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Free Essay: Two Storms: The collision between Neo-Classical and Romantic styles

Two Storms: The collision between Neo-Classical and Romantic styles

Neo-Classical and Romantic styles had clear differences that distinguish them. Neo-Classicism (1660s-1770s) preceded Romanticism (1770s-1930s) and in some way Romanticism offered a completely new paradigm that in some sense offered a new perspective that was nearly opposite to Neo-Classicism. 999 more words



Show me your heavy eyes.

Between each field’s┬áborder,
the ground takes on shadows
as the sun begrudges
being dragged west
drifting in a transmuted… 36 more words


And then

even as I watched,

the swing rocked gently
in an auric light.

the flowers leaned
toward the sun

you held close
your gathered words-
berries ripening in the basket… 88 more words



As with a string
pulled in from the darkness
and away from
from the murder of
snowflakes, in paths
between the linear
and the not. 23 more words



At the division
in the clouds,

she gathered the
late harvest,

as light
assembled and

before the first frost,

waving at a point below… 21 more words


A Passage

All of my most
compelling photographs
have roads in them:

The lonely stretch of highway
to the left of a bittersweet sunset.
after the leaves have… 102 more words