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Guess What?!

Breakups suck.

Yes. It is true.

Beware, because if it was a long relationship, I’d say memories will come out of no where at times. I read recently that memories last forever, is it true? 101 more words

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Areas of Compatibility in Romantic Relationship

It’s not true that one’s character is shown in one’s face. If it’s angelic and beautiful, then he or she is Mr. Or Ms. X, the long-lost soul mate or destined partner in life! 654 more words

Romantic Relationship

Looks, Romance, and True Love

Looks and Personal Character in Romantic Love 

     It’s not true that one’s character is shown on one’s face. If it’s angelic and beautiful, then he or she is probably Mr. 474 more words


"What is an Unhealthy Romantic Love?"

Fig. 3.1 “A Couple Having a Fight” by David Castillo Dominici (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

    A true romantic love is said to be a sincere and based on mutual self-giving. 861 more words


Is Falling in Love Biological or Social?

Have you experienced falling in love? What is it like? Do you it feel natural?

One biological theory suggests that falling in love is like “being drunk.” The love hormone can make people fall in love, making them “drunk” with erotic passion and altruism. 930 more words

Romantic Relationship

It's Official: Men to Suffer More Emotional Hardships than Women after Breakups!

Many assume that women would suffer more trauma than men after an ending of a serious relationship. This conclusion may be true in the economic realm, especially  if the female partners or wives are dependent on their boyfriends and husbands for support. 885 more words

Romantic Relationship

8 Areas of Conflict in Relationship Due to Cultural Differences

There is a popular belief that romantic or marital relationship fails because of personal incompatibility. People who fall in love eventually separate due to irreconcilable personal differences. 593 more words

Romantic Relationship