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Priya Prakash Varrier

Hey guys , in this post I am going to give you a brief introduction of the latest social media sensation Priya Prakash Varrier. She has became national crush in just a day. 136 more words

Baarish by Atif Aslam

A very romantic song by atif aslam from the movie half Girl friend.
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Baarish by Atif Aslam

‘Eternal Flame’ is One of the Greatest Love Songs of Our Time

Ladies and gentlemen, today I give you a review of one of the greatest love ballads of our time.

I mean it. Someone asked me once what my favorite crush songs were, and I listed  894 more words

right on time for Valentine's.

Hi everyone! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I thought of curating a purely music-related blog post with a list of my favourite romantic songs… 103 more words

Indian Blogger

Atif Aslam releases new song for Valentine's and it is an instant hit!

While PEMRA in Pakistan has been busy issuing notices to all broadcasters and newspapers that nothing related to Valentine’s would be aired on February the 14th, Atif Aslam has gone and released a romantic love song and people have gone crazy for it! 135 more words


Timilai Kunai Pal - Yash Kumar Featuring Prakirity Giri

Artist/Singer: Yash Kumar (यश कुमार) Movie: Bato muniko phul Lyricist: Yash Kumar Genre: Movie, Romantic Love



[(तिमीलाई कुनै पल न भेटुँ म
(यो मन डराउँछ )२
(तिमीलाई कुनै पल न देखुँ म
यो आँखा रसाउँछ )]२

(कुनै बाधा अडचन् न आअोस्
म तिम्रो साथ नहुदाँ
कुनै हुरी आँधी न आअोस्
म तिम्रो साथ नहुदाँ )२
तिमीलाई कुनै पल न सोचुँ म
(यो ओठ बरबराउँछ )२
तिमीलाई कुनै पल न भेटुँ म
(यो मन डराउँछ

(तिम्रो त्यो केशको छहारीमा
दिन बिताउन पाऊँ
तिम्रा खुशीहरु सधै भरि
गुनगुनाउन पाऊँ )२
तिमीलाई कुनै पल न भेटुँ म
(यो मन डराउँछ )२
(तिमीलाई कुनै पल न देखुँ म
यो आँखा रसाउँछ )]२
(यो मन डराउँछ )२
(यो आँखा रसाउँछ )

Nepali Songs

Timrai Lagi - Bhim B. Bomjan Featuring Suman Chhettri

Artist/Singer: Bhim B. Bomjan (भिम बोम्जन) Album: Naulo Musician: Bikram Thapa Lyricist: Bhim B. Bomjan Genre: Pop, Romantic Love


timrai laagi sara bandhan
haasi khusi todna ma sakchhu… 117 more words