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बोलती आँखे

जब मन हषिर्त होता

तब बोलती आँखे

जब मन पुल्कित होता

या होता उदास, तब बोलती आँखे।

जब हृदय वेदना से

कर उठता चीत्कार

तब बोलती आँखे

जब कोई समझ नही पाता तब बोलती आँखे।

लाख छिपाऊँ अपनी पीडा

लेकिन बोलती आँखे

जब आत्म-सम्मान को लगे चोट

तब बोलती आँखे।

क्यों बोलती हैं आँखे ?

नही चाहिए किसी की सहानुभूति

नहीं दूंगी कोई विमर्ष

नहीं चाहिए झूठे आश्वासन

नही चाहिए झूठा प्यार किसीका।

क्योंकि भेद खोलती हैं आँखे

हर तरफ हो हौंसलों की उडानेे

ये बोलती मेरी आँखे

तुम्हारी आँखे

सबकी आँखे।

आऔ सब मिलकर

रचाएं सुन्दर संसार

ये बोलती हैं आँखे।


Sonnet: 101.8

About me all reality doth spin,
The ground beneath my feet doth buck and twist,
My eyes alight on anything herein,
And will perceive its panic-worthy list. 68 more words


Intro: Sick

This strikes me somewhat
As a bit too Majorcan.
I must be slipping.

Ode to my virus?
Am I now losing my touch?
I dearly hope not!



Trope-a-Day: Romanticism Versus Enlightenment

Romanticism Versus Enlightenment: Go, Team Enlightenment!

(Were you expecting something else?)

Of course, just phrasing it that way is to greatly understate the influence, even dominance, of technepraxic philosophy in the Worlds in general and the Empire in particular, which riffs on the general theme of science and reason and progress with fluency, fervor, and zeal, with other social forces including – which would be unlikely in an Earth context – religion happily backing it up. 592 more words



A tree’s tears, yellowing with the impending cold,

is seen as a part of the natural cycle.

Weaving this timely web, all must be gone, 62 more words


Flavorwire Interview: Mary Shelley Biographer Charlotte Gordon on the Life, Loves, and Legacy of the Influential 'Frankenstein' Author

Happy 218th birthday to Mary Shelley, Frankenstein author, feminist, and daughter of writer and women’s rights advocate Mary Wollstonecraft. The lives and esteemed works of both Marys were recently explored in the book… 4,371 more words