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Before the azure sister of spring

Before the azure sister of spring

I met a traveller from an antique land
With golden lips and stories of the future
He spoken of love outlasting weary fate… 138 more words


Getting Married On A Drunken Impulse

  • So basically, the western romantic view of love is that someone should make important decisions under the influence of the powerful neuro chemical delusion called infatuation, from here on referred to by its street name, love.

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poems by Wheatley, Poe, and Whitman

The main thing our three poems for today have in common is that they were all written by American poets.  Other than that, they’re pretty diverse, but if you notice any points of commonality, please share! 158 more words


-I waited for you-

Como conteniendo la respiración a largo plazo
Yo me vi pintada de azul para ti.
No conocía mejor manera de
Sostener mi lengua que besándote el alma… 439 more words


Know Your History - 25th March - Novalis died

On this day…

25th March, 1801 – Novalis died

Novalis was the pseudonym of Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (May 2, 1772 – March 25, 1801), a poet, author, and philosopher of early German Romanticism. 242 more words

Know Your History

Late Night Ruminations Concerning Artistic Authenticity

see in painters prose writers and poets. Rhyme, measure, the turning of verses which is indispensable and which gives them so much vigor, are analogous to the hidden symmetry, to the equilibrium at once wise and inspired, which governs the meeting or separation of lines and spaces, the echoes of color, etc. 463 more words

Plein Air