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(stop) romanticising sadness.

Perfectly happy people sitting at home on a Friday night, updating their black and white tumblrs with sad, dark poetry when they should be out partying. 466 more words

Sibelius - Earworm of the Day

I woke up this morning with a tune stuck in my head (an earworm). Today has been and will be a long day spent resurrecting a dead computer, so I have been playing a lot of music to keep me from getting too bored as I wait for file after file to download – including today’s earworm. 43 more words

Benjamin Robert Haydon

Haydon was born in Plymouth, and from an early age he proved himself an eager student. He received most of his education at the Plympton Grammar School, which was also attended by Sir Joshua Reynolds. 604 more words

Miscellaneous Writing

Manfred by Lord Byron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading an excerpt of Byron’s Manfred in a collection of his poetry, I knew I had to read the full closet drama. 211 more words


Shower Ode

Hard pressed~
Make clean the street filth ~
Cost of water rising through rain~
She sheds her scales~
One eye then two,
An onlooker then be four~ 36 more words


A Quick Look at Cezanne's The Murder

Here is a man and a woman holding down another woman. The man is about to stab the woman on the ground. They stand out in a dark, stormy landscape which is dominated by blacks and greys. 464 more words


Golden Flower

I remember the garden we planted

In the back yard

Just one single flower

we watered it and watched it grow

some days we forgot to water… 72 more words