “drunk” with erotic passion and altruism. 909 more words

Romantic Relationship

The Kiss

This is something I don’t typically discuss much—as it is something I am not proud of. Summer after graduating high school, I found myself in a relationship (yes, found is the appropriate word here). 343 more words